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We Are 4-D!

Hard Times

They were got at the hotel room late that night. Hong Dae and Kabu went to one room. Yong Min and Hiroshi went to another one. "Who was the old guy?" Hong Dae asked. "That was...my dad. I haven't talked to him in years though." Kabu said. "How come hyung?" Hong Dae asked. "He only cared about his job. After my mom died, he turned to alcohol. My sister and I left him to live with my aunt. We then moved to Seoul without telling him." Kabu said. He was sitting on one of the beds. Hong Dae looked at him. "I know how you feel. My dad was also an alcoholic and my mom was barely home so I never really saw her. I was pulled out when I was five. In and out of foster care was tough until I was adopted when I was ten. I hated my parents so much. I still hate them." Hong Dae said. He was laying down on his bed. They both sighed.

"Hyung. Do you miss your parents?" Hiroshi asked. He was sitting on the floor using his laptop to watch videos. "Of course I do. My moms’ a florists and my dad is a banker. They are very supportive with my choice of job." Yong Min smiled. "My parents were okay with it. Not happy but okay. They wanted me to be a doctor not a singer." Hiroshi sighed. He looked at Yong Min and smiled. Yong Min smiled back. After a while they left the hotel to get some food. They went to a local Japanese restaurant and ate there. Big Bang arrived two minutes later. "Hyung! Over here!" Hiroshi called out. Shortly after Big Bang sat down an older man walked up to them. "Kabu? Is that really you my son?" he asked. "What do you want? You reek of alcohol. Say what you want then leave." Kabu said coldly. "I'm so sorry my son. I wasn't a good father to you. I only cared about myself. I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me." he begged. "No. How can ever forgive someone like you? You failed to take care of Kira and I. You lost my trust and love." Kabu glared at him. His looked at him. He was shocked. He lowered his head and left. The guys looked at him.

"Thank you for the food." they bowed. Kabu was really quiet. "Kabu, are you all right??" TaeYang asked. "Yeah. I'll be fine." Kabu sighed. "Why were you so mean to your dad for?" G-Dragon asked. "He did a horrible job taking care of my sister Kira and me. So we went to live with our aunt Kumamoto. After three years of living here in Japan, we moved to Seoul. Close to YG. So I have no business with him anymore." Kabu said. Everyone but Hong Dae looked sad. Hong Dae and Kabu continued eating. They both got up and left. "We're going shopping. Don't worry ’bout us." Hong Dae waved.

They were at a local CD shop called ARTZ. "Cool shop. Hey Kabu look! It one of our CDs." Hong Dae laughed. Kabu smiled. "Hey look a hat shop. Let's go check it out. Gaja." Kabu smiled. Hong Dae nodded. They went to the hat shop and spent half an hour there before buying at least five hats each. They talked and laughed together.

Ever since they were trainees they got along really well. They were like brothers. No one knew their backgrounds. They proved people wrong. Saying they were too young and inexperienced. Kabu and Hiroshi were background dancers for Big Bang. And Hong Dae and Yong Min were extras in several dramas and music videos. "Thank you Hong Dae for being such a good friend to me. I don't know how I can repay you." Kabu said. They were walking towards the hotel. "You already did. Because of you, I was able to debut." Hong Dae smiled. They laughed.



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