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As Blind As Could Be...


Check out the SEQUEL!

You are Do Eunsoo. Kyungsoo's beloved younger sister. Blind because of your father's abuse, with the love and support of twelve boys, your brought back into the real world. Everyone refers to you and Kyungsoo as the inseparable siblings. Your like the Little Red Riding Hood and all of the wolves are protecting you, caring for you, loving you, claiming you... You call yourselves EXO. What happens when you get involved with S.M.? Who do you meet? Who is the REAL enemy? Who will fall in love with you? Who will YOU fall in love with? Kyungsoo? Chanyeol? Jongin? Luhan? Or... all of them?

How could you be so blind?

The CHANKAISOO Ship Is Sailing (>.<)


Chance of errors and misspelling*** Oops my bad, not writing you an english essay

Written: Late November 2015-April 2016

It's been a great journey... hasn't it^^


Byun Baekhyun

Byun Baekhyun


Do Eunsoo

Do Eunsoo


Do Kyungsoo

Do Kyungsoo


Huang Zitao

Huang Zitao


Kim Jongdae

Kim Jongdae


Kim Jongin

Kim Jongin


Kim Junmyeon

Kim Junmyeon


Kim Minseok

Kim Minseok


Lu Han

Lu Han


Oh Sehun

Oh Sehun


Park Chanyeol

Park Chanyeol


Wu Yifan

Wu Yifan


Zhang Yixing

Zhang Yixing



  1. Introduction

    You were six... He was seven... He was ten...

  2. Taking that chance

    Will you be able to see?

  3. The First Encounter

    What happens at the phone store?

  4. Rivalry

    Two clubs fight for one thing, the thing they both need most... you.

  5. A Kiss from each

    Differents stories, leading to three kisses...

  6. Our first fight.

    What just happened... Did I... go too far?

  7. Baekhee and a Mysterious man

    Who is Baekhee and what the hell is she up to?

  8. Baekhee and a Mysterious man **Part 2**

    Continuation with Taehyung oppa...

  9. S.M.?

    How did you get into S.M.?

  10. Changes and feels...

    A LOT happens in this chapter MUST READ

  11. Trouble Maker

    And the Red falls~

  12. Blackout

    Oh shit, things just got real

  13. A big change *Part 1*

    Don't worry, Exo will last forever

  14. Scandal and Exo Planet

    Scandal? With who? .... Exo Planet? What do you do?

  15. A date with him... And a complaint from another...

    "Celebrity Dating"

  16. A big change *Part 2*

    One loss lead to another...

  17. A big change *Part 3*

    Tao's problems effect everything...


    This is the drama version with you in it.

  19. ...Fate

    A person's fate is determined by the way they play the game of life

  20. The final goodbye

    Secrets and surprises

  21. Your weakness

    A day to remember.

  22. Guinea Pigs

    Baekhyun, Taeyeon and Kai meet their match...

  23. Recovery

    How will Baekhyun's recovery go?

  24. MAMA 2015

    And the MAMA's 2015 Kiss Moment goes to...

  25. It was an "ACCIDENT"


  26. A moving gesture

    [Insert catching description here XD]

  27. Grade One...

    Oops, I just won another one...

  28. An unfinished promotion

    DUN DUN DUNNNN <--lol

  29. A new beginning

    It's a new beginning for everyone...

  30. How a family is suppose to be.

    A time to reflect... for all of us.

  31. Man O Man

    What happened in China again?

  32. The Result

    I'm not yours anymore...

  33. Letting go

    The wrong person who let go...

  34. Problems

    He got one less problem without you... Kai.

  35. Complete Madness

    So... now what?

  36. Oppa.

    Oppa... can't you tell me what's wrong?

  37. Everything seemed fine

    And for that one moment… everything seemed fine. Fine.

  38. Hitting Rock-Bottom

    I'm begging you.

  39. What are we?

    Namsan Tower. Home. Descisions. The craziness after his death.

  40. Bring her light.

    He's there... he isn't there... he's alive... he's dead...

  41. A discovery

    Dont tell me...

  42. Day 1-

    Almost is never enough.

  43. Blindside

    We all have that one person.

  44. Final Decisions

    Epilogue OPTION A(1)

  45. Author's Note

    A letter of thanks.

  46. Final Decisions

    Epilogue OPTION B(1)

  47. Wish

    One step forward, two steps back.


Thank you for sharing.

sure, send me the link once you do!

can I write this story on wattpad? all the credit will go to you

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@Alexis Thao
I understand! I don't blame you, it was a really good story! It's just me an my preference!