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My Dangerous Flatmate


Alice Kim, a newly-graduated Elementary school English teacher, has spent the last 12 years of her life in Canada with her parents. When she moves back to Seoul to begin her new job, she has great difficulty finding an affordable appartment on her own. Luckily, her childhood friend Chaeyoung comes to her rescue and she is invited to live in a mansion shared between 3 other people, free of rent... under some conditions, obviously.
First impressions are important, but Alice will learn the hard way that they are often misleading... especially when they concern a mysterious, tall and dangerously handsome flatmate named Jongin.


Alice Kim

Alice Kim

Loves kids, is patient and very innocent. She adores her friends and her job but has difficulty understand Jongin’s personality.

Im Jaebum

Im Jaebum

Very dorky and oblivious, is great friends with Chaeyoung and Jongin. He welcomes Alice warmly and treats her like a sister as soon as she arrives.

Kim Jongin

Kim Jongin

Handsome and he knows it, holds a mysterious position at the mansion. His past and occupation seem to be unknown to the other flatmates.

Park Chaeyoung

Park Chaeyoung

Alice’s childhood friend, is very loyal and protective. She holds special feelings for Jaebum but is wary of Jongin.



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