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Artificial Love (Kyungsoo x Reader) - EXO EX'ACT SERIES


You're a woman with a past.
You are on a new relationship with Kyungsoo. He was so in love with you, and you had promised him a new start.
Untill your ex, Jay, comes back at the scene and makes you confront your true feelings.
Is your love true or artificial?

If you'd like to read a sequel to Artificial Love, please like and reblog the original post on tumblr. For each story that reaches 50 notes (likes and reblogs count) I'll write a sequel to the story.

Artificial Love

NSFW / + 18 / smut / angst / very light sub and dom / break up / cheating / mentions abusive relationships (doesn’t clearly portrait it)
Featuring: Kyungsoo (D.O.), EXO. Also, Jay Park (just for the first part).
Writer: CL

  • Reader’s POV (cis female). The story is in three scenes, first with Jay Park and the second and third with Kyungsoo. Basically the main character is torn between these two gorgeous men. If you don’t like angst and/or fights and break ups, skip the last part.
  • Curiosity: the scene with Jay Park came to me in a dream. I just modified the end. I also hated to put Kyangsoo on this scene because he reminds me of my man. But I had already promised the next story was his.
  • So, I’m doing a a story for each member and each song on the new album, EX’ACT.
  • Artificial Love: lyrics - audio.
  • Word count:2.509.


Jay Park

Jay Park

The main characther's ex boyfriend. Their relationship had ups and downs untill she decided to end it about a year ago. When he finds out she's moved on, he shows up at her place.



Caring, focused, does everything for his girlfriend and is completly in love with her. Knows she has a past but puts an effort on the relationship anyway.

Main Character (Chapter 1)|(Reader's POV)

Main Character (Chapter 1)|(Reader's POV)

Is thorn between an old relationship and her present one. She tries to move on with Kyungsoo, but when Jay comes back she is forced to face her true feelings. Is her love true or artificial?

Main Character (Chapter 2)|(Reader's POV)

Main Character (Chapter 2)|(Reader's POV)

You are a prostitute. Your friend Joonmyeon asked you to help his friend, Kyungsoo, who had recently been through a bad break up. Are you going to do your job? Or are you going to make the same mistakes of the passed, all over again?


  1. Artificial Love Part 1

    "Completely, empty, Artificial love / Tell me what’s the truth and what’s the lie"

  2. Artificial Love Part 2

    "Artificial lover, affections past the fatal dose / An uncontrollable addiction, chew up and spit out the scars..."


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