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Twisted Love

The Next Meet Up

Author's POV
After Jessica met Sehun, she couldn't stop thinking about him. "Unnie, what's wrong?" TaeYeon. Jessica looked at her with a wide smile. "Call Sunny. I have something to tell you guys." TaeYeon cocked her head to the side confused, but went to get Sunny. "What's wrong, Jessica?" She had a really big smile on her face. "I met someone today. It's one of the members from EXO." TaeYeon yelled. "Oh my god, who?!" Sunny asked. "Sehun. I was at the store, and I fell and he caught me bridal style. I was so embarrassed, but he was so nice to me." Jessica started to blush. "Yah, unnie. I thought you didn't like EXO. Why are you blushing?" "I never said that I didn't like EXO, I just didn't see why you liked them to the point of going to every concert and always getting their autograph. But after meeting Sehun, maybe... their not so bad." "You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that Jessica has a crush on Sehun." Jessica got red hot. "I don't! I just met him. How can I have a crush on him?"
Sehun's POV
"Hyung, are you okay?" Tao asked curiously. I nodded. "Just thinking." "OH~About what Sehun? Maybe the girl next door? The blonde one?" I looked at him angrily. "She has a name." "Then what is it?" "Jessica. Her name is Jessica." Omo, do you have a crush hyung?" I felt myself blush. "NO! I just met her, how can I have a crush on her?" Minseok came walking in. "Yah, Sehun. That kind of thing happens. You could have loved her on sight. It's called 'love at first sight'." I stormed off to my room.
I didn't have a crush on her, did I? How could I? I just met her!
Author's POV
The next morning, there was a knock at the girl's door. When TaeYeon opened the door, she screamed. Jessica and Sunny ran to the door. "TaeYeon what's wrong?!" She turned to them showing who was at the door. "Annyeong! I'm Luhan!" Their eyes widen. "Are you Miss Jessica?" TaeYeon shook her head. She pointed to Jessica. "Oh, sorry. Sehun was talking about you yesterday. So we would like you guys to come over for breakfast." he said with a smile. "Oh, Unnie's can we go , please!?" Jessica and Sunny looked at each other and sighed. Jessica patted TaeYeon's head. "Sure, why not." "YES!" Luhan took TaeYeon's hand. "Let's go!"
TaeYeon's POV
When he grabbed my hand, my heart skipped a beat. I love Luhan for a long time. I knew that he would never like me, but just meeting him was a honor. Jessica and Sunny walked behind us. "Hyundai! We're home." "We?" Sehun came out without wearing a shirt. I blushed. So did Jessica. Jessica blushed a lot. "Oh, good morning Jessica." He blushed. "Good morning, Sehun-ssi." She bowed. "Sehun, what's going on?" ChanYeol came out, I almost screamed. "Oh, annyeong." I saw him stare at Sunny. She started to blush. "Annyeong." She bowed. Sehun came back with a tank on. "Why don't you guys join us for breakfast?" They nodded. "Yah, Luhan. Why are you holding the girl's hand?" ChanYeol. I looked down, and he was still holding my hand. I looked up and he was looking at me. He started to blush and let go. I started to blush too.
We walked to the dining area. All of EXO was sitting down. "Annyeong! Would you like to have a seat?" asked D.O pulling out three chairs in the middle.
ChanYeol's POV
I guided the girl with her hair curled up to pushed her chair in. "Gomowo." She had a really cute smile. Luhan guided the girl he was holding hands with and pushed her chair in for her. Sehun did that with the blonde girl too. "It's an honor to be here." The girl in the pony-tail said bowing her head. "Why don't you introduce yourself." Minseok said. "I'm Sunny." Sunny was such a pretty name. "I'm TaeYeon." Luhan's face lightened up. "That's such pretty name!! TaeYeon..." She started to blush. "And I'm Jessica..." "Oh, so you're the girl that Sehun was talking about yesterday!" shouted Tao. She blushed. "Shut up, will you?!" Sehun yelled slapping Tao in the back of the head. "Ow..." Jessica giggled. "Either way," intervened Kai. "It's nice to have you over." They bowed their heads.
Luhan's POV
She was so pretty. So was her name. TaeYeon. I sat next her, glaring at her.
Sehun's POV
When breakfast was over, Jessica offered to do the dishes. "You don't have to." Minseok said. "It's okay. I'm a guest. It's the least I can do." Everybody got up. The girls gathered the dishes and went to the kitchen to wash the dishes. "I don't think that they should be doing the dishes." said Chen. "I'll go do them instead." I walked to the kitchen, then I heard singing. I saw the girls singing a song I never heard. I ran back, "Guys, come and listen. They're singing!" We all walked over. Jessica had such a beautiful singing voice. I guessed that it was a song that they wrote. None of us recognized the lyrics.
Author's POV
When they were done with the dishes, all of EXO started clapping. It startled them. "You guys have really good voices!" they yelled. They started to blush. "Gomowo." they said bowing. "We should show them to the company!" They all nodded. "Sehun take Jessica. ChanYeol will take Sunny and Luhan will take TaeYeon." They nodded and took them to their cars.
It was pretty awkward for them to be in the same car alone. They all liked each other, Sehun and Jessica liked each other, but were too stubborn to admit it. Luhan and TaeYeon were getting there. Same with ChanYeol and Sunny.
Sehun's POV
Pretty much the whole ride there, we're were quiet. "You sing really good." She looked at me awkwardly. "Gomowo. I didn't know you guys were listening." I felt myself blush. "Yeah, I heard you while you were cleaning. Is that a song that you wrote?" She nodded. "I wrote that song by myself. My friends helped me with the melody. You like it?" I look at her with a blank face. "Like it? I loved it. You guys were really good." I saw her blush.
ChanYeol's POV
"You guys were really good!" "Jinjja? Gomowo!" She's so bright. Her name fits her. "Did you write that song?" "Ani, Jessica wrote it. She's the best at that." I nodded. "You like to smile a lot, don't you?" she started laughing. "Ne!" I said. "When you smile, it brightens your day. Make it more "sunny"." She blushed and laughed. I laughed with her.
Luhan's POV
"You guys are really good at singing. Why didn't you tell me you can sing?" I pouted. She started to laugh. "I didn't think about it. It's really all Jessica. She wrote the song. I just sing along to it." "Well you're really good at it." She blushed. "Hey, I want us to be close. So from now on, call me Oppa." She looked at me awkwardly. "Jinjja!?" I nodded. To be honest, I really liked her. I wanted to get to know her. "Ne! Oppa!"
Sunny's POV
I have a lot more in common with ChanYeol-ssi than I thought. We both like to smile. We both like to be happy. "Sunny," "Hm?" "I want us be close, so call me oppa. Okay?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "Oppa?" He nodded with that goofy smile. I smiled. "Ne! Oppa!"
Jessica's POV
It was pretty awkward with Sehun. I'm glad that he thought I was good at singing, but I didn't think that he would like me like this. "Hey, I want to be close. So from now on, I'll be your oppa." I looked at him with a smile. "Oppa?" I laughed. I saw him blush. "Ne! Oppa!! Sehun-Oppa!" He smiled.
(The girls thoughts all together)
I can't believe this!! I have an OPPA!!!




Gomowo, I will!!

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