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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Nine

~Your P.O.V~

This Valentine's day was actually fun for the first time for me. I received gifts from EXO but not from Kris or Luhan. However I still was very happy for Luhan and your best friend Seohyun.

However for some reason all thatI could think of was Kris. He looked so dead tired and depressed. He looked like a zombie to sum it up. I don't know why but I'm kinda worried about him.

"Sooyoun-ah!!!~ Get ready!!!~" Omma yelled.

"Wae!?" I shouted back while sitting up from my bed.

"Because we're going out today!~" Omma sang as she opened my door while holding a cute dress that cut up to mid-thighs. "Here wear this and look pretty." Omma winked at me before she placed my dress on the edge of my bed.

"Wae? It's not like we're going to a fancy place." I rolled my eyes to find a smirk on omma's face. "Jeongmallo!?" I beamed as I jumped out of bed.

"Mm, now go and get dress. Also go ask Seohyun if she wants to go." omma smiled before she left. I quickly ran to Seohyun's room happily.

"Seohyun-ah!~" I sang as I peeked my head into her room finding her smiling like a idiot at her phone. "Seohyun!!!" I shouted making her almost throw her phone.

"Aish! Ya, you scared me!!!~" Seohyun shouted back at me.

"Talking to Luhan?" I said with a teasing smile making Seohyun shyly smile and blush.

"U-Uh, what are you doing in my room?" Seohyun quickly changed the subject.

"Get ready, we're going out on a fancy date!!!~" I sang happily.

"Jeongmallo!?" Seohyun jumped happily. I nodded my head like a little kid.

"Araseyo, I'll look in my clothes for something fancy." Seohyun quickly ran into her small walk in closet. I chuckled and went back to my room. I quickly did my hair then put on light makeup.

After, I quickly changed into the dress that omma gave me and it fit perfectly. I walked over to my full mirror staring at myself.

I smiled at myself and whipped my head towards a the sudden gasp and there stood Seohyun looking at me in awe.

"It's been a while since I saw in a dress." Seohyun beamed as she walked over to me.

"Well, well, well. What about you huh. You look very stunning." I sang as I looked at her. She was wearing a black slim dress that hugged her body perfectly.

We quickly put on our shoes and walked downstairs to hear omma and appa cooing at us.

"Well look at these two lovely ladies." Omma beamed.

"You two very beautiful." Appa grinned. After exchanging complements, we left for the restaurant.

Once we entered the restaurant, everyone's eyes were on us and they were whispering among each other while looking at us. Both Seohyun and I felt uncomfortable from their attention.

Some guys were even winking at us or giving us perverted looks. We quickly walked faster, walking right behind my parents.

Soon we entered a room and saw Kris' parents.

"Oh, annyeonghaseyo." I bowed to them politely.

"Woah, neomu yeppeo." Mrs. Wu beamed while grabbing my hand naturally. It doesn't bother me because it feels as if omma grabbed my hand. "Who's this?" She beamed at Seohyun.

"My best friend. She's living with us." I smiled proudly at her.

"Sooyoun-ah, you guys will be eating next door on the right." Mr. Wu told us. We both nodded with smiles before we left their room closing the door. We then walked over to the next room chatting about random things.

Once we opened the door, my eyes widen at who I saw in the room. All of EXO was here. I was going to try and escape until someone called me.

"Noona!!!~" Chen beamed. I pouted knowing that I failed to leave before they quickly notice me since they were in deep talk. Baekhyun jumped out of his chair and quickly went over to me.

"Ooh!!!~ Looking beautiful." Baekhyun winked at me. I lightly chuckled shaking my head. Baekhyun then grabbed my hand and led me to a seat which just had to be next to Kris. Kris even barely cared at the moment, he looked uncomfortable.

I then watched as Luhan took Seohyun to a empty seat which was right in front of me. I smirked at her wiggling my eyebrows. She quickly looked away blushing.

