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I Won't Say I'm In Love

I Won't Say I'm In Love

Baekhyun likes to do deny in a sense to every single thing he says and do. The only person who can tolerate him is his childhood best friend, Park Chanyeol. They were inseparable together always together. People always assume they have some feelings towards each other but Baekhyun would deny is as usual.
"Ani,we are just best friends."
Eventhough it's the lie but deep inside he was aware he has fallen in love with his own best friend. Only denying is the only escape because he's afraid he might get rejected. Who knew it will all change very soon.
It all started when Chanyeol came to Baekhyun with a tall foreign man. Baekhyun was taken aback.
"Who is this Chanyeol-ah?"
Chanyeol just smiled and answered happily
"He's my new boyfriend Kris."
Baekhyun faked a smile and shook hands with Kris.
"It's nice to meet you"
"Nice to meet you too Baekhyun. Chanyeol has been telling a lot about you to me. I can see why you're so special"
Baekhyun just gave a hearty laugh and answered
"Well am sure they weren't bad ones. How long have you known Chanyeol, Kris?"
"Kris smiled and answered
"Two months now. We work together at his company"
"I see...well I wish you both great happiness"
"Thanks Baekkie"
"Thank you Baekhyun-sshi"
For the next few months Baekhyun felt his heart breaking whenever he get a glimpse of the happy couple sweet moments together. He felt like his heart was ripping him apart. His friends could see him slowly getting sad.
They could see behind the fake smile whenever the mention of the happy couple. He doesn't understand why until one day he snapped running out of his apartment
He was at the park walking slowly at his own pace, the surroundings around him seem like frozen in time as he watch the sun going down. He felt his heart beating when he suddenly thought of his best friend and thought of his friends words in the previous months.
"You are in love Byun Baekhyun!"
"You need to tell Chanyeol how you feel before someone else catches his heart"
"Stop being indenial and go straight on and tell Chanyeol"
"Do it quick hyung...hwaiting"
"Hyung go tell Chanyeol hyung before it's too late"
Despite all the encouragement he doesn't have the guts to believe that he is in love with Chanyeol. The thoughts of them both being together were rather unfamiliar to him. He only thought of Chanyeol as his best friend, nothing more but now as he thought about their moments together all these years he finally realize it
"I am in love with him.....but I won't say I'm in love with him"
As he goes home, he received an unexpected text from Chanyeol who gave him an unexpected news
Baekhyun felt his heart broke into a million pieces. He knew it was too late. He was too late to realize it sooner, too late to tell his true feelings. He was depressed and never went out of his apartment for a week, too heartbroken to even see people.
As the news spread Baekhyun became weaker and weaker. He became thinner as one day he opened the door to see his eight friends looking worriedly at him. He greeted them
"Hi guys...what are you guys doing here?"
"We came to see how you were doing! You weren't answering your phone? Are you okay?"
"I'm alright. Don't worry about me"
Baekhyun's features weren't like him now as he has changed. He changed. There were eyebags under his eyes, He became thinner and the apartment smelt like leftover food and trash.
They look at each other and knew Baekhyun's condition was getting worsen and they knew they couldn't do anything. Baekhyun's heartbroken and they knew it's because it's too late. He was too late.
The phone rang and he ignored it. His friends knew who was calling him. Chanyeol.They knew Baekhyun's avoiding his own best friend due to his own depression and knew the latter must move on. Whatever it takes
At the other end of the line, Chanyeol waited desperately Baekhyun to pick up the phone. He look at Kris worriedly and told him
"I think I'll go check up on him"
"Go. He needs you"
Kris, who was worried as well just nodded letting his fiancee go to meet his best friend. After the door closes, he picked up his phone and made a call to his own best friend; Zhang Yixing.
"Lay.....can you come over"
"Sure! I'll be waiting at the usual place Kris"
He hung up the phone and soon got his keys and wallet soon left the apartment. He went to Yixing's studio where currently the younger male were writing and recording a new song for a new idol group. He stayed there for hours spending time with his best friend.
Meanwhile Chanyeol went to Baekhyun's apartrment and saw the mess in his best friend's home.
"Baekkie....what happen to you?"
"Nothing.....why are you here Chanyeol-ah. Don't you have a fiancee?"
"Yes I do but he told me you need me more. What's going on?"
Baekhyun look at Chanyeol, hurt could be seen in his eyes. Chanyeol became impatient and grab hold of Baekhyun's arms
"Tell me why are you doing this to yourself?"
Then he heard a whisper that made his heart swell
"Because I'm in love with you Chanyeol-ah"
Baekhyun pushed Chanyeol and kept a far distance
"You heard me. I realized it that day when you told me about the proposal. I am broken Chanyeol-ah. Just go...go to Kris...be happy. I know he will be a great spouse to you."
"GO!! Are you deaf! Go and never come back! I don't need you in my life! Go Park Chanyeol! Please!"
He was on his knees and cried in his hands. He was tired. After avoiding Chanyeol and facing Chanyeol exhausted him so much. Chanyeol could see his best friend crumpled down like a piece of paper.
He never realized his own best friend would love him. He, with a sigh left Baekhyun's apartment never to come back ever again.He knew everything that happened was his own fault.
Many months later, he and Kris was now married happily celebrating with their close family and friends. Chanyeol expected Baekhyun to be at the wedding but alas until the finally vow he never see his best friend. He knew he has hurt the one he cared about all those years ago.
One day two weeks after the wedding he decided to pay a visit to Baekhyun's apartment but he didn't expect a shocking news as he knocked on the door to find someone else and not his best friend.
"Who are you?"
"I am the new tenant"
"Do you know what happened to the previous tenant?"
"You didn't know? The previous tenant commited suicide like a week ago."
Chanyeol rush out of the building calling Baekhyun's friends, Joonmyeon
Ring RIng
"Ah Chanyeol-ah....what happen?"
"What happened to Baekhyun?"
There was silence
"Hello hyung...."
"He....died Chanyeol-ah.....last week..."
"H-how did it happen?"
"He was too depressed Chanyeol...once he saw the invition to your wedding he snapped and started hurting himself. We all tried to stop but it's all too late"
There was a brief silence before he spoke
"Where is Baekhyun's grave?"
The next day Chanyeol and Kris went to visit Baekhyun's grave. No tears were shed as Chanyeol silently mourn for the loss of his own best friend. Because being too late Chanyeol never had the chance to say goodbye.
As they turn to leave the grave, Chanyeol placed the flowers on the ground and whispered
"Goodbye my best friend. Till we meet again"
The couple left the grave as the rain started to pour on the ground. In the car Chanyeol silently cried as Kris drove the car away as they know everything was done. As life goes on for them as forever will be
The End




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