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We Are 4-D!


"Hyung. Tell us the truth. How many sisters do you have?" Hiroshi asked. "Three. Yuri and Yuki are my older two sisters. And Kira, who is currently in the hospital." Kabu sighed. "Why is Kira in the hospital hyung?" Yong Min asked. "She is temporarily blind at the moment. She had Leukemia and lost her eyesight temporarily." Kabu. Kabu went to the window and looked out of it. "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about Yuri and Yuki." Kabu started to play with his necklace. "I had the Bumblebee necklace with me since I was a kid. My mom told me when I saw Yuri I had to give it to her. It was her wish." Kabu started to cry. "Don't cry hyung. We need some sleep. It's already midnight. Hiro let's go. Night!" Yong Min said. He dragged Hiroshi by the arm and quickly went to their hotel room. "Hyung! Stop pulling my arm. Hyung! Why are you doing this?" Hiroshi asked. "I want to do something nice for Kabu but I don't know what yet. He is cold most of the time so I had a hard time getting close to him. I still do. Hong Dae is the only person that is close to him at this point. I know you mean well but Hong Dae and Kabu are a like. Their pasts are similar to each others." Yong Min tried to explain. "I understand hyung. I want to help you. He does seem a little stiff nowadays. I'm in." Hiroshi smiled.

---six hours later

"Kabu! Kabu!" Yuri yelled behind the closed door. "Go away Yuri! I'm tired!" Kabu said. He picked up his phone and looked at the time. 6:05 am. "Kabu! Please wake up!" Yuki called. "Fine! Just give me 10 minutes!" Kabu called back. He got out of the bed and noticed that Hong Dae wasn't in his bed. He looked around the room for him. He shrugged and looked for one of his long sleeved shirts and a pair of black shorts. "Hey. Are you okay hyung?" Hong Dae asked. "I'm fine. Just worried about Kira." Kabu said. They went to meet up with Big Bang and Kabu's older sisters for an early morning breakfast. Soon after they finished eating, they headed outside. Kabu's phone started to ring. "Hello...yes this is Kabu...she's in surgery right now...okay...I won't be there right now...I'll ask my sisters...I understand...Good bye." He hung up and turned to his sisters. "What?" Yuki asked. "Both of need to go to the hospital right now. Kira is going into surgery." Kabu said. The twins looked at each other and ran outside the doors and hailed a taxi. "I hope she's okay. Be strong Kira." Kabu said under his breath.



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