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Love Letter

f i n

Kneeling down on the hard floor, with both of his hands over his lover’s grave, Baekhyun tears wouldn’t stop from falling. The only question he could ask now, why did his lover lied to him, how could he even think about leaving him? Why didn’t he keep fighting his illness?

Baekhyun lifted his small fists in the air and started to punch his lover grave, thinking about their beautiful memories, thinking about their promises and thinking how empty his heart was now, that Chanyeol, is lover, was gone. Somewhere far away from this world.

“ Baekhyung…” Kris whispered at the crying mess boy and held his fists together “ Let’s go home.”

“ No… I still want to do s-something…”

The crying mess boy got up from the floor, his knees hurting him for being in the same position for so long. With his white slender fingers, Baekhyun took off a small paper from his pocket and with a soft voice, he read his letter to his lover.

My love,

i know that you’re gone, that you left me without wanting it yet i can’t stop from hating you a little bit, you always knew how bitchy i can get don’t you my handsome chanyeol?

Before you died i didn’t have the chance to say that i love you more than anything because i was mad at you, i was mad because i thought you were cheating on me yet i was wrong, i was fully wrong. While you were trying to survive to your illness i was being a completely jerk. I am so sorry for that, i should have been next to you, like every single does when their lover’s are sick but i didn’t know. Why in this hell didn’t you tell me about your illness? Why Chanyeol?

I’m here in front of your grave, crying all my heart out because of you. You left me in this world full of darkness chanyeol, i wanted to give you a last kiss, i wanted to tell you i love you yet you left without even warning me about it.

I’ll burn this letter so you can hear everything that i am thinking about your left.

I love you Chanyeol, you’ll be forever the only one in my heart.


Baekhyun lifted his trembling hands in the hair, grabbing the small paper between his fingers and a lighter as well. Once one of his tears ran down his cheeks, he burnt the paper and let out a painful scream before falling down on his knees and watch the paper burning while flying high and higher towards the gray sky.

“ Baekhyun….”

“ Wake up Baekhyun…”

A soft hand caressed Baekhyun’s cheek, his eyes slowly open to see the only one he loved lying beside him with his derp smile plastered on his face.

“ C-chanyeol…???”

“ Yes, my love it’s me….”

“ W-why? “ Baekhyun whispered and buried his face against his chest, and suddenly his tears slowly started to fall again.

“ Baekhyun…”

He felt Chanyeol’s move and slowly lifted his eyes up to see his lover grabbing a book and take out a paper inside.

“ Read this…”

Baekhyun woke up from his slumber trembling like crazy, he noticed that he had been crying all along, his cheeks redder than before.

“ Only a dream…”

But then his eyes looked at the bookshelf, to see if the book that chanyeol grabbed in his dream was there. With his bare feet, he started walking towards the shelf of books and with his shaking hand, Baekhyun grabbed the book. A sigh escaped from his lips when he noticed that nothing was there, not the paper that chanyeol hold in his hands yet when he was about to place the book back on his spot, something fell down, the paper fell.

Hello my beautiful bacon <3

How are you? You must feel horrible right? I’m sorry about hiding my illness from you, i didn’t want to make you worried so i let you believe that i was cheating. You may be asking why i wrote this letter and placed it here inside of this book right? Well i know that this book is one of your favorites and somehow you’ll open it one of these days and if you are reading this letter, it means that my thought was right.
Baekhyun, i tried to fight against my illness, i tried to live for you but every day i was getting weaker, i was getting paler. Slowly i was dying. I told my mother to not tell you anything, i told my mother to stay by my side and give me strenght yet my mind was with you. I only thought about you, my heart was crying for you.

I love you baby and you know it yet i left you without telling you and im terrible sorry for that. I just want a last wish. Even if i am not longer here, keep showing your beautiful smile to the others, not your bitchy side, get married, fall in love again and live your life for me.

Promise me that you’ll do it.

I’ll watch you from heaven.

I love you my beautiful bacon,

Don’t ever forget about me because i won’t either.

Your lover,
Park Chanyeol.

A loud scream finally got out from Baekhyun’s throat, his tears now falling harder and his body started to shake in every single way. He was depressed, he was sad yet even if he was crying and hurt, Baekhyun lifted his gaze up from the floor and looked at his picture kissing Chanyeol fully on the lips and smiled.

“ I promise you Chanyeol that i’ll keep smiling for you because while you were next to me, you were the one who would always smile for me. From my heart Channie, i love you so much. Please i’ll meet you soon once god decides my turn to go. “



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