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Sorry, I'm falling for you


Yoona, a high school senior who is moving from the big city Seoul to the countryside of Korea where she believes will be the worst and boring year of her life when in reality it changes her life from the people she meets to the experiences she has.

Yoona experiences love for the first time in her life.

(DISCLAIMER: If you are from the EXO website, I apologize but unfortunately there is no EXO in this story)




Jin and six of his friends, Jungkook, V, RM, Suga, J-Hope and Jimin



Mark and his six friends. Jiyoung(Deceased), Jackson, BamBam, JB, Yugyeom and Youngjae

Jin (Second Male Lead)

Jin (Second Male Lead)

Leader of the popular group in school and ex-bestfriend of Mark. Jin who befriends Yoona is one of the reasons for Yoona's life-changing experience.

Kim Sunny

Kim Sunny

Yonna's younger sister who befriended and introduced Yonna tothe popular social group BTS

Kim Yoona (First Female Lead)

Kim Yoona (First Female Lead)

Kim Yonna who is from the big cities has to move, leaving a life she had started behind but ultimately becomes the path that changes her life.

Mark Tuan (First Male Lead )

Mark Tuan (First Male Lead )

Mark who comes across as being cold and heartless finds himself infatuated with a girl who he never thought would fall in love with.

Miss A

Miss A

Suzy who is the leader of the school bullies, the four girls have total control of the school


  1. Chapter One: The New Start

    Yoona moving into her new house with her family.

  2. Chapter Two: The boy next door

    Yonna's second in her new house

  3. Chapter Three: Knock at the door

    Mark see's Yonna outside of school

  4. Chapter Four: Hurry Up and Clean

    Yonna and Mark are together at 12 am

  5. Chapter Five: We are just Acquaintances

    Yonna meets Jin but drama between Mark and Jin are back in play.

  6. Chapter Six: I Have No Choice

    Jin, Mark and Yoona are working on a project together.

  7. Chapter Seven: He wouldn't let go

    The school bullies pick a fight with Yoona again.

  8. Chapter Eight: Show Him Who I Really Am

    Yoona meets Mark's friends

  9. Chapter Nine: I won't see him as I see you

    Mark and Yoona share a romantic moment for the first time.

  10. Chapter Ten: She Should Be Here Entertaining Me

    Mark enters Yoona's house.

  11. Chapter Eleven: The Lunch Period

    After dance Yoona bumps into someone which causes a scene.


yo just saying this is a EXO ff website

Gabi Gabi

Im a huge fan of these types of fanfics! keep up the good work <3

Thank you! I will continue to update and and try to entertain you as much as possible!

Keep updating. THE FEELS OF THIS KILLS ME!! <3

please update!! im dying to know what happens!! but its really good! keep up with the good work!