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EXO Drabble

BaekHyun (Requested by jooriee_exo))

~Late at night~
BaekHyun had a last minute concert and he came back later than he normally does. You started to get worried. Then you hear the door open, you stand up to see BaekHyun.
"BaekHyun!!" You throw your arms around his neck.
"(Y/n), are you okay? Did you wait up for me?" You nodded. "You're late.. pabo.." you hugged him tighter.
BaekHyun put his stuff down and hugged you back.
"Mainhae... i promise to try not to be late again. Hm?"
You nod, satified by the promise.
You help him carry his stuff to your guys room. You out it next to the dresser as you feel arms wrap around your waist. You jumped startled, but you knew it was BaekHyun. He kisses you next, making you get a spark of energy that went through your body. He gripped onto you tighter and kissed your cheek.
"(Y/n)... can i make you feel good tonight?" But before you can answer, you're pinned to the bed by your wrists, BaekHyun over you.
You smile and nod.
He starts to kiss you jaw line, moving down to your neck. You let out a small moan of pleasure, and that made BaekHyun go even more. He gripped onto your waist and squezzed, then sucked on your collarbone.
You moan just a little louder.
"Please (y/n), keep moaning.. keep moaning.." he started to unbotton your shirt and pull down your shirt, still sucking on your soft spot. The wolf couldn't control himself anymore. He stripped you and himself of the clothes and postioned you right, sucking your neck. Your moans kept making.him turned on,hus member getting hard. He started to put himself inside, making you scream in pain. Once he was fully in, he started to thrust. You moaned louder as he started to go faster.
"B-BaekHyun.. ah.." he kept thrusting, and eventually spanked you. You screamed, but in pleasure. As he went faster, you felt yourself get flustered by the thrusts and the spankings. You moan his name in pleasure, telling him to go faster. As he thrusted faster, both you and him started to get close to your climaxes..
"BaekHyun.. i'm gonna.. ahh.."
"M-me too, (y/n)..." he groaned.
Eventually, both of yoy came together, simaltanisely.
He put himself out of you and layed next to you, both of you panting from your intament moments.
"Salanghae.. (y/n)..."
You smile and whisper to him, "Salanghae.. oppa.." he pulls you closer kissing you, and fighting with your tongue.. after a while you both fall asleep in each others arms, happier than ever....



Ne, unni!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Ne, anytime Unni!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

@Jung Sung Hyo
omg! That was so cute! Thank you. <3

xXBulletProof xXBulletProof

Okay... I'll do my best..

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Could you do one with Lay again. Except this time it's a honeymoon, and then there's a baby expected. Thank you! <3

xXBulletProof xXBulletProof