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EXO Planet


“Why are you leaving?” Kyungsoo looks at Baekhyun and smiles. Baekhyun pouts because he hates that smile: the smile of a happy yet sad man.

“I want to go there too.” Kyungsoo says and Baekhyun understands.

Baekhyun nods but he is pouting. “But why do you have to leave next week?! This Saturday! Oh my gosh, it’s two days ahead!” Baekhyun complains to Kyungsoo and shouts. Kyungsoo chuckles when Baekhyun tells stubbornly, “Do you not want to be with me? do you not want to meet my soulmate when I see him? do you not want me to meet your soulmate when you see him? how about that promise? We promised that!!” if Baekhyun is standing, he is stomping his feet like a child throwing tantrums to his mother.

“Just hope that we’ll meet them tomorrow.” Kyungsoo winks and jokes.

The door’s bell rings and Kyungsoo looks at the guy who has tanned skin comes in his world.

I lost my mind the moment when I saw you
Except you, everything gets in slow motion

And there goes Do Kyungsoo, asking an extension for a month.


Warning: This story contains a LOT of curses and swearings... as in A LOT. And for the next chaptersssss though. Just you wait...

Okay, hi readers! I’m making this fanfiction for you! Waah! This is my first full fluffed chaptered story so I hope I can make your hearts leap in joy and your ovaries burst ‘kay? Haha

Oh my god, this is… a fluffy KaiSoo fic!! Waaah!! Someone asked me to write a fluffy KaiSoo when she read my first fic, so I guess, this is what you want! and I’m giving this to you!! Haha, I was just inspired at EXO’s sweet songs and of all the fluff stories I read.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading this fiction! Because I am enjoying whenever I write another story plan for this fic. Thank you for checking this out! oh, as always, sorry for the errors you’ll find in this fic.

Tell me what’s on your mind while reading this, I’d gladly read those and I will try to reply to your comments and feedbacks! Thank you!!

Oh! Before I forgot! The translations of the songs in this fic are NOT from me ‘kay? I don’t know how to speak in Korean or Mandarin ‘kay? So if the translation is wrong, blame it on the translator, not me ‘kay? Haha, just kidding. Thank you for the translators though, without you, I think my nose will burst and I’ll just let the blood flow everywhere because I can’t understand what my idols are saying ‘kay? Well, I’m studying Hangul whenever I have time. :3 But the thing is, I don’t have. Haha

Okay, in this fic and because I learned a lot, I will express my feelings through author’s notes okay? so please expect that there is an author’s note every chapter. Well, I’m not yet sure for that but sorry if I’m annoying for my notes. It’s just mah feels ‘kay? ‘kay? ‘kay? Thank you!

Uhm, little difference from true EXO to this fic

Do Kyungsoo - 18 years old, bitch
Kim Jongin - 17 years old, not smiley but he’s still a fucker
Oh Sehun - 17 years old, bitch and competitive >:)
Luhan - 19 years old, angel
Byun Baekhyun - 22 years old, still a bitch
Park Chanyeol - 18 years old, not smiley but he will be on the next chapterss
Kim Jongdae - 22 years old, wants to be a paranormal expert, haha, just kidding
Kim Junmyeon - 23 years old, as usual, old lady
Zhang Yixing - 18 years old, a bully
Kim Minseok - 18 years old, the one being bullied
Huang Zitao - 19 years old, still a wushu master
Kris Wufan - 22 yeard old, has bitch face

I just gave a phrase-description because let’s get to know them throughout the story together. Just a little peek for the characters in the story. Well, some characters won’t be exposed on our first chapters but they’re still part of our story. :)

--- silver



Hey, for all the ones who subscribed in this story, I would like to apologize for not updating here for so long. But you see, just check out my other stories and you could see the EXO Planet -- this one's updated. It has 26 chapters now, so you could read a lot there. You can transfer and read all of those here. I update that story from now on. Thanks!

silver_2nd0613 silver_2nd0613

Hi! Thanks for reading this fanfiction. I'm sorry I don't update here in exofanfiction BUT I do update in the main site, the kpopfanfiction. Now I discovered the website-thingy in which I can link the stories here, so yeah, I found out that the things I am posting there will be posted in here too. So, I guess you could just read the other story... don't worry just check out the other stories I am writing, and you'll see the updated story, BTW, it has 26 chapters already, Haha, I'm really sorry for not updating here for so long.

silver_2nd0613 silver_2nd0613

Oh my God!!! I love this fan-fiction so much! I've found it yesterday and though i was sleepy but I read all seven chapters at once. And while I was reading there were moments which made me to feel strong emotions! I really enjoyed everything about the plot and how you presented the characters. I love how D.O. is so straightforward and he is so open about his feelings to jongin. I love their hate-love relationships. And I'm dying to see what will happen next. And I honestly what this story to be a long one because I wanna read it and feel what i felt reading this 7chapters. And please continue to write the way you do! It's really really amazing!!!!! Thank you!

Violetta Violetta