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She didn't ask to be pushed out of her home. She didn't ask to live on the streets. She didn't ask to be put in the castle as a spy. And she definitely didn't ask to get involved in a surging rebellion. For a girl who has difficulty distinguishing emotionally charged decisions from logic, being placed in the middle of a growing war is the last thing that world needs. She finds herself stuck in a world full of mutants, magic, and privilege. It's up to her to decide where she wants to stand. Will she save those who need her most, or will she let her own selfish desires turn her into the thing she once hated most. A human infected with the Seven.
June is just 19 year old girl who finds herself thrown into multiple unfortunate circumstances. She wants to be a fighter, but she finds that she is weak and too caring to survive in the world she is born in to. Her weakness lies in just how easily she puts trust into those whom she wants to trust. When Tao convinces her to help with the Charmer rebellion against the Matriarchy run by their female counterparts, the Gaia, she ends up discovering the reality she had been in the dark about. With the help of Kris and Luhan, she finds herself inside of the castle witnessing firsthand the horrors that the Charmers are subject to. When she is pampered and showed in the affection she's been without for so long, she finds herself becoming victim of the Deadly Seven and turning into the very thing she promised to stop.
Will she be able to fulfill the role that the Charmers want her to?
Or will she turn into the person the Queen and the Gaia want her to be?



I LOVEEEEEEEEE your story!
I hope you update soon~
and I hope maybe you can check mine out and maybe vote on it?

oohemma oohemma

OMG. I love all of this.


haha thank you!!! I'm glad you like it:)

Adorkable757 Adorkable757

This really is one of the best stories i've read on this website:)

Lol I'm reading it anyway. I'm still patiently waiting for Lay to appear (I just finished chap 26 and I'll continue when I get some sleep)

XingXingLibra XingXingLibra