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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Eight

(A/N: Oh damn, I think this is going to be the longest chapter out of the whole story. I'm so sorry for such a long chapter but please bare with me.)

***Valentine's Day***

"Jessica!!!~ Ileona!!!!" I tiredly opened my eyes to see a grinning Seohyun looking down at me. "Bballiwa!!!~" She whined while shaking me roughly.

"Araseyo, I'm up. Happy now?" I responded in my hoarse voice.

"Yup, now go get ready. I need to make a short stop at the store on our way to school." Seohyun ushered me as she skipped out of my room happily. I just scoff and do as said.


I quickly ran downstairs seeing that Seohyun just finished putting on her shoes.

"Asa~ Their not here today." I beamed.

"You mean us?" Someone wrapped their arms around me. I jumped and looked behind me to find a eye smiling Baekhyun. I pouted and squirmed out of his embrace.

"Just you today?" I bluntly ask as I walked out of the house. However my question was answered when...

"Annyeong!!!~" Xiumin beamed.

"Annyeong." I bitterly smiled and kept on walking. Seohyun ran up to me linking arms.

"Gaja." She sweetly smiled at me. I chuckled and nodded.

Once we were at the store I notice that I didn't hear anything behind me for a while now. I quickly turn around to find no one. I blinked confused however still followed Seohyun into the store.

"Where did the guys go?" I ask Seohyun as I glanced outside once more before turning to her. However I was ignored. "Seohyun!" I huffed as I stomped over to her.

"Huh? You said something?" She responded without looking at me. I made a silly face at her before coming back to my usual self.

"So, who's the lucky guy that you're confessing too?" I teased her. She blushes as looks away.

"Someone." She shyly smiled. I chuckled while shaking my head. "Does this look good?" Seohyun pulled out two cute white teddy bears off the shelf.

I scanned it for a while before I smiled and nodded happily. Seohyun chuckled as she scanned it herself before we went to pay for it.

"Think he'll like it?" She ask while biting her lower lip nervously.

"Nugu? Oh him!~ Yeah, probably." I shrugged earning a playful glare from the latter.


When we entered, we were greeted with thousands of girls with thousands of girls with gifts stuffed in their hands. Both Seohyun and I gawked at them.

"A-Are those for EXO?" Seohyun asked in disbelief. Seriously these girls would waste so much money just to impress the guys.

"I-I think so." I looked over at Seohyun as I answered and turned back to be greeted with a bouquet of pink flowers in my face.

I blinked at it confused. However soon a face appeared behind the bouquet.

"Happy Valentine's Day!!!~" Baekhyun beamed.

"M-Me?' I asked with wide eyes. Baekhyun chuckled and nodded. "U-Uh gomawo." I shyly took the bouquet out of Baekhyun hands.

"Aigoo, kyeopta." Baekhyun squealed while lightly pinching my cheeks. Baekhyun then leaves while waving at me. I chuckled at his adorableness.

"Ya, does he like you?" Seohyun asked while eyeing me.

"Ani, he just gave me this as a friend." I smiled and walked to class. Once I turned another bouquet greeted my face.

I tilted my head a bit to find Chen chuckling at me.

"Happy Valentine's Day noona!!!~" Chen smiled brightly.

Then girls started gasping and whispering upon each other. I looked over at them to find everyone staring at us. I gulped nervously.

"Noona, you're not going to accept it?" Chen asks with his sad cute aegyo voice.

"Ani." I smiled back at Chen as I shyly took the bouquet. Chen chuckled and leaned in.

"Gwaenchana, I'll protect you from them." Chen sweetly smiled at me as he lightly pinches my cheeks. I chuckled and walked over to my seat. As I sat down I heard the girls talking upon themselves.

"She's so lucky." A girl spoke while angrily pouting.

"Tch, she's so ugly why would Chen oppa give her a bouquet?" Another snapped.

"Didn't she receive a bouquet from Baekhyun oppa?" Another voice spoke while glaring at me.

"Yeah, that slut." The second girl spoke again while glaring at me. I heaved a sigh as I looked away. Unknowingly a tear slid down my cheeks. I jumped when I felt someone's thumb came in contact with my cheek wiping away my tear. I looked up to find Kai looking at me worriedly.