"Noona, you look very beautiful tonight." Sehun grinned.

"Gomawo." I smiled back. We were all looking at the menu and at the corner of my eyes I notice that Kris was uncomfortable, very in fact. Next thing I notice is that Kris stood up catching everyone's attention.

"Gege, where you going?" Tao asked him as he was about to leave the room.

"Just the restroom, you guys order first." Kris quickly replied before he left the room. I then started to feel worried. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat shrugging off the uneasiness.

A few minutes passed and the waiter came in. I peeked at my left to see that Kris didn't come back from the restroom yet. Everyone already gave their orders, soon it was my turn and I decided on a simple meal; Seafood Pajeon Korean Pancake and Bibimbap.

The waiter smiled and nodded however he then notice a empty seat next to me. I peeked at the seat before I spoke again.

"He'll like your Chicken Ginseng Soup." I quickly answered the waiter. He nodded again, jotting it down on his notepad before he left.

"How do you even know what Kris wants?" Xiumin asked with a arched eyebrows staring straight at me. I just shrugged while taking a sip of my cup of water.

"Awe~ someone's feeling soft for Kris!!!~" Lay cooed.

"A-Ani!" I protested while pouting and as always Baekhyun pinches my cheeks.

"Aigoo, no need to feel bad about it Soo." Baekhyun says while pulling away chuckling. The teasing never stopped, when it really did stop was when the food arrived and Kris finally came back.

Everyone was giving me teasing looks.

"You guys order for me?" Kris asked with a arched eyebrow.

"Yeah someone who knows you very well did." Luhan smirked. I all of sudden felt thirsty, so I quickly took a drink and then I heard my name all of sudden. That made me start choking on the stupid water.

Everyone was laughing while Baekhyun tried to help me.

"Ya, does the water taste that good?" Baekhyun joked earning a glare from me.

"Mwuh rah goo?" Kris furrowed his eyebrows confused on what the guys were saying.

"Jessica order it for you." D.O says while I started choking again. Everyone once again started laughing. Soon I notice Kris Staring at me.

"B-Bwoh?" I ask stuttering out my words.

"You order for me?" Kris asked looking at me with his signature look. One eyebrow arched up. I just nod my head not making eye contact.

"How do you even know what I want?" Kris then throws another question at me.

"B-Because I-I thought it l-looked good." I lied. Kris looked sick so it looked like he needed to nutrients.

"Then why didn't you get it?" Kris ushered me and seriously I was becoming annoyed with all the questions.

"You know what! Stop asking questions and eat your damn soup!" I snapped angrily. Kris snorts and starts eating. Everyone was quietly chuckling.


Finally everyone was done eating, however Kris was still eating and seriously he looked as if he couldn't eat at the moment.

"Gwaenchana?" I lightly elbowed him. He then just blinks at me and gives me a curt nod.

"Gege, you look kinda pale." Tao says worriedly. I heaved a sigh and pulled Kris's soup away from him.

"You don't have to force yourself to eat if you can't eat anymore." I told him.

"I'm not forcing myself." Kris snapped as he took his soup back.

"Ya! You so are forcing yourself!" I argued. I pulled the soup back and I accidentally pulled it with too much force that made the soup spill. Also which sucked was that it was still hot so it burned me. "Ah!" I pulled my hand back that was reddening.

"Gwaenchana?" Kris asked me in a worried tone.

"Gwaenchana." I huffed angrily as I stood up brutally and went out the door towards the bathroom.

"You guys look like a couple somewhat." Chanyeol grinned as he also helped clean the mess.

"We're not a couple." Kris snapped.

"But you guys do look good together." Suho winked. Kris snort while rolling his eyes. Soon Kris felt his stomach twist and felt like puking badly. Kris shot up from his seat.

"I'ma go to the bathroom." Kris dashed out of the room getting confused and worried expression from the guys.

I walked out of the bathroom hallway to only get pushed by someone harshly to find that it was Kris. Because I was too worried, I stayed waiting for Kris to come out.

