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Happy Anniversary.


The apartment was quiet, nothing but the sound of the rain outside. Usually the house would be filled with laughter and some music often playing in the background. But tonight the house was dull. Melissa lay in her bed, the right side empty and neatly made. She let out a sigh of disappointment. Where on earth was he?

Melissa was left alone in the house again. Chanyeol had been acting strange lately and whenever plans were made to spend time together, Chanyeol would never show. Even though they lived together, Chanyeol would always find a way to leave the house un-noticed. And today was their one year anniversary of being together. Chanyeol was no where to be found. Of course she had called him and even sent him a text message, but unfortunately no answer. She felt her heart sink. He definitely knew what today was. Why wasn't he here? He promised. Melissa looked at the clock. It was almost twelve AM the next day.

Usually he'd would always be there for their anniversary's. Even for their week anniversary he bought her flowers and a teddy that Melissa still kept. Well, the teddy bear of course. It laid on her side of the room to exact. On top of her dresser sitting proudly as it's black emotionless eyes stared into nothing. And she even remembered the romantic night he had proposed to her three months back.

Melissa let out a sigh and stared at her engagement ring, extremely disappointed and quite hurt. She just wanted everything to be perfect for their one year anniversary. Yes he was often busy and didn't have much time, but of course he always found time for Melissa. But this was no excuse, he had been on vacation for a month now and tomorrow his plane left at eight AM sharp.

Yet he was no where to be found. Melissa felt the tears escape her eyes and fall down her cheek that no longer had makeup on them like an hour before. He didn't come.

Suddenly the door knob rattled from outside the apartment. And his voice pierced the silence, cursing at the door because it wouldn't open and voice in her head.

"Is she here?" A voice asked.

Silence followed for a bit after.

"Melissa?" He asked.

Melissa wanted to run out and ask where he had been but she stayed quiet. Who was he here with?

"No, she must have went out to find me. We don't have very long." He spoke.

A feminine giggle and squeal followed as foot steps approached the bedroom. Melissa's eyes widened as she panicked and ran for the closet. Once inside she peeked out the door.

Her heart broke and her emotions ran wild.

Chanyeol was now shirtless, the girl he was with already in her panties and bra. Their lips locked. Melissa's lips trembled, is this real?

Chanyeol let out a frustrated moan as the girl started to kiss his neck, sounds of sloppy kissing present. The girls hands started to roam down Chanyeol's belt buckle and she successfully got it off as quick as possible. Chanyeol shimmied out of his pants, helping the girl and was now only shirtless and obviously turned on.

Melissa didn't want to see anymore, she quietly closed the door of the closet and sobbed quietly. So much for the relationship. Melissa laid her head down in the pile of Chanyeol's clean clothes. His scent filling her nostrils only making her cry more. He was cheating. The son of a bitch was cheating this whole time.

Soon moans filled the room outside and Melissa was devastated. She cried so hard and worn herself out that she had fallen asleep.


When Melissa awoke, her head pounded and her eyes felt dry. She sniffed and sat up, the clothes she used as a pillow were damp from tears. She felt for the phone in her pocket and took it out. It was five AM, she had only slept five hours. There was the number one on her phone, indicating she had a text. She opened it up.

Chanyeol<3: Babe, I have practice today. I'm sorry. Be home later.

Melissa frowned, it had been sent yesterday.

Was she that deep in thought last night to not notice it? She shook her head and became furious.

Practice my ass.

Melissa stood up and quietly opened the door, two heads of hair appeared out of their bed.

It wasn't hers any longer. That's for sure.

And by the look of it, they were still naked. Melissa didn't even care, too mad to even think as she walked into the kitchen, going to grab a bite to eat. She decided to make eggs and bacon. Why?

Cause why the hell not.

Furiously she cooked. She didn't care how loud she was, it was here apartment anyway.

"Melissa...?" A voice whispered.

Chanyeol stood there, his eyes wide and in shock. He looked at her puffy eyes and messed up hair.

Melissa didn't even want to meet his eyes. She hated him, no.

She despised him.

"Babe what are you ma-" The girl came out in her bra and panties, her eyes wide as saucers as she looked back and forth between the other two.

Melissa was so angry she didn't care about the food anymore, she put the food on the plate and and shoved it at Chanyeol. "Have a nice day at practice babe?" Melissa spit and grabbed her things off the kitchen chair.

Chanyeol grabbed her arm before she could even leave the house. "Melissa I-"

"Don't you Melissa me asshole! You cheated on me!" She yelled suddenly.

Chanyeol frowned, "I'm sorry I just...I was in the moment."

"In the moment?" Melissa laughed a fake laugh. "Fuck you Chanyeol, happy anniversary you cheating...you cheating..." Melissa started to cry, she couldn't finish her sentence, her whole body shaking.

"I should go...call me." The girl said suddenly and the front door closed.

"Babe..." Chanyeol reached out to Melissa but she jerked away.

"Don't touch me." She said angrily.

"Please, I went out for a drink with Chen and I-"

"Came back home and fucked some girl you met at the club? Or did you meet her a month ago!" Melissa glared.

Chanyeol looked down guilty. "I-"

"No, save it Chanyeol." Melissa's hand found her engagement ring and she ripped it off her finger, dropping it to the floor. Chanyeol's eyes went wide.

"We are over, I can't marry a cheating liar. You make me sick. Enjoy your flight back to Korea. If you ever THINK about coming back to my apartment, I'll move. So don't even try." Melissa said coldly.

Chanyeol looked at Melissa, "Please...don't do this...you know I love you.."

Melissa rolled her eyes, "Oh? Then why did you do it?" She asked arms crossed.

Chanyeol just looked down, his eyebrows furrowed. He looked like he was about to cry, but held it in.

"I'm leaving, you better be gone by the time I get back." Melissa spoke in a monotone voice. Melissa grabbed a jacket and some uggs and began to walk out the door.

An arm grabbed Melissa's arm before she even reach the door handle, "wait-"

Melissa turned around and slapped Chanyeol hard on the cheek. Chanyeol held his cheek.

"Don't touch me with those filthy hands." She glared and turned out the door, not looking back no matter how bad she wanted to.



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