"A pretty girl like you shouldn't be crying." He could be such a sweet talker. I chuckled and wiped my eyes. When I opened my eyes I was greeted with cute stuffed bunnies in tea cups.

I blinked confused, I slowly looked up at Kai who was shyly smiling at me while rubbing the back of his neck. I then chuckled at him.

"Happy Valentine's Day noona, this ahjumma that my family's close with was giving these away so..." Kai shyly looked away. I chuckled at his cuteness.

"Gomawo." I sweetly smiled at him earning a smile back from the latter.

Kai then leans closer to me. I stared at him with rounded eyes.

"Don't worry, I won't let them make you shed a tear anymore." Kai whispered to me and gave me a quick peck on my forehead making me blush at his action. Kai winked at me before he sat in his seat.

Lay looked like he was running late again. Whent he bell rang just a few seconds after, Lay came running in. He quickly walked over to his seat which was right next to mine.

"Where did you go?" I teased him. Lay chuckled.

"I almost forgot these." Lay says as he pulls out a box of my favorite chocolate.

Yes I know it's fattening, however I'm in love with Lindt chocolate.

I licked my lips when I looked at it. However I quickly shook my head.

"So who's the lucky girl?" I asked looking at Lay. He chuckled and tossed the box at me. My eyes widen quickly. "Jinja?" I ask beaming.

"Happy Valentine's Day Sooyoun-ah." Lay beamed showing his cute dimples.

I beamed as I quickly opened it.

"Gomawo!!!~ You're the best." I beamed as I took one out and quickly eating it. Soon the girls started whispering once again. I bit my lips while pouting a bit. But I guess Kai heard since he took out his beats and placed it on my head covering my ears. I turned at sweetly smiled at him.


After class, I quickly gathered my things, gently placing my bunnies with tea cups in my bag. I walked out of my room to find Chanyeol.

"Oh, Chanyeol-ah." I beamed. Chanyeol looked like something was bothering him since he was only looking else where but me. "Is something wrong?" I ask him. He shyly looked at me before he took something out from behind him reaching it out at me.

"Happy Valentine's Day!~" Chanyeol shyly passed me the basket. I chuckled and reached over grabbing it. I then lightly pinch his cheeks making him blush.

"Gomawo." I beamed making the latter return the smile.

Chanyeol then walked away waving at me happily, I chuckled and waved back to him. I now recieved gifts from Baekhyun, Chen, Kai, Lay, and Chanyeol now. I smiled while thinking about those five.

As I was walking around, I turned a corner and froze. I quickly went back behind the wall and peeked my head out as I watched from a far. Soon a teasing smile plastered on my face.

I watched as the two were shyly talking to each other until they exchanged gifts. I was as Seohyun's face turned bright red as she shyly smiled away from Luhan.

"What are you looking at?" I heard a voice behind me. I slowly turned towards teh voice and jumped when I saw close Suho's voice was to me. However I quickly cleared my throat.

"Ani, nothing." I awkwardly smiled at him. Suho chuckled and glanced behind my shoulder. He chuckled while shaking his head. I just nervously laugh at him.

"Oh, you got gifts already?" Suho then notices the basket along with chocolates and stuffed animals.

"Mm, I got them from Baekhyun, Chen, Kai, Lay, and Chanyeol." I smiled generously.

"Well, my turn." Suho then took out a cute knitted bunny.

"Happy Valentine's Day." Suho beamed as he held it out.

I stared at it in awe, my hands slowly reaching up to grab it.

"Neomu kyeopta." My smiled stayed plastered on my face as it can't disappear.

Once I thanked Suho I went to my class and sat in my seat happily until a group of girls came over to me.

"Ya! Are you trying to seduce all of EXO oppas today you slut?" A girl name Sohyun snapped at me. I heaved a sigh and ignored them. However she then pushed my head.

"Ya! Are you deaf!?" Another girl shouted. I stood up slapping her hand away.

"Why don't you go sit the fuck down! I'm not in the fucking mood to argue with little kids right now!" I shouted at them totally annoyed and angry. I even pushed Sohyun away from me.

"Ya! You fucking bitch!~" She pushed me hard making me hit the wall. I gritted my teeth and quickly push the girl back making some of them stumble backwards. Sohyun quickly fixed her posture and was about to slap me until someone grabbed her wrist.

We all looked to find Xiumin, Tao, and D.O.

