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Not So Innocent *hiatus*


Jennie is the top bully at her school. She only gets along with Jisoo, Lisa, and Rosé. A transfer moves in her class and his name was no other than Byun Baekhyun. And in his last school he was a player.

He decides to target her as his first target. But what happens if things.... don't turn out as planned?


1. Jennie Kim

1. Jennie Kim

The top bully. Her looks and soft image on the outside may fool everyone. But it certainly didn't fool this one person.

2. Byun Baekhyun

2. Byun Baekhyun

He is simply a player. Yes this cutie pie is a player (surprisingly). A player who transferred schools because of the fact that he got tired of all the girls there. Yep. That's legit the only reason he transferred. And he did the right thing because there was this one girl who seemed quite interesting. And that girl was not fooled by his cute looks.

3. Min Yoongi (aka Suga)

3. Min Yoongi (aka Suga)

A classmate who secretly likes Jennie but never talks to her because he knows he has no chance to be with her. Until someone came.

4. Kim Taeyeon

4. Kim Taeyeon

A foolish girl who fell for Baekhyun and wants to be his girlfriend.

5. Kim Jisoo

5. Kim Jisoo

Jennie's closest friend. Of course Lisa and Rosé are her friends too but Jisoo is like her soulmate.

6. Park Chanyeol

6. Park Chanyeol

The guy Baekhyun hangs out and relies on the most.

7. Blackpink

7. Blackpink

The rest of Blackpink.

8. Exo

8. Exo

The rest of Exo.


  1. The Transfer

    New student. New victim.

  2. I just met you

    "...you look familiar"

  3. Psycho

    At this point I was close to dying

  4. You never change

  5. Note..


  6. Fake Love

    “It was all fake”


I love the story so far


Haha, yes

Nice story! :)
As well as nice posting time lol

I see it's getting intense o.O