After a few minutes passed. Kris came out and he seriously was pale like a ghost.

"Gwaenchana?" I looked at him worriedly. Kris looked at me weakly and stood up straight.

"Gwaenchana." Kris was going to leave however I pulled him back and placed my hand on his forehead to only get it slapped away by Kris.

"Kris you're not fine." I told him sternly. Kris just scoffs and ignores me. I grabbed his arm again and Kris pushed my hand away. He then pushed me against the wall harsh.

He leaned closer to me with his hands on the wall supporting his body while I was against the white walls.

"Why do you even care!?" Kris snapped angrily a hint of tiredness. I looked away for a bit when I turned back to face him. He crashed his lips right on mine. My eyes shot wide open as I was processing everything.

Kris just took my first kiss. I was in total shock that I just stood there like a statue as Kris was moving his lips on mine forcefully. However ever so slowly I started kissing him back and his kisses were also slowing down. My heart still beating like crazy.

Our lips both moved in sync. I seriously didn't care if people were passing by. All I cared was Kris right now. I felt like I was floating as his lips were moving against mine so perfectly. Our lips molded together so perfectly.

However soon Kris broke the kiss. I opened my eyes to see him, instead I was welcomed with Kris on the ground. My eyes widen and I grew alert right away. I dropped to my knees calling him however their was no response.

Soon my phone started ringing and I quickly answered it without even looking at the caller ID however as soon as I heard their voice I knew who it was right away.

I quickly told Baekhyun that Kris fainted in front of the bathrooms. About a 5 minutes or so everyone was gathered at the bathroom. Everyone was asking me questions.

Of course I told them, but took out the part about us making out in front of the bathroom. After my explanation, I quickly went back to our parent's room and quickly told them about Kris. Mrs. Wu looked like she could have fainted right there on the spot but didn't.

So here we were at the hospital waiting for results of Kris. All the guys left and I asked Luhan if Seohyun could stay at his house and he obeyed obediently. I kept thinking about what happened back at the restaurant.

My face heated right away when I thought about our kiss. My first kiss was stolen by my one and only enemy, Kris Wu. Thousands of questions kept popping into my head.

*Did I enjoy it? Why did he all of sudden kiss me? Was he drunk? No he was sick. Why do I feel like I want more? Why did I kiss him back!? Why didn't I push him away and slap him!? What's happening to me!?*

My trains of thoughts was interrupted when the doctor finally came out. Quickly, Mr. and Mrs. Wu started questions. I stood by the side listening obediently.

"Looks like he's been very unhealthy. He doesn't have enough nutrients and proteins for his body. Other then that he's fine and just needs lots of rest." The doctor smiled at us. I heard Mrs. Wu heave a deep breathe.

When Kris was finally moved to a patient's room. I stood in there awkwardly with my parents and Kris's parents. My heart broke when I saw how dead Kris looked, with all of those machines that he was hooked up too. His heart was breathing normally yet to me I felt like it was going to stop.

I was lost at the moment, since I was staring at Kris for so long that I didn't even notice when Mrs. Wu called me until appa elbowed me. I blinked for a bit until I fully came back.

I slowly walked towards Mrs. Wu with small careful steps. I had no idea why I feel so nervous all of sudden approaching Kris's parents.

"Sooyoun-ah, can you take care of Yi Fan for me?" My eyes widen when I fully processed what Mrs. Wu just asked me. I also unknowingly nodded my head. My body was seriously not cooperating with my damn brain at the moment.

"Gomawo for taking care of Kris." Mr. Wu warmly smiled at me. I just nod my head with a bitter smile. After everyone left, it was just Kris and I. I sighed and plopped myself on the wooden chair next to the hospital bed.

"Babo, why didn't you take care of your health?" I quietly scolded him. However I grew panic when I notice how Kris's eyebrows knotted and his hands turned into fists. He then started moving rapidly, kicking his blanket. He was having a nightmare.

