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The Wolf Within Us


The echo of her heels became more clear. We ran, but each time we thought we lost her, she would call out with that hideous voice of her’s; Oppa. The rain hit against the glass window, as thunder boomed in the distant. We quickened our pace and ran into a dead end. Our eyes widened, fear filled our eyes. It was deadly silent.

She stood there.

A knife in her hand.

Blood covered her face and clothes.

Her eyes, black and sunken, were watching them, the slits of her eyes like a wolf.

Her lips twisted into a menacing smile.

She tilted her head, walking slowly, towards the terrified members.

She whispered crazily with a trembling voice.

“Oppa…. Saranghae..”

Author: So I tagged this story as romance. There will be love but also bromance




A South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul.



What we thought was the End was just the Beginning

Meng Jia

Meng Jia

Min Lu Na

Min Lu Na

It wasn't like I wanted to. I couldn't just UNLOVE them.

Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun

I was stupid. We were stupid, to trust Her


  1. Chapter 1- How it All Begun

    What we thought was just a simple letter, turned into a horror scene

  2. Chapter 2- The SHE-demon


  3. Chapter 3: We are one?

    Will these nightmares, come to an end? Or are they just the beginning?

  4. Chapter 4: Time

    We have to capture her. Before she drives us all crazy.

  5. Chapter 5: Reality

    All of us want to believe that these are just nightmares….but it seems as though we’re living in a horror movie.

  6. Chapter 6: Tears

    What will happen when I lose my voice forever? Will I still be able to stay with my brothers?

  7. Chapter 7: Desperation

    We finally thought she was gone for good...

  8. Chapter 8: Broken Heart

    I loved her, so, so much

  9. Chapter 8.5: Extra

    How many times did you smile, but ended up crying inside?

  10. Chapter 9: Different

    Is it just me, or are we drifting apart?

  11. Chapter 10: Monster

    The fear of being different

  12. Chapter 11: Imagination

    Everything I saw..Was it just my imagination?

  13. Chapter 12

  14. Chapter 13: Am I Okay?

  15. Chapter 14: Jia

  16. Chapter 15: The Man in the Sand

  17. Chapter 16: Begin

  18. Chapter 17: I Quit


Thank you so much!!! Hope you like my other story too~~ XD
Lol Hwaitting!

oohemma oohemma

Thank you so much. I've read eternal love!!! Its actually so good. Hwaitinggg. C:

Waterdragon Waterdragon

I love this story!!!!!! Hope you update soon~ Plz check out mine too~

oohemma oohemma

@Alexis Thao
OMGGGGG! *Heavy breathing
Senpai noticed me. *criesssssss

I love your stories!!!! I can't wait until you update it and come back from you hiatus...Thank you so much for uploading your stories, and thank you for reading mine.

10 out of 10

HWAITING~!!! <3 I rooting for youuuu keeep goingggggg
The story's amazing :)