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My Dream Come True

Ah Ri & Hyo Sun Conversation

Ring Ding Dong *My phone ringing*
Min Hyo Sun: Yaah! Pabo.. why didn't you call me hah -_-
Me: Ah T.T i forgot.. U know i'm busy,
Min Hyo Sun: Hahah ah, with your bias;.
Me: Haha yeah, with my husband Sehunnie ♥ ^.*
Min Hyo Sun: Aish.. you should stop this girl, you're going to be crazy..
Me: it's not your business -__-
Min Hyo Sun: Just Forget Him!! u're pretty and everyone wants to date you..just live your life like any girl -_*
Me: No, Thanks!! v_V
Min Hyo Sun: Aiigoo.. Arraso arraso
Me: hehehe so how r u ?
Min Hyo Sun: fine fine ..
Me: Good ;)!
Min Hyo Sun: Ahh I remember..Song yi say that he know ajusshi can make our dreams come true; i was afraid to go alone..so would you like to go with me; maybe he can make your dream come true, and see ur oppa..( ^▽^)
Me: Omo.. Jinjja !!! oO Sure sure sure i Will Go !! (ノ◕o◕)ノ
Min Hyo Sun: Okey :D, Then see you tomorrow!
Me: ye! See u :DD!


Hi again :) 2nd chapter yaay ツ
What do you Think will happen ;DD?
Hope You Like It!

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got7jbforever22 I hope you'll like it :)

Hmm interesting.... '