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My 24 Year Old Husband


What was one problem that teenage fans girls always had with their favorite boy band member? Big age difference. Their favorite idol would be sometimes 6-10 years older. Maybe even older than that. Lee Miyoung hated everything about age difference. She even has her family to prove it. Her grandparents were 10 years apart and were in love ever since her grandmother was fifteen. Weird, I know but that's how some couples are. Anyway back to Miyoung. She felt that since love has no age limit she should get her number one guy. Lu Han. But everyone thought that she was crazy to think that she could end up with an Exo member. She ignored them and always said that she would prove them wrong one day. So, one day while looking out her window admiring the starry night a shooting star came across and she wished for something big. Once she finished her wish, she went to her bed and went under the covers thinking about her wish.
'Please come true'. She thought in her head and soon drifted off to sleep. The next morning she'll be in for a big surprise. Miyoung, don't regret what you wish for.




Your husband's group, treat you like a little sister, very playful

Lee Miyoung

Lee Miyoung

15 years old, Deeply in love with Luhan, straightforward, can be a bit mean but is really nice, doesn't like to talk bad about people, always on the positive side

Lu Han

Lu Han

24 years old, very sweet and caring towards you, loves you deeply, can get a bit scary sometimes, hates lying



Please update omg,i'm so curious

xodnmxx xodnmxx

Amnesia?!?! GOD DAMNIT.

MarissaLeeC MarissaLeeC

Ahhhh!! Update soon please! <3 :)

Mjs1124 Mjs1124

Really good, I am enjoying this a lot. PLease update soon !

Kpoplover0399 Kpoplover0399

Awesome. Hope you had a great time at the concert. Can't wait for the update!!

Gilly Gilly