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EXO- One Shots

Its All For You (EXO)

Running for you life in a forest wasn't exactly how I wanted to spend Halloween night.

But I guess it doesn't matter when you've been betray and framed, so that your pack leaders and the two strongest are after you.

So right now, Suho and Kris along with Chen and my mate Xiumin are after me. This is so hard, what can I do to make this go away?

"Where is she?"
"I dont know, but shes blocking us out"
"Xiumin, you and Chen go that way"

All I could think is they're going to find me… I ran a little further and was near the city. I transformed back into my human form, at least this way I can block them out better.

I realized Im in Seoul, our apartment is not far from where Im at. Someone should be there. When I walked, I stayed in the shadows watching, I looked up to see Xiumin and Is room window open so I climbed up the window. I quietly walked over to the door and locked it, I hurried to pack some clothes, I looked at my cell and was about to smashed it, when I heard the front door open then close.

"Did you guys find her?"
"No, her trail went cold at the edge of town, so shes wandering around in human form."
"We need to find her"
"well it doesnt help that shes the sibling of Kai, so shes able to block us all out"
"She cant block Kai"

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs as someone tried to open the door.

"The door is locked why is… Y/N?" I heard Xiumin whisper.

"Y/N?" I heard Kais voice. I wanted to answer him so bad.

"Break the door down I heard" Kris yell. I ran to the window, by the time I got to it they door broke away, I looked back as I seen Kai and Xiumin along with Kris and Suho. I jumped over the edge to the ground and ran.

"Run sister, Ill come find you. Just know I love you and-" Kai's voice died out, I felt the twinged in my heart. I stopped as someone collided into me from the back.

"Lets go Noona." I turned to see Kyungsoo, the pain in his eyes as he knew what happened.

After when we went into the apartment, I felt someone pull me and threw me to the ground, grunting I looked up to see my brother laying on the ground… not moving.

"Who killed him?" I asked, "You are in not position to be asking questions right now." Suho said, he came and kneeled in front of me. "You're in big trouble Y/N" he said.

"I didn't do anything, I swear I didnt." I replied looking away.

"We know you killed Sehun and Chanyeol. Why don't you just admit it so we can take care of you." Kris said, I smirked and looked at him.

"I keep telling you guys, I've been framed. Someone else betrayed this pack and it wasnt me." I said sternly.

"Who would betray the pack?" Tao asked

"Were missing a wolf right now." I said. Everyone looked around and noticed the missing person.

When they were distracted a lunged over to Kai's body held his hand. I felt Kai's pain when they killed him.

"I told you guys Im not the one who killed them, I was with Kai all day that day." I said to them. I looked to Xiumin

"Jagiya, Im telling the truth, you knew he didnt like us together, this is his way of tearing us apart." I said Xiumin kneeled next to me.

"I know Jagi, well find him." He said helping me back up. I nodded, we waited when I got a text.

"Because of you Im stranded out here… you come here and face me off or Ill kill your mate. -L"

I looked at the text and to Xiumin. I know hes serious. I sighed. I let my guard up and everyone looked at me.

"You cant go." Xiumin said

"Oh let her go hyung, its her fault that this happened." Chen said. I looked at him and scoffed.

"Chen-ah, youre only mad cause I was suppose to with you, but it didnt work out that way, so stop being pissed off about it." I said to him he got up as I did, he got in my face while Xiumin and Suho tried pulling us apart. "You know damn well, that we cant help who we fall for, you realize that if I go, you'll still lose Xiumin either way." I said then finally let Xiumin take me away.

"Lets all get some rest, well figure out a plan tomorrow." Kris said.

Everyone agreed and left too their own rooms. I sat on our bed letting tears fall, I was remembering Kai, as little kids to being teens to now.
We've all been together and never separated. I had my thought blocked again, I dont think the others would want to hear me crying for him. They dont understand anyways.

After when everyone was asleep. I snuck over to Baekhyun's room, and slightly woke him up.

"Baekhyun ah.. Im going dont say anything right now okay, just nod if you understand okay." I told him, he nodded and hugged me.

"You be carful Y/N" he said. I nodded and left.

As soon as I got into the forest I changed form and ran. I ran to where Luhan was. I knew I was going to die tonight, but it wasn't going to stop me from protecting the ones I love. I stopped and looked to the sky, its almost midnight.

"Luhan?" I thought when I looked around the clearing.

"I thought you wouldnt show." he said emerging from the other side. Along with him there was two more wolves.

"Tao? Lay? What are you two doing here?" I said looking at them. They just looked on. "Lets get this over with Lu... no more games." I said getting ready to attack.

"Lets go." He said and ran towards me. Just then another wolf jumped in front of me as Luhan dug into his neck. I looked as my heart broke into pieces even more....

"Xiumin why?" I asked and nuzzles his face.

The last thing that the love of my life said before he died was.

"It was all for you....and you alone...."


here is my halloween themed one.

ill have one more themed one to post up soon, so look forward to that :)



@Alexis Thao

I know!! I've been gone! but I'am back, hopefully start updating my two stories.

sefishmachines sefishmachines


bebhmuach bebhmuach

O.M.G... Sounds good :)

Riantiwivera29 Riantiwivera29

Ayeee she's back (where in the world have you been!!!!!!!!!!!) I missed you, like legit missed you. (The website has been so boring lately) I'm glad your back and writing -awesome- stories again! FIGHTING!

A.T. A.T.

Ooooh sounds good :)