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Frozen Heart


Xiu Min tried to move on. But he failed miserably. His heart is still chasing after her. That person has left him alone on the road with nothing, but painful scars. His heart always collapsed like an avalanche; he has got used to it. Because of the past mistakes that keep haunting him every night, he refuses to fall in love for the second time. Xiu Min doesn't wants to be a murderer again.


Baek Se Kyung (OC)

Baek Se Kyung (OC)

A girl who believes in happily ever after

Xiu Min/ Min Seok

Xiu Min/ Min Seok

Labels himself as a murderer because of his girlfriend's death


  1. Different World

    "Our world would always be different. We shouldn't mix it."

  2. Dwelt

    “That girl is dangerous. She refused to get away from me when I can freeze her anytime”

  3. Heal

    "His girl will never heal"

  4. Sanity

    In which they realised that there was a beast, hidden inside of their soul.

  5. Suffocated

    "It was the similar incident which happened to his girlfriend"

  6. Similarity

    Her scent, and the anxiety which wrote on all over her face when she gazed at him, strongly reminded him to his late-girlfriend.

  7. The Crack of Dawn

  8. EXO M + SHINee

    In which they found themselves to be the dorkiest combination ever

  9. Alone

    In which Se Kyung felt the loneliness knocking in.

  10. Be There

    It melts.

  11. Imperfect Confession

    The Last Chapter


Unnie.. jebal upd-date..

Sehun_wife Sehun_wife

I loved it!! Please update soon! ^^

LuluH LuluH

cant wait for the upcoming chapter...update soon...please3..in luv with your story

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR UPDATING!!!!!! You have no idea how much I've been waiting!!!!