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Love got me gone blind


You are Wendy, a trainee to get ready to get assigned to a group. However, you lived life like it was no big deal. You were also shy and timid and that got in your way a lot. You met Bts and that is where you were no longer that shy and timid girl everyone used to know you as. You were instead that pretty and popular girl at school. But as you got to know Bts better, you saw their true selves.

You and suga got along pretty well. As well as the others too. You fell in love with suga and then boom! What happened to you two? Good? Bad?

Might as well say, what happened to all of you?


1. Wendy (You)

1. Wendy (You)

What can I say? You were shy, timid, classy, quiet, and boring. There's more but rather not say. Bts came into your path and there is when you started to change. Both emotionally and physically.

2. V

2. V

He was your guy best friend. He always supports you and you guys always tell each other everything. Nothing was a secret between you two. You guys were like brothers and sisters.

3. Suga

3. Suga

This was the guy you like. Ahem. I meant, liked. At first, he was mean and all but as time passed, he became friendlier. But just that one day completely changed the relationship you guys had. Especially the feelings you had for each other.

4. Jimin

4. Jimin

And he was the guy who liked you. He would always take advantage of any chance he had with you.

5. Jungkook

5. Jungkook

He was your neighbor next door. He was the second closest friend you had.

6. Bts

6. Bts

Just the rest of Bts. Basically Jin, Jhope, and Namjoon.


  1. Prologue

  2. Chapter One

    Moving out

  3. Chapter Two

    A walk with Jungkook

  4. Chapter Three


  5. Chapter Four


  6. Chapter Five


  7. Chapter Six

    Surprise! It's.. Suga..

  8. Chapter Seven

    A sign of.. what?

  9. Chapter Eight

    Car Accident

  10. Chapter Nine


  11. Chapter Ten

    Awake (Part 1)

  12. Chapter Ten

    Awake (Part 2)

  13. Chapter Eleven

    That voice


your story is the best :-)


It's just , my friends got wattpad too and they are popular too and they maked fun of me so I copied your story but don't worry I deleted that story

I understand but I get so pissed off when people take my story and don't ask before hand. At least you are apologizing and you aren't acting like other people who act dumb like they didn't do anything. Anyways, I'm sorry too if I offended you in any way I was just.. ya know.. kinda mad but it's all good now :)

*sorry I didn't mean too*