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Chapter 01

"Sir you have really good taste in picking out jewelry," the employee said with a professional smile.
BaekHyun is standing at the counter with a simple silver ring in his hands.
He looks carefully at it and then his mouth starts turning into a smile.
The smile that I love so much.
"I’ll take it," he says as he hands over the ring back to the employee. The employee takes back the ring and smiles. She turns around and goes to wrap up the ring. Then BaekHyun turns around to face me.
"Thanks for coming with me <ㅇㅇㅇ>," he says.
"No problem ^ ^" I replied with a smile.
"Honestly, proposing on birthdays was kind of cheesey for me too but we don’t have any other day to do it," he continues awkwardly while scratching the back of his head.
"Good luck bro ~" I encourage him by pounding my fist twice on my chest and throw the peace sign at him.
"You’re never going to call me oppa are you ?" he sighs.
"Psh !! You’re only 2 years older than me.. And besides ! You look way younger than me," I scoffed.
"You’re right ~ My face is pretty amazingly handsome," he made a V shape with his index and thumb and placed it under his chin.
"… I said you looked young.. Never said anything about being handsome …" I gave him a cold, blank look.
As I replied to his cockiness, his smile disappears.
"If only you were like your sister … Guys would line up …" BaekHyun clicked his tongue and shook his head at me.
"Nono ~ I don’t need any of them," I said as I lifted my right hand up to wiggle my index finger at his face.
"Hey … Are you … By any chance …. Lesbian ??" BaekHyun asks with sincere curiosity written all over his face.
Is this guy serious…?
"Even if I am.. what’s that gotta do with you ?" I snapped.
"I swear to gawd .. The way you talk … You and I are going to be family, the least you could do is be respectful !!" BaekHyun complained.
"…. you’ve got to be kidding ….." I shook my head at him.
That’s right .. My one and only twin sister, SaeIn, who is 30 minutes older than me, is the one who BaekHyun will be marrying. The 3 of us were childhood friends ever since I can remember.
SaeIn and I have the same face, body, and voice. And of course, even the person we love. But aside from everything we have in common, there are 2 things that are not the same for us. Personality, and the fact that my love hasn’t been granted.
Ever since the beginning, SaeIn has been calling BaekHyun ‘oppa’, and as for me, I called him ‘oppa’ before but stopped after I’ve realized my feelings for him. Cause if I called him ‘oppa’, I felt like he would really see me as a younger sister and not as a girl.
But in the end, BaekHyun decided to fall for the nice and pretty Saein and when I heard the news of the two, I couldn’t think straiht at all.
The fact that my love wasn’t granted hurt so much to the point I couldn’t do anything for a while. I just stayed in my room and cried without eating.
Of course, people around me were worried, but they didn’t know why I was so upset.
But because they are my most beloved, I’ve decided to pick myself up and congratulate them even if I was hurting.
And like this, 6 years has gone by. I still have feelings for BaekHyun. Even if other guys try to ask me out, I would reject them. Even if my friends set me up on a blind date, I wouldn’t go.
I’ve watched BaekHyun love my sister with his whole heart for 365 days a year, and for 6 years.
The two have been loving each other for a really long time, and I’ve been watching the two with longing and the fact that I couldn’t even tell either of them my feelings have been torturous.
But that’s the way we lived. And now, the day I feared the most has come. The proposal.
It’s such a sad word for me. A week after tomorrow, SaeIn will have to go to Paris to prepare a runway show and won’t be back for 3 months. BaekHyun who couldn’t wait, says that he has to make her his, and so he’s decided propose to her tomorrow on her birthday.
And so here we are. I got her a birthday present, and he also got a birthday present and a ring for the proposal. After paying for the ring, we left the jewelry shop.
On the way home, we talked about random things that doesn’t have much meaning to them.
"OMG… My heart won’t stop beating !!" BaekHyun suddenly shouts.
I got surprised by his sudden burst of emotion that I flinched.
"We were talking about Chinese food !! Why does the conversation lead to you being nervous ??" I shouted at him who was still spazzing.
"Yo …<ㅇㅇ>, I said I’m nervous.. Help me calm down a bit," he complained like he always does.
"Idiot.. You’ve been dating my sister for the last 6 years. I don’t think you should be nervous anymore .." I retorted.
"Hey kid .. this is what’s called ‘true love’ .." BaekHyun emphasized.
Ugh, such a show-off …
"You talk like you’ve accomplished something tremendous," I gave him a dissatisfied look.
"<ㅇㅇ>, you’re just too inexperienced to know, but love is something so beautiful and a joyful haha You should hurry up and start loving soon," BaekHyun says with a dumb face.
But BaekHyun-ah, I already know what love is.. But the love that you do and the love that I know are somehow totally different.. and it hurts that we’re on different pages..
You know what … Since I was expecting this anyways, let’s just congratulate them…
I stopped in my tracks to call out to him.
"Byun BaekHyun."
"Yea ?" he says as he stops and turns around to face me.
I was about so say something but all of a sudden, I heard screaming from behind me.
A lady had a terrified look on her face and was pointing at something that was above from where we were standing. I looked up to see huge steel bars falling straight down. It seems as if the building was undergoing construction. But I was so shocked in that moment that I couldn’t move. My body froze and my mind went blank.
"<ㅇㅇㅇ> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
I hear BaekHyun yelling and when I looked towards him, he was running towards me. I suddenly felt my body blown away by a rough and strong push. Then, came a great pain in my knee, wrist, shoulders and face.
But even though I felt the pain, the only thing that popped into my mind was BaekHyun. I tried to get up and see where BaekHyun was but all around me, people were crowding and was holding me back.
"KYAAA !!!!!"
"SOMEBODY CALL 911 !!!!"
"DON’T GET UP !!!!"
I couldn’t hear what they were saying.
All I could see is BaekHyun,
who was always happy and cheerful
lying on the floor
dripping blood
with his eyes closed
as if he was already gone from this world.
"BAEKHYUN-AH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry, if this is kind of weird at first. I translated this from Korean so it's a little off...
Hope you enjoyed it !!
Please look forward to the next Chapters ^ ^


update soon please...

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