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EXO-Planet ~

First Meeting

Seoul, Korea 2014
My name is Angel and I'm seventeen years old.
I don't remember my parents, but I remember that they gave me the name 'Angel', because they always said that I've been send by heaven in order to protect the world.
But well... I never believed this story anyway. I mean, I was sure that somewhere in the galaxy, on another planet there are creatures, but I didn't believe in things like supernatural power and such.
So yeah, my life was quiet boring. I lived alone in Seoul in an big apartment that was made out of glass and I went to High School there.
There wasn't anything special in my life, at least nothing that I remembered.
For now I can tell that school was starting again after the summer holidays and I didn't want to stand up at all. However, I needed to go to school, so I got the monthly rent paid by my aunt who lived in London.

'Damn...I don't want to stand up...', I mumbled, and prevented the alarm clock from ringing again.
I stayed in bed for another ten minutes and suddenly realised that it's almost ten minutes to seven and I had to be in school at half past seven.
'Oh God!', I yelled and jumped out of my bed.
'This can't be... No... Not on the first day in high school.'
I was running into the bathroom, showered quickly and brushed my teeth. After I finished I just grabbed some clothes that fit together and drank a glass of milk.
Ten minutes past seven.
'Oh no... Where's my bag?', I asked myself while searching for my schoolbag under my bed. I sat on the floor and desperately looked into the mirror.
'Ahhhhh!!', I cried as I saw my hair that was in a total mess. Once again I ran into the bathroom, took a comb and brushed my hair.
As I ran back into my room for searching the schoolbag again, I saw that I almost prepared it the day before and left it in the living room. So I went there, grabbed my bag and my stuff, looked a last time into the mirror and left the house.

I was almost five minutes too late when I arrived at the front gate of our school.
'Aish... This can only happen to me, I guess.', were my words when I entered the school.
I searched for my new classroom as fast as I could and prepared myself for when I have to enter the classroom.
What should I say? Should I tell that I woke up to late in the morning? Or should I lie and say that there was a dragon in front of my house, so I couldn't leave the house? I asked myself the questions over and over again, but just didn't know what to do.
Suddenly someone grabbed my shoulder from behind and said: 'Hey. Don't you want to go in?'
I moved around and looked into the eyes of a guy I never saw before.
He must be new, I thought since I never saw him in school before. He was quiet tall, had brown eyes with a light golden gleam and had his hair dyed brown.
Since I didn't say anything and kept on looking at the guy, he continued talking: 'I'm new here, my name is Chanyeol. What about you?' He smiled at me. His smile was warm and he seemed very kind, so I replied quietly: 'I'm Angel. Nice to meet you...' He raised his hand, waved at me with a big smile on his face and said: 'I guess we're in the same class from now on.' I nodded slowly and was still gazing at him. I guess he must have been thinking that I'd be really weird, since I looked like I've seen a ghost. And if I ask myself why I was so startled I also can't tell the reason, why I was so shocked. Something was wrong, but I actually couldn't tell what it was.

He went to the door and slowly opened it. He gave me a sign to walk into the room right after him. Mr.Kim was standing at the front of the classroom, with a bunch of guys that I also have never seen before. 'Ah, you must be Park Chanyeol, aren't you?' 'Yes, sir. Please take care of me.'
'Alright, alright. Please come to the front. And Angel, I've seen you. We're going to talk after school.', Mr.Kim said. The class was giggling about that while I was looking for a comfortable seat.
While our teacher kept on introducing our eleven new classmates (what I found really weird. I mean why did we have to take eleven people? They could've been splitted up into the other classes as well.) I saw that one of them was looking at me. He didn't have that kind look that Chanyeol had and I thought that he would maybe have a problem with me, also I can't tell what the problem could've been.
'Good. I hope you get along well with the others. And now please take a seat. Just choose one of the empty ones.', said Mr.Kim.
I thought that Chanyeol might come to sit next to me, but the other guy who looked at me before was faster and took the seat next to mine.

He didn't say anything, he didn't even introduce himself or such. So I also didn't say anything and just kept on gaping out of the window, knowing that this new guy next to me was watching me all the time.


Thanks for reading ~ <3


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Please update!!!

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Can you please Update ? Please

EXOweareone EXOweareone

It's okay! ^-^ I understand! :)

Sorry I've been busy these days >_<<br> I'll try to upload the next chapter this weekend! :3
Sorry for the long wait TT_TT

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