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Twisted Love

The Company

When they got to the company, ChanYeol, Sehun, and Luhan walked together and told the girls to follow them. The groups started whispering to each other. "ChanYeol, I think I that TaeYeon likes me. I told her to call me oppa and she was all up for it!" Luhan whispered. "Really? That's what I did with Jessica and she was up for it too." whispered Sehun. "Same with Sunny." They were very happy.
The girls were talking about the same thing. "Sehun asked me if he could be my oppa. My heart skipped a beat, but of course I said yes!" whispered Jessica. "Me too. Luhan told me he wanted to be my oppa and I said yes." whispered TaeYeon. "Same with ChanYeol. "We all have an Oppa!" whispered Jessica. The girls started to giggle.
"Girls, this way." They walked into a big with a stage. They never seen such a big before. "Omo!" said Sunny. ChanYeol started to snicker. "Sehun, ChanYeol, Luhan!! What's up?!" They turn to see their manager. "Hey Manager Kim. We would like you to meet some people." said Sehun "Omo, are these lady's your girlfriends?" "ANI!" They all said at once. "They're our neighbors. We invited them for breakfast and we heard them sing and they're really good." said Luhan excited.
"Oh jinjja? Well then, let's test them out." Manager Kim showed them to the recording room. "Let's hear your voices girls." TaeYeon whispered to Jessica, "What song do we sing?" "What about the song that you wrote. EXO liked it, maybe he will too." Jessica nodded.
Jessica started to sing and Sunny and TaeYeon followed. Their voices harmonizing perfectly. Manager Kim's eyes widen in amazement. "Omo! That was amazing!" he said when they finished. They bowed. "Gomowo. But really all credit goes to Jessica. She wrote the song." said Sunny. TaeYeon nodded. Jessica looked at Sehun. He winked at her in approval. She smiled.
"Well girls, I say that you start recording, cause I'm gonna release you guys." Their eyes widen, then screamed in happiness. They ran and hugged their oppas.
Jessica's POV
When I heard that he was gonna record us, I screamed and ran to Sehun wrapping my arms around his neck. "Gomowo, Oppa!!" He wrapped his arms around my waist. "It wasn't me, you guys are just awesome singers." I saw TaeYeon run to Luhan and hug him, and Sunny ran to ChanYeol hugging him. We were so excited. "But girls," we turn to see Manager Kim. "You have to add more members to your group." I look at Sehun confused. "Wae? They're good on their own." said Sehun. "We were thinking of starting a girl group here anyway. Now that we got three girls, we need six more." My eyes widen. "Six?! You're forming a nine girl group?!" He nodded. "We're gonna call it 'Girls' Generation'. What do you think?" I had to admit I liked the name, but nine girls? I looked at TaeYeon and Sunny. "What should we do?" asked TaeYeon. "Well, there's no way that we can turn this down. I guess we just have to bring in more girls." Sunny nodded. "Ne! Manager Kim, we'll do it." I said with a smile.




Gomowo, I will!!

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Please update soon unnie. Fighting.. ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

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Jung Sung Hyo Jung Sung Hyo

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