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I Really Didn't Know



What if the unconditional love from the past will be forgotten in the present? Can the rain still connect the heaven and earth? Can the moon still live with its star even if the night is invisible anymore?

SHE forgot and HE can’t forget.

Two years later, she now lives in her life which is seemed to be perfect. She had erased all the memories, those bitter and sweet, but how? Did she find it so easy? Or is she just pretending?
Two years later, he is still living in the past. He still doesn’t move on and still didn’t want to. It’s him who’s still hoping for a hopeless hope. Can he still go back and find his Wendy? Or is it too late?

Now, what do you think the ending looks like? Is it a happily ever after, or a tragic one? Who is going to win, the man from the present, or the man from the past? And

What does it take to remember a forgotten love?




The 12 boys who will turn the story upside down!

Son Yu Mae

Son Yu Mae

The girl who fetches her dreams that will result to something that's not in her plan and it's to fall in love.


  1. Chapter 1: The Perfect Life

    Introducing the main frame of the story in which the whole story will revolve. Find out her background before moving on to the heart of her lovestory.

  2. Chapter 2: Reality Strikes

    After she moved in to her dream, would she find it so easy to fit in? When reality finally strikes her?

  3. Chapter 3: Painting

    Art is one of the instruments to express feelings. Paintings are the outcome of what the artists feels. Let's know what are they thinking in this chapter.

  4. Chapter 4: The Photographer

    Unexpected moments happened in just a day. Will she finally meet him this time?

  5. Chapter 5: The Man Beneath My Image

    Now that she'll uncover the man behind her images. What would be her reaction? Or should I say, THEIR reactions?

  6. Chapter 6: It's The Moment

    As the bidding becomes hotter, she'll find herself stuck in these guys...

  7. Chapter 7: The Weekend

    What would happen if she'll spend her weekend with a guy she never thought would be there? Well, let's find out!

  8. Chapter 8: Just You and Me

    Here comes the unofficial date? Of Chanyeol and Yumae in Hong Kong in addition, a moment of Kai.

  9. Chapter 9: Greasy Luck

    How about some moment with Kai? And another prank for unknown prankster? This must be thrilling.

  10. Chapter 10: The Expose

    Uncovering Yumae's past, and another issue that you shouldn't miss!

  11. Chapter 11: Meet The Gangster

    And another hero-like-gangster in the story? WAIT. What about the others?

  12. Chapter 12: Her Name

    What will happen to their date? Will it be successful or a failure? She'll find the first clue on how to uncover herself right at this moment.

  13. Chapter 13: Stars and Wishes

    As she finds out about a certain word, she'll be trapped with two beast who's both hungry for her love... and it's her choice of who's she'll going to choose. Who do you think it would be?

  14. Chapter 14: Butterflies

    The two beast are now growling for his love. In this heart thumping situation, who is she going to choose? Can she answer her own question at this time?

  15. Chapter 15: The Love Song

    People likes the song because sometimes they can relate to it, or sometimes it is their own story being sung in a song. Did you already find your love song?

  16. Chapter 16: Stayed Out All Night

    Who would be the one to stay with her in her unconscious state? Would they found out the person who's making all these things to hurt her? When she woke up, another nightmare is approaching to haunt her. Who would be her savior to all of this struggles?

  17. Chapter 17: She's Missing

    Sometimes, running away for a while can ease the pain and confusion. As she run away from her nightmare, she'll meet someone, new people that will play a role in her life. Was it for the good or not?

  18. Chapter 18: Love Changes People

    His story has been revealed to her. This time as their moment repeated for the second time, could she answer him the same way? How does love changes people?



@Demilune 87

omg FINALLY! I have this on bookmarks and checked it the other day and almost died with your comment! I'm anticipation so much

@Demilune 87

catytio3 catytio3

Sorry I've been gone for like... 7 months?
hmmm . I'm back now and gonna update this SOON.

I Love You Guys.
Thank you for keeping me going! Haha^^

Omg i'm so happy that you updated! I've been waiting forever for this

catytio catytio

@Demilune 87
your welcome :)

WOW! Thank you :) I hope you'll LOVE it someday haha :) Take care ^~^