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Thinking of You

Thinking of You

Yixing's tears fell as he was sitting on the edge of the bed. The crumbled piece of paper he was holding was getting went from the tears. The crumbled piece of paper was a letter from his friend's family. The family of the one who was his best friend. The family of the one he had fallen in love with.
His heart ached as he closed his eyes. Tears streamed down his face and fell onto the cotton bed sheet. He heard a groan from across the bed and spotted a man. The man had a tattoo of a scorpion on his arm and was sleeping soundly.
Yixing stood up and walked over to the window before he slowly walked over to his closet. He opened it, grabbed a sweatshirt, put on some pants and walked out of the room. The content of the letter was still on his mind. He even could remember ever single word that had been written in it.
Dear Yixing,
We are sorry to inform you that Joonmyeon has passed away due his illness this morning. We are aware of you not knowing about this and we are sorry. He has been suffering from the illness ever since he moved away.

We are holding a funeral at the cemetery, because the both of us decided to place him at the place he was born at. We hope to see you there.

We know it will be hard for you, but please be there. Be there as a friend.
Thanks for your understanding,
Mrs. & Mrs. Kim
P.S. The funeral will be on Sunday, the 30th of September.
He took out the picture of Joonmyeon and once again tears slipped down his cheeks as he remembered all the happy memories with Joonmyeon.
Until that tragic day happened.
He remembered every single word Joonmyeon had said to him. Every one word still ringed in his ear as they came to mind. Tears couldn't stop falling as he sighed and looked across the room where Yi Fan was sleeping soundly.
Yi Fan, the person who replaced Yixing's heart after Joonmyeon left him. Yi Fan made Yixing happy. Yi fan made him happy. However, that Yi Fan wasn’t Joonmyeon. He wasn't the man that Yixing truly loved.
It was hard for Yixing to move on.
It took him a whole morning to decide whether he would go to the funeral or not. In the end, he decided to go and put on some proper clothes. He decided to attend it to see Joonmyeon just one last time. To say his final farewell.
Yixing woke Yi Fan. Once Yi Fan had woken up, Yixing closed the door of his house and left. Yi Fan drove the car and was reaching the destination rather quickly. The destination being the cemetery.
He saw his friends together with their partners. All of them were wearing black clothing.
The ceremony started and it started to rain when the coffin was lowered down and buried. The dark sky cleared up. Yixing realized that Joonmyeon would be in a better place now.
Then he looked up at the sky and whispered softly.
"I won't stop thinking of you, Kim Joonmyeon. Forever, you will be my one and only love. Rest in peace, Joonmyeon. Joonmyeon, the one I love."
After that he quickly greeted Joonmyeon's family and left home. The painful truth that he had to move on, despite the heartbreak, was something he realized. He had to move on for his own sanity and for…
The one he loved, Joonmyeon.
The End



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