I quickly grabbed onto his hand and damn his veins were visible, his knuckles turning white. I tried telling him that I was with him and he should be okay, but failed. So the last solution that popped into my head was singing. I cleared my throat a bit before I quickly started singing.

~Neul ttogateun haneure neul guteun haru
(Always under exactly the same sky, always exactly)
Geudaga eomneun geot malgoneun, dallajin ge eomneunde
(Other than your not being here, there's nothing different at all)~

Kris then slowly started calming down.

~Geuriwo geuriwoseo, geudaega geuriwoseo
(Miss you, miss you so much because I miss you so much)
Maeil nan honjaseoman, geudaereul bureugo bulleobwayo
(Everyday all by myself, calling you...)

When I finished the song, Kris was peacefully sleeping again. I smiled to myself feeling accomplished. I looked down at our hands as my cheeks heated up quickly.

Then all of sudden I just started thinking about our kiss back at the restaurant. I gulped when my eyes found it's way to Kris'. I then notice how swollen they looked. My hand unknowingly lifted up and touched my own lips.

I licked my lips from the nervousness that I was feeling. I felt like feeling his lips on mine again. So out of no where, I leaned closer to him and quickly pecked his lips. I pulled back with a bright red face. I'm seriously going crazy right now.

***Next Day***

~Kris's P.O.V~

I slowly opened my eyes and looked around at my surroundings. White walls and I heard beeping noises around me. I knew in a instant that I was in a hospital. My body felt so heavy and week. My head was throbbing so badly.

I took a deep breathe and tried to rub my temple to only find that someone was holding my hand. I looked down at myself to find Jessica sleeping peacefully next to me and she was holding my hand.

I blinked at her confused. I tried pulling my hand however she would always pull it back. I lightly scoff however smiled at how cute she looks when she's sleeping. Jessica soon started stirring in her sleep and I saw her eyes slowly fluttering her eyes open.

I quickly shut my eyes pretending that I was still sleeping.

"Oh, he's still sleeping." Jessica says in her hoarse voice, however to me I thought it was cute. Jessica then lets go of my hand and I didn't even notice that I was lightly frowning from the lost of her touch.

I opened my eyes when I heard the door closed. However about a few seconds I heard the toliet flush and I quickly shut my eyes as the door was being opened.

"Hey I saw that." I heard Jessica's voice however I didn't respond. "Ya! I know you're not sleeping." Jessica then pokes my side making me flinch.

"Ya, don't touch me." I snapped at her. She chuckles and sits back down on the wooden chair. I bit my lower lip nervously wondering if I should confront her about her holding my hand. But because my curiosity won me over I decided to ask.

"Why were you holding my hand while you were asleep?" I asked while looking at her with my no expression face.

"B-Because you were having a nightmare, I-I held y-your hand because I thought your wishes would d-disappear." She shyly stuttered, I let out a small smile however quickly changed into my mono face when she looked at me.

"Weirdo." I mumbled while looking away when I heard the door open. A nurse walked in carrying in a bowl of soup. Jessica then helped me sit up since I barely could get up myself. The nurse then set the tray on this table and moved it right above my legs.

"Well, I'ma go buy something for me to eat." Jessica says as she stands up with a goofy grin plastered on her face. I just blinked at her confused. "Do you want anything?" She then asks with her sweet smile that made my heart skip a beat.

"Uh ani. Gwaenchana." I awkwardly replied as I started eating my soup. When she left I heaved a sigh. "What's happening to me? Why was Jessica smiling at me like that?" I muttered to myself, furrowing my eyebrows.


WooHoo!!!~ Finally updated!!!~ I'm so sorry for such a long update!!!!!~ Neomu joesonghmnida!!!~ *Bows 90 degrees* Please forgive this bad author. I did promise to update more however it was finals week and all. But now it's WINTER BREAK!!!!!~ So I promise to update more.

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