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My Dream Come True

First Day Of Summer

Fianlly Summer Comes. No more school, No more exams, No more boring classes, No more homework and projects ;
And like every summer; Thinking Of my Bias every single second and always say that me and my bias will see each other someday but when,, where ..? I dnk T.T
Always Watch On Youtube His Cute Moment.. i felt like i started 5 minutes ago but it's actually 3-4 Hours T.T Stay Up All Night Reading Fanfics and imagine that my bias loves me.. TvT Always got that summertime sadness.. Then i remember that me and my bias live in the same Country, Seoul ;D Ah I wish i can see him, i wish i can touch him, and Hug Him..
I wish a Miracle Happen and see him..


Hey! Guys This Is the first Chapter! Do You Think Sehun Will know about his Crazy Fangirl
Sorry if the Chapter Too Short.
Hope You Like It..


got7jbforever22 I hope you'll like it :)

Hmm interesting.... '