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Teacher's Pet


“Wake up! Come on, will you wake up already!” Xiumin opened his eyes, confused. Suho was leaning over him, his eyes panicked. Xiumin resisted the urge to groan. It was still dark outside. What was he doing in his and Luhan’s room.

“What do you want?” Luhan groaned, sitting up in his bed. Xiumin did the same, waiting for their leader’s answer.

“There’s a strange girl in our kitchen,” Suho whispered.

“What?!” Luhan snapped to attention, but Xiumin just felt like he was forgetting something.

“I woke up to get some water and she was just there. It looks like she’s cooking something,” Suho said, still speaking in a whisper. Luhan groaned and flopped back on his bed. A fan must have snuck into their dorms again.

“So what are we supposed to do?” Xiumin asked. Suho blanked.

“I….I didn’t really think about it.” Luhan facepalmed on the other side of the room.

“Come on, let’s start by waking up the others, maybe if we all talk to her, we can get her to leave without calling anyone,” Xiumin said standing up. Suho and Luhan nodded and followed suit. They went to each members rooms and woke them up with varying degrees of difficulty.

Once all tweleve of them were awake they headed to the kitchen with Kris and Suho leading the charge. All the while Xiumin still felt as though he were forgetting something, but he couldn’t remember what. He racked his brain trying to think about everything that had happened the day before. He woke up, ate breakfast, went out to find them a teacher….wait.

“There she is!” Suho said, pointing at the girl in their kitchen. Her back was to them and she appeared to be stirring a pot of something on the stove. Xiumin recognized her instantly and breathed a sigh of relief. Without saying anything else to the members he approached her.

“Melanie, what are you doing here, you weren’t supposed to come until later,” he said. The girl turned around and sure enough it was the young teacher who had agreed to teach them.

“Oh, good morning, I thought I’d come and make you guys some breakfast first. It’s the most important meal of the day and you can’t learn on an empty stomach,” she said with a smile, then she looked behind him and noticed all of the confused faces and her smile faded into confusion.

“Um….is that the rest of your friends?” she asked. Xiumin nodded.

“I kind of forgot to tell them you were coming,” he admitted. Melanie just shrugged and went back to cooking.

“So that’s….?” Chanyeol started.

“You actually found…?” Chen.

“That’s our teacher?” Lay finally said, completing all of their thgouhts. Xiumin nodded.

“Yeah, her name is Melanie, she has no idea who we are and she agreed to teach us for free,” he told them.

“She seems….really young,” Suho pointed out. Xiumin nodded.

“From what I read from her profile online, she’s apparently a really good teacher,” he threw in. Luhan smiled.

“Good job baozi,” he said, patting his friend on the back. All of the rest of the member seemed to relax after that.

“I’m going back to bed, wake me up when the food is ready,” Tao said, leaving the room. Kai, Sehun, and Lay all followed him, leaving the rest of them still standing in their kitchen.
Chanyeol, Baekhyun, and D.O all went a head to sit down at the table, watching Melanie, while Chen, Suho, and Kris moved to start showering and getting dressed. Leaving Luhan and Xiumin just standing around.

“So how did you find her?” Luhan asked. Xiumin glanced over at Melanie, who was talking to herself as she cooked, not like he could understand her. She was muttering in English.

“I looked online for some teachers and she just kind of jumped out at me. When I went to ask her, she didn’t even know who I was and when she said she would be happy to teach us for free I knew she would be perfect.” Luhan nodded.

“Sounds perfect and she seems nice. She even came over to cook for us. I hope she’s as good of a teacher as you say she is,” Luhan said, his eyes moving over to Melanie again.
Xiumin followed his gaze and stared at their new teacher. She moved smoothly through the kitchen adding things to the pot on the stove. Her curly red hair bounced as she did so, making her look somehow younger. As if she sensed his gaze, she turned and looked back at him.

Before he hadn’t really been looking very closely at her, but now that he was, he realized she was actually very pretty. Her face was round and her eyes were a light blue color that he wasn’t used to seeing. She was pale, her skin almost white. She looked different than what he had always imagined Americans to look.

“I’m sorry, am I being weird?” she asked, seeming embarrassed.

“Sorry, you’re fine,” Luhan answered, bowing to her. She smiled back at him and went back to cooking.

Melanie stirred the pot on the stove, feeling eyes on her back. She knew the ones sitting at the table were still watching her and it made her feel uncomfortable. She didn’t realize Xiumin had so many friends. Coming here may have been a bad idea after all.

“So what are you cooking?” one of the ones at the table asked her. She turned to see the speaker. It was the tall one who seemed really limby.

“It’s just a vegatble stew. My mom used to make it for me when I lived at home,” she told him. He nodded.

“What’s in it?” the one who sort of looked like a puppy asked.

“Just some random vegatbles and some seasoning. I even added some chicken in it for protein.” All of the sudden, the three who had went to take a shower, walked into the kitchen.

“Did you say chicken?” a tall guy asked. He looked kind of….cold.

“Mhm,” Melanie told him. He scoffed.

“Chicken isn’t really my style,” he said. Melanie frowned. She thought all of them liked chicken.Another one of the boys slapped the cold guy on the back of the head.

“Please, you love chicken,” he said. The cold guy rubbed the back of his head.

“Hey, I’m trying to fix my image here!” he snapped. Melanie smiled.

“Breakfast is ready,” she announced as the last four members entered the room. They all sat down around the large table in the kitchen as she set the stew on the table. There wasn’t really a place for her to sit so she just stood.

Xiumin looked up and noticed her. She looked like she wasn’t really sure what to do. Feeling a little bad for her he stood up and grabbed one of the extra chairs that they kept in the living room. Setting it down next to his, she smiled and sat down.

“So what are all of your names?” she asked.

“I’m Suho, I’m Exo’s leader,” Suho started.

“I’m Kai.”









“And I’m Kris.” They all said. For a moment, Melanie just looked a little shell shocked, then she sighed.

“Looks like I’m going to have a lot of memorizing to do,” she muttered in English. Xiumin looked at her confused. It didn’t take long for him to guess what she had said. Nudging her, he smiled.

“Don’t worry, you’ll be able to tell who is who in no time.” Melanie sighed, she sure hoped so.


Alright, so here's chapter three! I'm really excited for where this story is going and the more I write, the more I really like Melanie. I've tried characters like her before and I always love them, but Melanie has a special place in my heart. I hope she'll grow on you guys too. Anyway, please rate, comment, and subscribe!


Unni, jebal write more!!

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update please auhor-nim! jebal ~~~~~~` THIS STORY IS INTERESTING~~~~