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EXO Drabble

Lay: Honeymoon (Requested by LayEXO)

Lay and you walk through the doors of your suit of the hotel you guys rented out. You drop on the bed in exhaustion.
"Omo... oppa. I'm so tired." Lay looks at you with lust. Seeing you like that turned him on. he walked over to you while your eyes were closed. When you opened them, Lay was right on top of you. You're eyes widen in surprisement.
"Omo, oppa. What are you doing?" you laugh.
"I can't control myself anymore... I need to have you." Lay leans down and kisses you softly. You slowly close your eyes and wrap your arms around his neck. You couldn't control yourself either. He sneaks his hands under you and unzips your dress. You help him by arching your back. He bites your lip asking to get in. You gladly open and he explores the cave.
You let out a small moan.
He slips off your bra and underwear, then strips himself. He places you rightly on the bed, and spreads your legs, not breaking your contact. He starts to put himself in you.
"Ah..." you moan.
Once he was fully in you, he started to thrust. You gripped onto his arms tightly. He began to thrust faster.
"Ah... YiXing.... ah..." He could tell that he was hitting you sweet spots. He thrusted even faster, and started to groan himself.
"YiXing... faster... harder..." He did as he was told and thrusted faster and harder into you, going deeper.
Both of you were on you're verges of climax. You began to moan louder. You dug your nails into his arms, but he grabbed you hands and put them above your head.
You started to whimper. "Oppa... I'm gonna... cum... oppa...!" He groaned, "Me too... Jagiya..."
You screamed. You finally came on Lay's member. He moaned, still thrusting, riding it out, milking the cum.
Then he lets it out. You scream in pleasure. He takes himself out of you and lays beside you.

~A month after~
"(Y/n), are you okay?" BaekHyun asked concerned. You haven't been feeling well for a while. You nod your head. "Ne, I'm just a little nauseous." Lay got up and sat next to you. He puts his hand on your head. "You're not hot, at least not that way." You laugh slapping his arm lightly. "Unni, have you had your period lately?" TaeYeon asks next to BaekHyun. You're eyes widen, "Come to think of it... it's late." Both your eyes and Lay's widen. "(Y/n)... are you pregnant?" he asks almost excited.
You stand up and try to walk around. You still fell nauseous. "YiXing... I think so..." you look at him for a second, then smile. He runs to you and hugs you, lifting you up. "I'm a appa!!!"
All the other members heard this and started cheering. You laugh and hug Lay back. "I'm a omma!!"
He puts you down and kisses you. You two were the happiest ever.



Ne, unni!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Ne, anytime Unni!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

@Jung Sung Hyo
omg! That was so cute! Thank you. <3

xXBulletProof xXBulletProof

Okay... I'll do my best..

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Could you do one with Lay again. Except this time it's a honeymoon, and then there's a baby expected. Thank you! <3

xXBulletProof xXBulletProof