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Kingkas and the foreign girl


" Wake up already Lynn" Lynn's Aunt yelled.
" I'm coming just wait for a few seconds " Lynn yelled.
If u are wondering why Lynn's aunt tell her to wake up its because she's living with her Aunt. Her Aunt is now 33 years old. When Lynn was little her mum let her Aunt Kim to live with them. While they were living happily Lynn's mum died because of cancer. Lynn's dad left Lynn and her mum for 8 years already. After all of the drama she could only trust her aunt and they always say their first name so they won't feel awkward. They live in Australia.
" Are u ready yet"
" Coming Kim"
Lynn ran outside and went to school.
" Hey Lynn" A girl called out.
" Hey Adele what's up"
" Nothing much but just boring life"
" Okay oh "
" Lynn are u still stress because about your mum"
" Adele I told u already stop talking about my mum"
Adele was really sad because her best friend been stress for these couple of years.
" Adele see ya after school"
" I'm so bored Suho can't we stop all the study and go have fun" Chanyeol groaned.
" No your the only one in our group that haven't been studying" Suho Yelled.
" Let's get back to our subject okay now x square the 50"
" But Suho" Chanyeol cried.
Lynn POV
" See ya tomorrow Adele"
" See ya"
Lynn came back from her home. She saw box been packed and appliances been wrapped up.
" Kim what's this all about" Lynn asked.
" Lynn we're going to Korea and stay there"
" But Kim I don't want to leave this is where all my memories are"
" Lynn I'm not going to sell the house"
" Then why are we moving"
" We moving because of my job and you'll meet your friends on Skype right "
" Fine anyway maybe moving away here for a while will make me relax"
Lynn left the room and went upstairs .
" Lynn can u pack your bags and we going the day after tomorrow" Kim asked.
" Okay" Lynn replied.


A pinks

A pinks

They are the other Queenkas of the school. They always bullied Lynn around and say that she doesn't belong to their school. They are in love with EXO but EXO hates them.



Exo- Lynn's acquaintance. They are in love with Lynn. A boy band group.Hates Apink because they are annoying and kept on bullying Lynn



Little bit of cold.she is really talented. She's pretty

Seohyun- SNSD

Seohyun- SNSD

She loves Lynn like her friend Adele. Lynn was really happy to have a friend like her. She always support Lynn in anyway.



They are the Queenkas of the school. They were kind of jealous of Lynn because she gets all of the EXO attention. They still love Lynn and they are best friends. Hates Apink



plezzz update soon

park nemo park nemo

please updated, i'm dying to read moreeee......
I already love this story


D.OisM.I.N.E D.OisM.I.N.E

Hey @joonmoney thank u for reading and I will try to update everyday

Rilkkuma911 Rilkkuma911

Awesome story :D
Please update soon ^^

joonmoney joonmoney

please update :)

kim irene kim irene