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Loving you 2


After the first book, Shiori has now decided to take another chance at life by moving to America to make a name for herself as a fashion designer. She now is working for her long time friend and his sister. Until,She gets back on her feet as a designer and lets go her dark past, she will need all the help she can get. Will Shiori be able to forget her dark past? And Will Shiori be able to love again in a new place?


Jang Guen Suk as Ren

Jang Guen Suk as Ren

Ren is shiori friend since middle school. He has decided to help shiori reach her goal as a fashion designer as well as his sister. He is very nice,smart and confident person towards the people he likes and love.

Jin as himself

Jin as himself

Jin is a sweet loving and adorable person. He is very skilled at Fashion designing,but his favorite part is modeling and designing others. He also likes the color pink which he thinks suits him better. Also, he hated seeing people sad especially those who are close to him.

Kris wu as himself

Kris wu as himself

Kris is the CEO of the biggest fashion company in Korea and China. He is very cold,but can be nice to others. Furthermore, he is also capable of breaking girls hearts as he is very handsome.

Kyrstal Jung as Kim NaNa

Kyrstal Jung as Kim NaNa

Kim NaNa is a very popular model, she was a very famous Instagram model and she is shiori childhood friend.



@Shiori wu
Oh I’m glad is not over

The story hasn't ended yet as their is a question mark. It will only get better and better just keep on reading. Thank you!!

I enjoyed reading this ❤️❤️