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We Are 4-D!

We're Ready

They were so ready for tonight that they couldn't sit still. Kabu was playing on his phone, Hiroshi was acting like a little kid, and Yong Min and Hong Dae were dancing to I Don't Care by 2ne1. An hour before the show their manager Kim Yong In went to talk to the boys. "Okay boys I know this is your very first concert outside of Korea, except for Kabu and Hiroshi, but you'll do fine I promise. Don't worry about the thousands of fans in the audience you'll do great. Fighting!" he said. "Thousands of fans huh? I can't wait to get on stage now!" Hong Dae smiled. Kabu smiled as well. Yong Min and Hiroshi high-fived each other and got into their uniforms. They were ready. They lined up to go on stage. They were performing Nonstop, Wattson and Romeo.

They got on stage let loose. They were sweet with Nonstop, hyper with Wattson and steeling fans hearts with Romeo. They finished up on staged and bowed. They waved and got off stage. "Whoooooo! We did it! We really did it!" Hong Dae smiled. Hiroshi’s phone rang. It was Yami. "Yami! Konnichiwa. You saw me...You like it...She did too...hahaha...oh Big Bang hyung is going on now...Yeah their so cool...I'll talk to you later their going on stage now...Yep, later." Hiroshi smiled and hung up. The others were looking at him smiling. "What? She's just a friend! I've hadn't talk to her in like two years now. I'm allowed to talk to girls you know." Hiroshi defended himself. "It's okay Hiro. We all have special people in our lives." Kabu said. "Who's your special person hyung?" Yong Min asked. "My younger sisters Yuki and Yuri. They mean a lot to me." Kabu said. "What about your parents?" Hong Dae asked. "I don't talk to my dad and my mom died in a car accident four years ago." Kabu said. Big Bang was performing Fantastic Baby and they were singing along happily.


I know the that the stories are coming later than usual but I'm trying my hardest.


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