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A Forbidden Romance


Clara became lucky enough to get the high paying job of being EXO's makeup artist. In her job contract it stated that she was not allowed to date any of the members. Silly thing to be listed, right? That was obvious. Clara thought that it would be an easy deal to keep. But boy was she wrong.

(P.S. Start will be boring, but please keep reading. I promise in at most four chapters there will be love triangles and drama.)


1. Clara

1. Clara

Clara is 20 years old and she works as a makeup artist for EXO. Though warned not to fall and date an EXO member or she will lose her job, she starts to find this requirement hard to fullfill

2. Suzi

2. Suzi

Suzi is Clara's bestfriend and they knew each other since they were in pre-school. Suzi is also 20 yrs old. Suzi works as a photographer for EXO. She was happy to find this job because she was able to stay by her friend's side.

3. Hazel

3. Hazel

Also a photographer for EXO. Not exactly friends with Clara or Suzi. There for the money

EXO (9)

EXO (9)

EXO is EXO. What else?



Love it

Clara Clara

Love this fanfic <3
Can you plz check out mine New beginning and Eternal love thx that would make my day!
Update more plzz

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