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We Are 4-D!

Gotta Go

After a long eventful night the boys head off to school finally. It has been a long 2 years but they did it, they're idols.

"Come on already we're late!" Hiroshi growled. "You know it's mainly cause of you we're in this situation right Hiroshi? Yong Min asked "It's all my fault! I had to eat! You could of woke me up earlier you know." Hiroshi stated "We tried. 5 times. But you went right back to sleep shortly afterwards. So it's totally all your fault." Kabu teased. Hiroshi sighed slowly and then looked outside.

Everyone was quite. The only sounds that was playing was the cars from outside and the radio which was playing Fantastic Baby by Big Bang. They were big fans of Big Bang as well as 2ne1, PSY & WINNER.
5 minutes had past until they reached the school and as soon as the car pulled up dozens of girls were at the school gate holding signs showing love and support to 4-D. They were screaming saying that they loved them and want to hang out with the boys. They had to get used to it. And fast.
"Dumb fans. There getting in the way. It's not like Teen Top is here or anything I mean seriously this is annoying." Kabu whined. "You gotta get used to it hyung. They will treat us like one of them in no time. I hope." Hong Dae said cheerfully. "Now lets go off to class or we'll be really late."
Everthing y


This is the third instalment in the short story so I hope you enjoy it.
P.S. I don't know how long it's going to be.


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