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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Seven

(A/N: Another long ass chapter. Please bare with me.)

~ Your P.O.V~

I woke up still thinking about what happened yesterday. I was so glad that Seohyun called even though she know she was risking her life doing that. I took a deep breathe and glance outside.

"I wonder if Seohyun's going to school today." I mumbled before I laid back down on my bed while picking at my pillow. I was about to close my eyes again however my phone vibrated indicating that I had a message.

I reached over and stared at my lock screen for a bit. Glaring at each of the members, mostly Kris. I then unlocked my phone, and my welcoming home screen came to view. Kris, the damn dumb giant. I glared at it before I went to my messages.

~From: Chen Chen~
~To: Lazy Sooyoun Noona~

-Noona!~ Are you awake yet!!!?~

I blinked at the message.

"Wae, it's not like your I my house." I muttered under my breathe. I just lock my phone as I continue to lay in bed before another text message came. I unlocked my phone and looked at the message annoyed.

~From: Chen Chen~
~To: Lazy Sooyoun Noona~

-Ya! Bballwa, we're downstairs waiting.

I sat up brutally as my eyes rounded.

"D-Did I just jinx myself?" I blinked at my phone re-reading the message again to see if I was hallucinating. However I wasn't.

"Sooyoun-ah!~ Ileona!!!" Omma yelled while opening my door. I just look up at her from my phone still sitting on my bed. "Aish, hurry and get ready." Omma scolded me.

"Shireoyo." I whined while sinking myself into the blanket.

"Ya, how long are you going to take? Your friends are here." Omma scolded. I blinked.

"Chingus?" I bit my lip before the messages came into my head again. "Exo?" I raised my voice a bit.

"Exo? Nugu?" Omma looked at me as if I was from another planet.

"Ah~ never mind." I mumbled.

"Go get dress sweetie." Omma commanded as she cross her arms in front of her chest.

"Tell them I'm not going. I'm not feeling well." I muttered while laying back in bed.

"Alright I guess." Last night I told omma about everything and she agreed if Seohyun came to stay with us. She always saw her as another daughter too, so that was good.

"I hope they leave. Whenever their around, girls always on my tail." I muttered while pouting. Soon the door slammed open and I knew that I was wrong. They didn't leave. So I pretended to be sick and started (fake) coughing.

"Ya, we know you're faking it babo." Someone spoke with annoyance.

"No I'm not." I protest.

"Ya, get up." Another spoke. However I didn't do as they liked. "Ileona!!!~" They yelled yet I stayed in the same position. Soon the cold air washed against me and it was bright. My blanket was laying on the floor.

"Jung Sooyoun!" The first yelled. I glanced at the two and rolled my eyes before just laying on my bed not even caring if my blanket was gone.

"Ileona." Lay scolded while motioning me to get up with his hand. I shake my head and hug my bed.

"If you don't wake up right now, we're going to carry you downstairs at the count of 5." Kai demanded with a smirk. I gulped.

"1... 2... 3... 4... " I shot up quickly and glared at the two.

"That's a good girl." Kai made a cute eye smile. I just scoff.

"Now go get dress missy." Lay commanded while pointing at my bathroom. I sighed and got off my bed grumpy.

"I can't I gave in to you guys." I mumbled while stomping to my bathroom.


I walked downstairs to notice that there was only Baekhyun, Lay, Chen, Sehun, and Kai.

"Just you guys today?" I tiredly asked.

"Well yeah. Or were you wanting to see someone else." Sehun said while wiggling his eyebrows.

"Y-Ya! I never said that." I quickly answered. They just shrug while laughing.


When we entered the building, girls were already glaring at me. I heaved a sigh and turned around making the others give me confused looks.

"Leave." I said pointing down a different hallway.

"Why should we?" Chen ask.

"Ya, you better listen." I glared at them.

"Shireoyo." Kai talked back. I tighten my jaw and sharply turned and started walking away. I ignored all the glares and quickly went into my classroom straight to my desk.

I put in my head phones and was about to turn on my music before someone started calling me. I quickly answered the phone call annoyed. I didn't feel like talking right now to anyone.

"Yeboseyo?" I asked tiredly.

"J-Jessica. I-I want to see you right now. I-I don't want to live anymore." Seohyun cried. I grew alert and started quickly grabbing my things.

"Where are you right now?" I ask as I started walking out the classroom.

"O-Outside the school. Hurry please." Seohyun cried even more.

"Araseyo, don't go anywhere." I quickly said before I ended the call and started running towards the school doors.


"Seohyun-ah!~" I yelled once I was outside. I quickly went and sat next to her. She immediately hugged me tightly, sobbing. "What happened? W-Why do you have bruises!?" I asked wide eyes once i notice the bruises on her face.

