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We Are 4-D!

Goodbye Hiroshima

The concert didn't finish until it was around 11:30 and they were tired. They went back to the hotel to get some rest. It was a rough night for them but they did great. "And we're back at the hotel. We're so tired it's unbelievable. I just love to make people happy and to see everyone singing along and smiling made me feel happy." Kabu said into a camera. 4-D started to film a documentary about their experience as an idol called 'We Are 4-D'. "Hyung! I'm so tired." Yong Min complained. "Hang on dongsan, we're almost at our rooms." Kabu smiled. Hong Dae pressed the elevator button and they waited for a minute for it. They had gone up to the eighth flour and headed to their rooms. Hong Dae and Hiroshi was sharing one room. And Kabu and Yong Min shared another.

"Hyung. Do you ever miss your mom and friends back in Tokyo?" Yong Min asked. "My mom died five years because of a robbery gone wrong. And I don't have much friends in Tokyo. I didn't really need a lot. We were outcast." Kabu sighed. "Hyung-" "Don't feel sorry for me. I'm over it." Kabu smiled. He took of his glasses and had lay down on the bed. Yong Min did the same. Hiroshi on the other hand just couldn't sit still. "Sit down Hiroshi!" Hong Dae yelled. "But I can't hyung. I'm not tired." Hiroshi smiled. "But I am. Now sit your butt down or I'll hurt you." Hong Dae growled. Hiroshi sat down. "You're so mean to me hyung. I like Yong Min a lot more than you." Hiroshi said. "Try living in foster care you little runt. You'll see why I'm like this." Hong Dae said. "Foster care? It can't be that bad now, can it?" Hiroshi asked. "It can be. I know. I've ben thru it since I was six. My dad was a alcoholic and my mom was barely home. I hate them so much. Now leave me alone I'm tired from talking to you." Hong Dae said as he went to sleep. "Hyung..." Hiroshi started. "I'm sorry."



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