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Roses (Dagger)


A group of female assassins named Roses are each given a task to kill the son of different evil crime bosses around South Korea, but the catch is they are going to be working individually which means the other group members won't be knowing what the others are doing. Each have their own specialty, uniqueness and talent but what will happen when they're seperate? They are forbbiden to love the target but what if the unthinkable happens?


Choi Suki

Choi Suki

She's the leader of the group, her fighting skills are out of this world. She uses all sorts of weapons but her weapon of choice is the knife/dagger. Dispite her cold attitude, she's actually a sweety on the inside. Code name: Dagger.

Kim Baekseo

Kim Baekseo

She's the top assassin of the group, if you giver her a mission she will never: Incomplete or take more than five days to finish it. She's been given the nickname: Strike. Her cute appearance usually fools the opponent into thinking she's just a helpless little girl until they taste her poison. Code name: Strike

Kim Jeon

Kim Jeon

She's the technician of the group but that does not on any level lower her fighting skills. All the members know how to fight but each does have their own extra little talents, she's especially good with techonology. Give her any piece of broken machine and she'll fix it up in no time, she has been known to fix a completely wrecked train in under 1 and half hours. Code name: Cinder

Oh Kyungyeon

Oh Kyungyeon

The sneakiest out of all the girls, she can literally sneak inside your house and steal your wallet in the middle of day without you realising. She's also the youngest of all the girls, always confused and lost if the group discusses about plans, but if you give her a task she will not hesitate to accept. Code name: X

Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun

He's the son of the well know black market dealer: Oh Beomsok, he has committed many crimes in his life but somehow managed to get away with a tremendous amount of it. He wishes that his son would walk in his footsteps and Sehun is willing to do whatever it takes. Will Sehun change or will he destroy everything in his path and eventually...himself?

Park Jaemin

Park Jaemin

Sehun's ex-girlfriend, they dated for about a year before she left him for another guy because of his appearance, she was the only one that knew of Sehun's true identity and a secret that he swore not to tell anyone. After that break up, Sehun was shattered and began to change. When she realised the horrible mistake she had made, it was too late. She tried to win back Sehun's love but got rejected again and again, until eventually. She crossed the line.

Shin Eunhwa

Shin Eunhwa

She's the oldest of the girls, her hacking skills are unmatched and she also has a talent using guns, to be honest she doesn't miss a single shot. Not. One. Single. Shot. She's the most friendliest of the group, her kindness is indescribable but that does not make her an easy target or weak, she is actually the second strongest of all. Code name: Flame


  1. Chapter One

    New Target. Aquired.

  2. Chapter Two

    The Plan Begins

  3. Chapter Three

    Who Is He?

  4. Chapter Four

    A Wasted Day

  5. Chapter Five

    What Have I Done?

  6. Chapter Six

  7. Chapter Seven

    As Long as You're Ok, I Don't Care How Much It Hurts Me.

  8. Chapter Eight

    Haunting Pasts

  9. Chapter Nine

    I'm in Love With A Killer

  10. Chapter Ten

    Darkened Secrets

  11. Chapter 11

    Shit Happens- Pt. 1


This is a really good story

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