"Y-Yesterday... m-my uncle c-came home d-drunk. I-I was t-the only o-one home. H-He came i-into m-my room a-and t-tried t-to r-rape me." Seohyun cried even harder.

"BWOH!?" I asked wide eyes. "Did you report him or tell your aunt? W-What did you do?" I asked worriedly.

"I-I quickly p-pushed him off of m-me and ran out m-my room right w-when my aunt g-got home." She stuttered.

"Then..." I patiently waited for her next words.

"T-Then I-I told her everything. A-At first she was angry and mad b-but because she loves m-my uncle t-too much. S-She thought I-I got him drunk a-and tried t-to r-rape him." Seohyun burst into more tears then I ever thought.

"Ya! How can you be living in such a shit hole for so long!?" I scolded her however pulled her into my embrace and hugged her tighter. "Don't worry. You can live with me for now on." I said soothing her back. She just sniffles and nods her head. Someone then cleared their throats. We both looked up to see the guys in front of us.

"Um..you guys done?" Xiumin asked while chuckling.

"Ya, how long have you guys been here!?" I snapped at them.

"For a while now." Tao lamely answered.

"S-So you guys heard everything!?" Seohyun's eyes rounded.

"Ani, we got here when Jessica said something about you living with her." Luhan answered while rubbing the back of his neck. "I think you'll be needing this." Luhan then walks over to Seohyun and pull out medicine. I sat there watching Luhan help Seohyun.

"Awe~ You guys look so cute together." I cooed while playfully pushing Seohyun. Both of them blush.

"Y-Ya!" Seohyun yelled at me as she push me back. I chuckled at her reddening face.

"I think you should go rest at my house. I'll come straight home when school's over." I told her with a bright smile. She nodded with a her cute eye smile.

And we all went our own ways, someone suddenly came and back-hugged me. I stiffen however relaxed a bit when it was just Baekhyun.

"Ya, get off of me." I snapped.

"Wae?~" He says in his cute aegyo voice and I have to admit he was so adorable.

"Ya, bballiwa before I kill you." I glared at him. He pouts and lets go. As he was taking his arms back, he pinched my cheeks hard before running away. "Ya!" I shouted at him while rubbing my cheeks.

I was about to continue to walk until one of the sluts walked up to me.

"Did Baekhyun oppa just hug you!?" She spat. I scoff, seriously. We're fighting over Baekhyun hugging me. So I decided to play along.

"Yeah he did. He's so cute and it was so sweet of him to give me a hug instead of a down ass ugly girl like someone." I snickered and walked past the girl bumping shoulders with them. I quickly speed walk away from the scene because the girl was throwing a tantrum right now.

I quickly went straight to my seat and sat down heaving a sigh.

"Asa, I made it alive." I close my eyes.

"Bwoh?" I heard a voice. I opened my eyes and jumped when I saw Kris standing there. Damn it's been so long since I last saw this giant. "Ya, your in the wrong seat." Kris deadpanned while looking at me with a arched eyebrow.

"Bwoh?" I blinked confused and looked where I was at, at the moment.

"You're one seat up." Kris said in a annoyed tone. I just scrunch my nose and quickly went to sit in my seat.

"Psh, it's not like I wanted to sit next to you." I muttered and looked up to see a smiling Luhan enter the room.

"Looks like someone's happy." I teased Luhan as he sat down.

"I am?" Luhan questioned as he chuckled.

"Ya, do you like Seohyun?" I whisper to Luhan with curiousness written all over my face.

"I don't know, why should I tell you?" Luhan replied with a arched eyebrow and a small smile.

"I was just asking." I pouted and turned around to find the teacher glaring at me. I bitterly smile and bow my head.


When class ended it was my off hour. I walked around a bit before settling down under a big tree.

I put in my head phones and close my eyes. Feeling the nice breeze brush against my skin. Slowly I drifted off to dreamland.


I was walking on a path and wherever I looked was foggy. I couldn't see anything and I was kinda getting scared. However soon everything started clearing and I notice that I was in a field with tall small yellow flowers.

I smiled and looked around my area before I notice a bench not that far from where I was standing. I walked over to the bench and notice that there was rocks piled on the side.

I then went and sat down on the bench enjoying the nice weather. I closed my eyes for a bit, feeling the soft warm breeze. When I opened my eyes I saw a figure standing in the field of tall flowers. I slowly stood up as I squinted my eyes. However I still figure out who it was, he was just too far.

When I took one step, I notice the figure turned around and reached out his hand. I blinked confused. Soon I heard my name being called. I thought it was him, so started walking towards him. I still couldn't see who, because the sun randomly gotten all brighter suddenly.

