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I'm A Girl and in EXO (Sehun x Reader) {The XOXO Series #1}


With the sudden withdrawal of EXO-M's three important members, SM looks for fresh, new talent, wanting to level the number from nine, to ten. But if the only appropriate talent fit for EXO that they found was a girl, will the boys accept their decision and open-heartedly welcome their newest, female member?




This character has your looks, and your traits. You will be referred to in this story as (Y/N), which abbreviates 'Your Name'. Your parents died in an accident when you were little, and you have been in an orphanage ever since. Now, years later, one little song that you sing will make you swerve and troddle up the path of life.

Amber Liu

Amber Liu

One-fourth of K-POP girl group f(x). She is someone whom you idolize. She becomes your pillar of support during your times of trouble.



The biggest twist of your life that appears in the form of a group of nine boys. They will play themselves in this story.



One-eleventh of K-POP boy band Super Junior. He helps you get over your troubles with the boys, and whilst doing that, gets closer to Amber.


  1. None EXO-worthy (Sehun's P.O.V)

    SM is on the lookout for new talent, wanting to even up the number of members in EXO from nine to ten.

  2. Who are you? (Your P.O.V)

    You are performing solo on the birthday celebration of one of the kids at the local orphanage, until you come in contact with someone.

  3. Life is like Disneyland, said no one ever (Your P.O.V)

    You and Youngjun-ssi are having a discussion, only to be interrupted by the nine lords of SM.

  4. Confused (Your P.O.V)

    You are confused about your decision. To say Yes or to say No, that is the question.

  5. Unexpected visitor (Your P.O.V)

    You are preparing to leave for the dorm, but your actions are interrupted by an unexpected visitor who offers to help.

  6. Leaving (Your P.O.V)

    They say good-byes hurt. You only experience it, when it's your turn to say good-bye to the orphanage.

  7. Secrets revealed (Your P.O.V)

    Telling the boys is seriously harder than you thought.

  8. Am I dreaming? (Your P.O.V)

    A bad dream can be woken up from, a bad day has to be endured throughout.

  9. Left out (Your P.O.V)

    It's time for another EXO family meeting - one exception, it's EXCLUDING you.

  10. Plans (Your P.O.V)

    The team talks about the upcoming album.


Pleaaassseee update. I just started reading from the kpop fanfiction sore and this is the first book I've read from it. So I can't wait to see what happens.

This is so good!! Can't wait to read more

plezzzzzzz update soon

park nemo park nemo

Because I am in love with it and I would like to know so I can read more and who is your bias in Exo

exoforlife exoforlife

do you know when you are going to update again

exoforlife exoforlife