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EXO Drabble

Kai (Requested by exo-weare-one)

"(Y/N)!!" You turn around and see Kai running towards you. You bow softly and ask, "Mwo? Gwanchanh-a?" He grabs your wrist and pulls you around the corner. He slams you body against the wall, his face so close to your's that you were almost kissing.
Your eyes widen in shock.
"Kai-Oppa... What's wrong?"
Kai stared at you intensely. You couldn't help but fall into his gaze. "I have to tell you... (y/n), I love you... I loved you from the first day I laid my eyes on you. I want you to be mine. I want to explore every single inch of skin on your body, and want to kiss those softly, pink lips, and I want to hug you everyday, protect you an-" your lips slam into his, making him stop talking. His eyes widen in shock, but he pushes back. Holding your shoulders in place.
" I love you too, Kai-Oppa... I want you to explore every inch of my skin, I want you to kiss me, I want you to protect me..." you whisper into his ears, making him turn on.
He picks you up, and carries you into a near by closet, for privacy.
He turns to lock the door, and gently lays you down on the group, kissing your soft lips.
You wrap your arms around his neck pulling him closer. He licks you bottom lip, asking to get in. You gladly open up and he explores your mouth.
You start to unbutton his shirt, as he starts topull your shirt off. He moves away from your mouth, lifts your head up and starts kissing your neck.
You let out a small moan, making his member hard. He sucks on your neck, making a hicky. You grip onto his shoulder tightly. He slowly takes you pants off, along with his. He rips off your bra and starts sucking your breasts. You left out a medium loud groan. He starts to stick his member into you.
"AH~!" you groan. At first it starts as pain, but as he kept thrusting, your pain soon turned into pleasure.
"Ah... Kai.. faster, harder..." he did as you asked and went faster, thrusting harder. Your groans get louder, you grip onto him harder, digging you nails into his arms. He doesn't mind the pain. He groaned aloud as well. He stuffs his tongue into your mouth again, your tongues fighting as he keeps thrusting.
You hear a small groan come from Kai.
Both of you on the verge of your climax. You fell knots forming in your stomach.
"AH~!" you let out a small scream, releasing you juices. He rides it out until he finally cums in you.
He oulls out of you lightly and lays beside you, holding you close.
"(y/n), are you okay?" he asked softly. You nod your head. "Salang haeyo, Oppa..."
Kai smirks. "Salang haeyo, jagiya..."
Both of you fall asleep, not caring if someone found you..



Ne, unni!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Ne, anytime Unni!

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

@Jung Sung Hyo
omg! That was so cute! Thank you. <3

xXBulletProof xXBulletProof

Okay... I'll do my best..

Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

Could you do one with Lay again. Except this time it's a honeymoon, and then there's a baby expected. Thank you! <3

xXBulletProof xXBulletProof