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2 Different Tears (Sequel to He Could Be The One)


Juliana Huang finally chose who she wants to be with in the end after having a hard time deciding who to choose between her loyal boyfriend, Lu Han or her sexy rockstar neighbor, Park Chanyeol.

She was assured this was the right choice as she made her way out of her apartment and went straight to the person she didn't choose Rapping on the door she waited patiently until the door swung open and she was confronted face-to-face with her neighbor Chanyeol who was wearing a t-shirt and some basketball shorts

"Hey.....are you okay?"

His voice made her melt as she nodded and smiled

"Yeah I'm okay....Chanyeol I have something to tell you can I come in for a minute?"

"Sure...come on in"

He opened the door slightly letting her in as she comes in to a tidy apartment. She was surprised a rockstar like him would be this tidy. There were various colors plastered along the walls and the furniture which she thought were amazing

As she sat down on the couch Chanyeol sitting across from her she let out a soft sigh and finally decided what to say to him

"Chanyeol.....about the confession....I'm sorry...I don't think I can accept it. I have loved Lu Han for a quite some time now and we had a lot of history together and I can't just leave him. I loved him first Chanyeol. I'm so sorry....I know there will be someone somewhere out there for you. Trust me...I hope you and I can still be friends if that's alright with you?"

Chanyeol was disappointed. But with a huge grin he hid the disappointment

"I understand Juliana.....I may be a bit rash with the confession and I'm sorry again I got in between you and Lu Han. And...."

He smiled a warm smile

"I'd love to be your friend Juliana Huang. You can always count on me if you need me I will be right here for you"

Juliana was relieved as she believed him and smiled. They held a new relationship between them then now as friends Close friends. As it all it is to it. They soon separated when Juliana left the apartment as they shared a warm hug, a warm gesture as being friends.

She soon left and decided to find Lu Han and talk to him. Who knew there will be drama soon. As she rushed happily out she never realized fate would let her meet someone who would cause a lot of drama and tension very soon.

Along the road she rushed to the intersection she didn't see where she was going when she was hit by a red car but managed to halt in time before she collapse on the ground unconscious.

The driver came out contemplating whether he should leave her or take her to the hospital. He found a mobile phone in her pocket and found a number hoping this person will know.
He dialled the number and was surprised by the shrill yell of a girl


"Excuse me, my name is Byun Baekhyun and the person who owns this phone was in a car accident. I will send her to Seoul General Hospital."

"OMO! Is Juliana alright? Alright! Thank you Byun Baekhyun-sshi"

The line went dead and Baekhyun sighed as he looked at the person unconscious on the ground. He decided to put her in his car and soon drove towards Seoul General Hospital as the nurses placed her in the observation unit.

"Family of Huang Juliana?"

"I am"

He stood firm as the doctor informed him about her condition

"She's stable but there's a slight cuts and..."

Baekhyun braced himself

"But what doctor? Is she alright?"

"Well she might have lost a little of her memory"

Then a loud shrill voice yelled from nearby and a young girl ran up to the doctor and him.


"Agashi....please calm down...."

Baekhyun assumed this was the person who answered the phone earlier who suddenly burst out crying in the middle of the hallway

"Oh Juli.....ottokaji.....does Luhan knows this?"


Baekhyun ask

"Oh her boyfriend....Oh I'll call him now..."






They phone went dead and all was silence. The doctor told them only one person can visit her so Nara went in first. She cried as soon as she saw her best friend lying on the bed still unconscious. Nara came closer and grabbed Juliana's hand.

"Juli.....errona! Wake up! Ppalli"

She ended up sobbing and wiped the tears away and slowly got up from the chair and left the room still sobbing. Baekhyun was devastated and guilty as he was the one who caused all this.
The running feet was heard and soon a disheveled looking Luhan arrived panting

"Where is Juli! Where is she?"

Nara who was still crying pointed to the door and Luhan slowly walked to it opening and soon disappeared into the room. Nara was still sobbing sat on the chair crying her eyes out somewhat almost out of breath. Then a phone rang and Baekhyun realized it was his.



"Chanyeol....something came up. I'll come by tomorrow okay."

"Wait....what's wrong?"

"I will tell you tomorrow"

"Where are you? I come to you.."

Baekhyun sighed

"Seoul General Hospital"

"WHAT? Dude? Did you get hurt?"

Baekhyun sighed again.

"No you numbskull! I accidentally hit some chick. Look I will call you later okay. Bye"

"Wait Baek hyung..."

Baekhyun hung up the phone and placed it back in his pocket. He let out a sigh and look at the door waiting for someone to come out hoping the person who he hit wouldn't get mad at him. He sat down and waited.

In the room Luhan was crying holding Juliana's hands. They were cold as ice.

"Juli...wake up please....."

