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First Love


Min ah is a gumiho and decides to go to a public school called "Seoul Acadamy". Min ah is the new girl in school and is popular with her beautiful features. Also Min ah is straight up stubborn and a cold gumiho until she meets EXO and has mixed feelings for some of them.


Kim Jong-In (Kai)

Kim Jong-In (Kai)

Kai is the strongest but high tempered in his pack. Kai wants to fall in love but just can't find the right girl



Kyungsoo is the brightest one in his pack. He seems very quiet and cold at first, but once you get to know him he is a very caring person who tries his hardest to do his best.



Luhan is a wolf and he is the most hard to understand in his pack. He is the most quietest and coldest. He has never fell in love since so many people reject who he REALLY is. He hates everybody except his pack EXO. EXO to him is his only family.

Park Jiyeon

Park Jiyeon

Park Jiyeon is a regular girl that goes to Seoul Academy who is the most popular and most beautiful girl in school. She seems nice on the outside but is very cruel and mean in the inside. She always defeats of what is standing in her way.



Seohyun is the bestfriend of Jiyeon and they do everything and talk about everything together. Sometimes Seohyun just seems like Jiyeons follower. She is not the brightest but is very kind and pure. She is the second most popular in school.

Son Naeun

Son Naeun

She is a cold-hearted gumiho who never falls in love until she meets strange boys who resembles and understands her in a way.


  1. past and sense

    Naeun goes to her first public school since her mother wants her to socialize since she has been so cold after her father passed away not to long ago.

  2. Friends?

    EXO, especially Luhan and Kyungsoo become more interested with Naeun

  3. After School

    EXO feels Naeun is more than a human

  4. Who are you?

    Exo reveals themselves to Naeun

  5. I'm hurt..

    Luhan and Naeun are liking eachother more and more until Jiyeon comes in.

  6. forgiving and planning

    Luhan and Naeun both confess to eachother while everybody is planning on Kyungsoo's birthday

  7. the tragic revealing?

    EXO and Naeun are ready for Kyungsoo's party and Naeun changes to her gumiho form out of nowhere...

  8. Shock...

    Naeun's mom got into a car accident and died from drunk driving

  9. Decisions, decisions

    Luhan has feelings for Jiyeon but still feels the same with Naeun, but Kyungsoo takes care of Naeun after her heartbreak

  10. What's going on?

    Luhan is confused with Naeun while Naeun is broken by finding out about Luhan and Jiyeon

  11. Forgive and forget

    Naeun comes back to EXO.

  12. Acting and jealously

    In english class Naeun and Kyungsoo has an assignment that gets Luhan fired up,

  13. Confessions

    Naeun and Luhan finally talk things out.

  14. Here we go...again..

  15. Goodbye...

  16. Sment Auditions

  17. Pass!

    Naeun passes her audition.


thank U it was great^__^

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Omg im so into the story please update ^^

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Hahahaa Chapter 6 was cute bwteen BAekhyujn and Chanyeol!!

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