"You shouldn't be hitting Jessica." D.O says in a stern voice.

"Gwaenchana Sooyoun noona?" Tao looked at me worriedly. I just nodded while huffing, glaring at the girls that were leaving. I then sat down while staring outside cursing under my breathe.

"Ya, is something outside that's interesting?" Xiumin asked while also looking outside. I turned around and was startled when I saw how close Xiumin's face was to mine.

I quickly turned back around as my cheeks heated up. Xiumin stood up while clearing his throat a bit. I then slowly turned back around.

"Here, Happy Valentine's Day." Xiumin hands out a small teddy bear with a red envelope with a shy smile.

I slowly grabbed the teddy bear with shy hands. I bowed my head for saying thanks. I then turn to face the board to find Tao grinning at me.

"Bwoh? Is there something on my face?" I touch my face making the latter chuckle. "Bwoh?" I whine while pouting.

"Alright, Happy Valentine's Day noona." Tao chuckles while lifting up a bouquet of chocolate roses.

I smiled shyly as I shyly grabbed the bouquet out of his hands. I then looked outside as I was thinking which member will be next to give me a gift until someone tapped my shoulder. I turned to find D.O smiling sweetly at me.

"Happy Valentine's Day Jessica!!!~" D.O beamed as he made a heart out of his lips, handing a teddy bear made out of a balloon.

I sweetly smiled at him while I grabbed the cute balloon.

"Aigoo, you're so cute." D.O says while pinching my cheeks making me pout at him.


Once class ended i went to my usually spot waiting for Seohyun. I sat there eating my chocolates until I saw Seohyun walking towards me with a huge smile plastered on her face.

"Well, doesn't someone look happy." I teased Seohyun as I wiggled my eyebrows at her. She just smiles and sits next to me.

"Well, u-umm.." Seohyun went bright red not even saying a single thing.

"Ya! tell me! Is it about Luhan?" I ask her with sparkling eyes.

"Mwuh rah goo? A-Ani." Seohyun blushed even more.

"Ya! I know something happened! I saw you teo alone in a hallway." I told Seohyun with a smirk. Seohyun looked at me with rounded eyes.

"Jeongmallo!?" She bit her lower lip nervously. I chuckled and nodded my head like a little kid. "W-Well we... actually he..." Seohyun kept suttering lost at words.

"Bballiwa!!!~" I shouted at her impatient.

"Araseyo, w-well he asked me t-to be his V-Valentine." Seohyun blushes madly.

"Jeongmallo!?" I shouted with bright eyes. She nods her shyly while looking away. "Awe~ I knew yuo teo come together!!!~" I beamed as I hugged Seohyun tightly.

When I pulled away from her I saw Kris walking in the hallway and he looked as if something was bothering him. Probably his fangirls. I looked away while continue to eat my chocolates until a few minutes later a huge bouquet greeted me happily.

Both Seohyun and I looked up to be greeted by Sehun.

"Happy Valentine's Day noona." Sehun shyly smiled making his eyes turn into crest.

"T-That's f-for m-me?" I asked wide eyes as I pointed to myself. Sehun nodded happily.

"G-Gomawo Sehun-ah." I took the bouquet of flowers in awe.

"You do like it, since you smiling like a goof." Sehun joked as he patted my head then walked away.

"Ya, you got all of those from EXO?" Seohyun ask wide eyes. I nodded.

"Yeah except I didn't get any from Luhan and Kris." I said still staring at the roses.

"Ya! Why would Luhan give you something and did you just say that you wanted something from Kris?" Seohyun elbows me while wiggling her eyebrows. I redden and shook my head.

"A-Ani, I never said that." I pouted while Seohyun laughed.

"Ya, just watch. One day you two will come together." Seohyun smirked.

"Ya, if you jinx me, I'll jinx you 10 times worse." I pouted at Seohyun.


Soon class ended and I was having a struggle walking home with all my things. I looked up and saw Kris walking. He looked as if he was ignoring everything. I shrugged and continue on my way back home.


I'm so sorry for such a late update!!!!~ Super sorry but for some info about me. I'll be on a haitus starting next week Saturday. Sorry, but I promise when I come back I'll update more. And because I have this week, I'll update more also, so don't worry.

Damn I miss this fashionista~

I miss cutie too!!!~



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