There was no answer. He cried and cried until the gown Juliana had on was drenched with his tears. He look up and stood up deciding to go or not to go. Then he received a message

From: Sehun
To: Luhan
Hyung! Where are you? Did you forget we have to go for that dinner together that you owe me? Answer me ppalli

Luhan called Sehun

"Sehun-ah...I think we can do that some other time okay"

"Oh hyung!! Wae?"

"Just....something happen Sehunnie....I will call again okay. Bye"

Luhan hung up the phone first and watched as the love of his life stay lifeless on the bed. He moved a loose strand of hair from her face and felt some breathing before two pair of eyes opened looking at him, confused. He pulled back his hand to the side of the bed

"Juli-ah....you're awake....are you okay? Do you need me to call the doctor? Wait okay.."

He stood up turned to the door about to call the nurse when she spoke up


He turned back and had tears falling from his eyes

"Juli....Y-You don't remember me? I'm Luhan your boyfriend...don't you remember?"

Juliana look at him clearly confused.

"Namjachingu? Oedi?"

Luhan sighed and sat back down holding her hand which she pulled back, scared. He sighed and decided to call the nurse and soon the doctor and nurses checked on her while Luhan stood by the door watching her. He was rather surprised.

*How come she never remember me?*


"Ah deh?"

"It seems that Juliana-sshi is alright but as you know she doesn't have any memory of her recent activities. This is very common in accidents such as this might due to trauma. But I suggest you to be patient with her and do as you can to restore back her memories. Now I will take my leave."

The doctor left and Nara came in.


Juliana once she sees Nara lit up


Her arms went wide and soon the two best friends were in each others embrace.



Luhan was devastated went out of the room and had a glance of Baekhyun behind the door sitting looking rather confused. Luhan sat down next to the latter

"You know I'd kill you if I weren't this nice"

"Luhan-sshi, I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen. I am so sorry"

"Sorry doesn't turn back the fact that my own girlfiend who I love forgot who I was. Do you ever felt like that? Do you? No you don't....so shut up and just leave!"

Baekhyun was scared as he stood up and soon left the hospital. His mind were everywhere that night as he drove towards Chanyeol's apartment and he laid in the futon spreaded out beside his snoring best friend, Chanyeol.

The two different tears he saw at the hospital he witnessed was enough for him to be guilty for a long time. He never knew this was just the beginning as he never knew what fate has in stall for him.

Juliana's apartment:
Juliana was recovering well but still distant with Luhan as he tries to take up the advice of the doctor and tries as he might to get Juliana to remember him. Especially since their anniversary was growing near.

The ring that was in his pocket grew heavier and it made Luhan harder to get her to remember growing impatient he decided to let it wait wishing a miracle happens and Juliana and him will be back to where they were before.

That night after making Juliana eat her medicine and sleep he lay down next to her holding her hand to his chest

"Wo Ai Ni Huang Juliana"

Kissing her forehead he left her apartment and went home. He was beyond exhausted; physically and mentally. Then as he was on the way home a song was playing as he turned up the volume singing along to the music

The twinkling bright lights,
are traces of the passing years
You are still,
the center of my world

One year after another,
time flies by in a blink of an eye
The only thing that remain unchanged,
is the fact that there will always be change
I’m no longer the same as before,
and neither are you
However, in my eyes, your smile
is still as beautiful as before
The days can only move forwards,
in one direction, following time
Not sure how much longer (we’ll have),
so I have to let you know
I’m still in love with you,
there’s no room for retreat
I still treasure
every minute and every moment of happiness
Your every breath,
every move,
and every expression
Until the very end, (I) will
still love you
I’m still in love with you,
maybe it’s fated and destined to be
Even after the passing years,
no one can ever replace (you)
Those moments are the best I’ve had in my life
Those memories,
I still cannot forget
I’m still in love with you,
there’s no room for retreat
I still treasure
every minute and every moment of happiness
Your every breath,
every move,
and every expression
Until the very end, (I) will
still love you
Your every breath,
every move,
and every expression,
until the very end, (I) will
still love you

(Yi Ran Ai Ni - Wang LeeHom)

He sang until tears fell down from his eyes once again till he arrived home as he went in his apartment changed and soon lay in bed thinking of their time together, the memories of them together.

He'd looked like a crazy person as he laugh then cry again. Their memories together bring joyful tears and sad tears as they encountered many heartbreaking moments together.

But he knew at the end of the day it was all he could do as he with these two different tears would bring him enough patience and confidence to not give up and do what he could do best to let Juliana remmeber him again and bring happiness between the both of them soon. That is his promise till the day he let go of his final breaths in this world, he will forever love the girl by the name of Juliana Huang. Forever and always.

The End



Thanks! Glad you liked it

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Thanks. Glad you liked it. :)

springjasmine91 springjasmine91

Omg I love the story and forget wat I texted earlier

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dat was so CUTE!!!!

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