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The Best Part of Waking Up

The Best Part of Waking Up

“Ugh, I’m so sick of all of these double shifts! If I get scheduled to work a double one more time, I’m so going to quit. That’s it, end of story, goodbye Cheddar’s,” I grumbled as I changed into my pajamas. For the last three nights in a row, I had been working twelve hour shifts with almost no breaks in between. Needless to say, I was exhausted.

Not bothering to turn on my bedroom light, I made my way over to my bed and flopped down onto it. I sighed, content, as I pulled, my blankets up to my chin and snuggled into my pillow. Just as I was starting to feel myself drifting off to sleep, I heard a sound. It almost sounding like someone moaning softly, but I lived alone. For a moment I felt panicked, did someone break into the house?

Then I shook my head. If someone had broken in I would have noticed that the lock on the front door had been tampered with. It must just be the cat, she made weird noises all the time. Yeah, I thought, feeling myself beginning to drift once more, just the cat.

Only it wasn’t.

I was awoken the next morning by feeling something moving next to me in my bed. I opened my eyes slowly, letting them adjust to the light. I glanced over at the clock next to me and then suppressed a groan. It was seven in the morning! It was my first day off to really sleep in and recover and I was awake at seven in the freaking morning. I buried my face in my pillow.

Why was life so cruel?

Then I felt it again. Something moved next to me. Figuring it was just the cat again, I reached out a hand to pet her, but instead of feeling fur I felt….hair? Instantly alert, I shot up, causing me to fall right out of bed and onto the floor. My eyes wide, I stared at the person in my bed.

There was no. Freaking. Way.

At least that’s what I told myself, but I recognized him immediately and if the pain in my rear was any indication, I wasn’t dreaming. He looked exactly the way he did on variety shows and music videos except somehow more handsome. His dark eyes watched me curiously and he was blinking in that strange way that I had seen him blink before. His reddish brown hair was all mussed up and it looked like I had woken him up.

“Xiumin?” I muttered, afraid to say his name any louder. He blinked again. Not sure what else to do, I hesitantly reached a hand out towards him. He just continued to stare at me. Slowly, I touched his hair again. It was softer than it looked. Then I slowly slid my hand down until I was touching his face. He didn’t move, he just kept watching me. Once I reached his cheek, I pulled my hand away realizing my mistake.

“Oh, I forgot, you don’t like it when people touch your face,” I said. He smiled then, making my heart melt a little bit. That was why Xiumin was my bias. He had the sweetest smile.

“Call me Minseok,” he told me, speaking for the first time. For a moment I was so shocked at the sound of his voice that I didn’t realize that he had spoken in English, but luckily, once my brain finished processing the sound of his voice, it processed the language.

“Hey, you’re speaking English!” I said, pointing at me. He looked confused.

“Why wouldn’t I?” he asked.

“Be-because you are Korean! From Korea! And this is America! Or is it? I don’t even know anymore. What’s happening!” I stuttered, unable to except reality. Minseok stared at me again and I took a deep breath. It didn’t matter that this was freaking Xiumin from Exo, I needed to pull myself together and find out why there was a strange man in my bed.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, trying to put more of an edge in my voice.

“I don’t know, I just woke up here. I thought you might know. Am I really in America?” he asked, seeming genuinely confused. Standing on shaky legs, I walked over to my bedroom window and glanced out. Yep, everything looked the same. Definitely America.

“Afraid so. You really don’t know how you got here?” I asked. He shook his head. While I hand walked over to the window, he had stood up and I felt my heart skipping a beat at the sight of him. He was wearing pajama pants and a thin white t-shirt. His arms were surprisingly well muscled and his whole body looked very defined. A part of me wanted to reach out and touch him again, but the other part of me was slapping the hell out of the first part and telling her to pull herself together.

“I just woke up with you touching my hair. It was kind of nice actually,” he told me, not meeting my eyes. I felt myself flush. Why did he have to be so freaking cute?

“Um, sorry about that, I thought you were my cat,” I said lamely. His eyes kind of popped at that.

“You have a cat?” he asked. I nodded.