Even though the sun was super bright, I kinda saw his smile. And to tell you, it melted me. His smile was sweet and warm. I smiled back and I heard my name being called again. I turned behind me and turned back. But once I turned back, the guy was gone.

~End of Dream~

"Ya! Ileona!!!~" I heard Tao screaming. I tiredly opened my eyes and saw all of exo's faces right there in front of my face. I jumped immediately.

"Ya! What the hell are you guys doing!?" I yelled.

"Psh, you slept for a long time. Did you even know that it was lunch time already?" Chen snickered.

"Bwoh!? Already lunch!?" I panicked. "How can I sleep that long?" I pouted while thinking.

"Well were you dreaming?" Lay ask while sitting down.

"Ani, well actually yeah." I mumbled as I sat back down. I looked over at them to find them all waiting for me to go on. They all looked like little kids ready for story telling.

"Go on, tell us." Xiumin beamed while chewing on something that made his cheeks puff out which made him look so adorable.

"Well, I don't really know. I started out by walking on a path, everything was foggy. Next thing that happened was that I was in a very beautiful place. It felt magical." I smiled.

"Details." Chanyeol said with his mouth full.

"Ya, don't talk with your mouth full." Suho scolded him. I chuckled.

"Well, there were tall flowers. Like a field of tall small yellow flowers. It was very beautiful. I was walking in it and soon I spotted a small bench. I walked over to it and it had 3 big piles of rocks. I think it has it's meaning but I don't know. As I sat down on the bench I notice a tall figure in the field of flowers that I was just in. So I started walking towards the dude, however I couldn't see his face because of the stupid sun. But then I saw his smile. Then I heard someone call me and I thought it was him so I walked closer. However as I heard it the next time I heard from behind me. So I looked back and didn't see anyone. When I turned back, the guy was gone." I shrugged my shoulders replaying the dream that I had about a few minutes ago.

"Maybe that guy is real. Sometimes dreams do create your prince charming and you can find him in real life." Chanyeol explains with a sheepish grin. I nodded my head.

"Yeah, probably." I smiled.

"Ya, are you seriously blushing over your dream guy." Kai teased me.

"Ani, mechaso." I blushed and buried my face into my hands.

"Oh, that kinda reminds me of Kris' dream." Lay randomly blurts out. Soon all of our eyes went to Lay and to Kris then back to Lay.

"No it doesn't." Kris deadpans.

"Yeah it does, you don't remember." Lay looks at Kris confused. Kris just blinks. "Well anyways, I remember Kris telling me that he had a dream about him being somewhere very beautiful. I don't remember the details but he was walking until he spotted a girl in a cute spring dress sitting down on a bench not too far. The girl spotted him and started walking towards him. Kris said he heard his name called from behind or something like that. He turned around and when he turned back, the girl vanished." Lay explained Kris' dream.

"Omo, both of your guys dreams sounds the same." D.O says while blinking.

"Ya, it sounds as if your dreams are suppose to make you guys together." Chanyeol laughs and high-fives Kai.

"Yeah, like both of your stories are meant to be together." Sehun beams.

"Ya, mechaso. Kris would never be in any of my dreams." I spat.

"Tsk, why would I ever dream of a retarded self-center girl like her?" Kris snapped.

"Ya! You're more stupid then I am, so I wouldn't be talking right now." I protested.

"Araseyo, araseyo. Calm down you two." Luhan laughs.

"Hey you know what tomorrow is?" Xiumin randomly ask, all happy out of a sudden. We all blinked at him confused.

"What day is it?" I ask tilting my head a bit.

"Valentine's Day." Xiumin beamed while grinning.

"Jeongmallo!?" I asked with a huge bright smile.

"Why are you so hyped about?" Chen elbows me.

"Because I just like that day. I have no idea why even though I'm single." I shrugged. "I wonder what omma and appa will be doing." I left my smile on my face while thinking about my parents.

"I'm just going to stay home and continue my drawings." Kris said lazily.

"Ya, just come. You'll receive lots of gifts." Suho said while smiling brightly.

"Well I have to go guys. Annyeong." I waved to them as I left.

"I'm leaving too. You guys didn't even buy me lunch." Kris tiredly spoke as he left.

"Why don't we all do something for Jessica. It's better to give it to her then to give it among us guys." Baekhyun smiled.

"Araseyo, let's do it." Sehun beamed. However one person was thinking giving something to someone else.


He was thinking about giving something to Seohyun. He felt as if it was the right time to confess his feelings. And plus it was Valentine's day too.


Kya!!!~ I can't for these movies to come out!!!~ Super excited for our actors.

~Luhan's Back to 20~

~Kris's Somewhere Only We Know~

And ~D.O's Cart~



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