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One and Only (Yixing x Reader) - EXO EX'ACT SERIES


If you'd like to read a sequel to Cloud 9, please like and reblog the original post on tumblr. For each story that reaches 50 notes (likes and reblogs count) I'll write a sequel to the story (another chapter).

Tittle: One and Only.

TW: NSFW / + 18 / smut / fluff / angst
Featuring: Lay (Yixing), EXO
Writer: CL
  • Reader’s POV (cis female). Main character is in a long distance relationship with Yixing. After the ugliest fight over the phone, she is confronted on what to do next. She decides to go see him in order to make up her mind: to break up or not.
  • This story I tried to do something different. I brought some of the lyrics into the dialogues. I hope you like it.
  • So, I’m doing a a story for each member and each song on the new album, EX’ACT.
  • One and Only: lyrics - audio.
  • Word count: 1.742.
  • If I get 50 notes or more on this post on tumblr, I’ll write a sequel.


Main Character (Reader's POV, Nickname: Summer)

Main Character (Reader's POV, Nickname: Summer)

You have a decision to make after the biggest fight with your boyfriend. Is it really over this time, or is he your one and only?

Yixing (Lay)

Yixing (Lay)

Your boyfriend. You two are together for five ears and endure all the hardships of a long distance relationship.


  1. One and Only

    "Where it’s like I’m able to grab your hand /Where it’s filled with your warmth / In my small fishbowl of freedom."


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