“Mhm, she should be around here somewhere,” I said, looking for my little ball of fur. Minseok on the other hand, just looked panicked.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Cats scare me,” he admitted. I thought about it for a moment and then I remembered reading something that said Xiumin didn’t like cats because one had attacked him when he was a kid.

“It’s ok, she won’t hurt you, she’d actually surprisingly loveable,” I told him, giving him what I hoped was a reassuring smile. Considering he smiled back at me, I would say it was a success.

“So what’s your name?” he asked me, after a moment of silence. I blushed again. How could I forget to tell him my name? Gah, I was such an idiot.

“Maiya, but most people just call me Mai,” I told him. He nodded.

“Maiya,” he mumbled, sending a shiver down my spine. It didn’t feel like he was just saying my name, it felt like he was tasting it. The eroticism was almost enough to make me melt on the spot. After another moment of silence, Minseok yawned. My mother instinct kicking in I instantly forgot that he was two years older than me and began to fret over him.

“Are you tired? You can sleep more, I’ll just go….do something, anything,” I told him. He looked at me with tired eyes.

“Can you stay with me?” he asked. I’m pretty sure if they could, my eyes would have popped out of their skull. Minseok…..Xiumin…..wants to sleep….with me? Cannot compute, cannot compute. I shook my head. I needed to get it together. He probably just wanted the company because he still wasn’t sure what was happening. Yeah, that was it, no ulterior motives, just pure loneliness.

“Sure,” I said, my voice shaking more that I care to admit.

I let him climb into my bed first, watching him as he snuggled under the covers. I wondered if they would smell like him when he got out of bed? No, brain, stop this! Chances were he didn’t even really see me as a girl, considering I was wearing only a t-shirt and underwear and he hadn’t once looked away from my face.

“Maiya?” he said, using my full name again. I snapped out of my thoughts and focused on the man in my bed.

“Oh, yeah,” I said, realizing what he was waiting for. Slowly, I climbed back into bed and turned my back to him. There was no way I was going to be able to get anymore sleep with him there.

I felt him shift next to me and then in one quick movement, he was on top of me, pinning my arms down to the bed. His eyes had shifted from being the cute hyung, to being the erotic performer I had always seen in their performances. My heart was beating so hard that I was afraid he could see it and my mouth was slightly open, like I wanted to say something, but nothing would come out.

Then he began to lean done, his face coming closer to mine. I couldn’t look anywhere, but his eyes. They were so much more intense then they had been earlier that it was astounding. I felt like he could sear me with his eyes. And then his lips brushed mine. It was just a little touch, but it was enough to set my whole being on fire. I felt myself struggling against his grip, trying to get closer, but he was strong and held me down with ease.

He held my gaze for a long time as I silently pleaded for him to come closer and then he obliged, letting his lips cover mine. His hands released mine and traveled down my body to my waist where he held me. I laced mine around his neck, trying to pull him closer to me.
His lips tasted divine and I rejoiced at the feeling of his tongue dancing with mine. There was no way this was a dream, I wasn’t this imaginative. I wouldn’t have been able to imagine the feeling of his hands on me or his lips against mine. It was all too perfect and it was over all too soon when he pulled away from me. We stared at each other, our breathing labored.

“Sorry,” he told me. I blushed.

“You shouldn’t be sorry, I liked it,” I told him honestly. He smiled again.

“I wanted to do that since I saw you,” he admitted. I felt my heart skip a beat.

“Really?” I asked. He nodded. Rolling off of me, he shifted closer to me until I was wrapped up in his arms. I sighed, content. Never before had a felt so comfortable.

“Sleep, I know you’re still tired,” he whispered in my ear, sending even more shivers down my spine. Closing my eyes I obliged, praying that when I opened my eyes again, he would still be there.


This is my first ever kpop related fanfiction! Please comment, rate, and let me know what you all think!


10 out of 10 (like 2PM)
I'm a Xiumin trash, and this was AWESOME

Andreea26panda Andreea26panda

i love it soo much

park nemo park nemo


ParkBora_Tuan21 ParkBora_Tuan21

Omo O.O
Xiumin is my bias and this was amazing.

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