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Inconvenient Fate


Oh Sehun had his whole life planned out. After highshool, hed go to a respected college, and after, take over the familys company. Coming from a prestigious family, he was blessed with a promising future. It was his job to not mess it up. He always did his homework, obeyed his parents, and played it safe. He never crossed the roads without looking both ways, or forgot his manners, but most imporantly, he never took risks. If the calculations said it was wrong, it was wrong. The only time he was running around and laughing was when he was with his friends. He never did anything iin which the end was uncertain and never believed in putting his future or heart on the line. Then he met Jihyun. And though he was never one to allow his heart to lead, he didnt see the harm in it just this once. Little did he know what a big risk he was taking.

Park Jihyun was all about being care free. She enjoyed staying up late, procrastinating, and doing whatever seemed fun. Of course, coming from a family where, for a living, they had to be sharp and careful, she knew she wanted out. Now, on her own, she was in search for a new life. Startiing anew. She was prepared to leave it all behind and make a life for herself. Though, she was not going to be on the run for too long.

Meeting eachother seemed to be fate. A fate for the better and for the worst. These star crossed lovers, only freshmans in highschool(sophomores by US terms), the bumpy road ahead of them was more of a challenge than they had planned. Together, they face the difficulties of growing up and come to realize just how hard some decisions are to make. Will they walk this road hand in hand or choose different paths?

A/N: this fanfic's plot and some characters is based off of Ally Carter's heist society. The plot is really similar though, but i really liked it and wanted to put a twist on it. I dont mean to plagarize.



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