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The first time I saw him was when he was the new guy at school. He was in the same class. And he was extremely handsome. My heart beated faster from the moment I laid my eyes on him the first time. I was biting my lip something I usually did. I wanted him but why would he ever like me? The nerd of the class. When he looked at me I felt his cold eyes on me. I got scared of him when I looked back. He looked at me if he could kill me any second. Like he hated me so much. Like I had just insulted him. I had looked away fast and didn't dare to look back at him or even come closr to him. I walked far away from him as I walked into him on the hallway. But at some point it always felt like he wad everywhere where I was. And even through he was alwayd on my mind. I only knew his name because he needed to introduce himself to the whole class and we never even talked to each other. I didn't even dare to. I was scared at him.

"Let's make pairs for our upcoming project" the teacher smiled enthousiastic. I bit my lip. Yeah that would be fun /not/
I sighed and looked down. I never had someone to work with or I needed to do the work alone because other person didn't wanted to help. Friends looked at each other with the you-work-with-me face. Until "I choose the pairs" everyone got less excited when the teacher said that and wrote everyones name on a paper to make it fair. I bit my lip some more and looked around. Would I be stuck with some populair girl or guy that madr me do all the work on my own again? " Cho hee and........" I looked up scared when I heard my name. She took another name card. "And jongin" she smiled. I looked suprised jongin? Out of everyone she took jongins name? I bit my lip. I didn't want this. I was so scared of him. He hated me. I looked at him fast. His face was hard again. "Now I'll explain the project" she said. "We will all make a presentation about the music genre you like the most, be creative, now pair up" I looked at jongin. He got up and came to me. I bit my lip and looked at him moving. Was he even human?



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