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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Six

(A/N: Super long chapter, so please bare with me)


~Your P.O.V~

I woke up still feeling bad about Kris carrying me. "I wonder if I was heavy or not?" I mumbled to myself as I put on my clothes. I heaved a sigh as I grab my school bag and walk out of my room. Dragging my feet towards the door to be greet with smiling bright faces I blinked at all of them.

"Annyeong!!!~" They chorus. I smiled back.

"Annyeong." I half-heartily responded.

"Something wrong?" Luhan ask worriedly.

"Ani, just didn't get enough sleep but because you guys are here. I'm pretty sure I'll wake up." I beamed.

"Better!" Baekhyun narrowed his eye at me. I chuckled and walked outside to be greeted with a slightly grumpy Kris and a bright Tao.

"I actually got Kris to wait!!!~" Tao sang happily while pulling his arm playfully. I chuckled and saw Kris' arm cast.

"G-Gwaenchana?" I asked worried while looking up at Kris. However he just snorts.

"I didn't know you worried about me." Kris said with a teasing smirk. I just scoff.

"A-Ani!" I shouted angrily and started walking in front of them. I heard their laughs.

"Ya! Gachigaja!!!~" I heard someone yell however I ignored them and continue walking faster. But as soon as I saw Seohyun I brighten up. I quickly ran towards her and jumped on her.

"Seohyun-ah!~" I squealed.

"Ya! I could have fell!" She scolded me while glaring. I just innocently giggle and link arms wit her.

"Mian, gaja." I said with a bright smile. As we walked someone linked arms with me. I turned to see a dimple smiling boy. I chuckled and turned to look who linked arms with Seohyun and she was blushing hard. Luhan was linking arms with her. I giggled and looked at her teasingly.

Soon we all linked arms (Kris was being forced to link arms because of Tao). We looked like kindergartners crossing the streets together so none of us will get lost.


When we approached the school closer, Seohyun and I notice the death glares so we quickly unlinked our arms and walked away from the guys.

"Ya! We're suppose to walk in together!" Lay yells after us however we didn't respond. I just wave my hand in the air and we quickly went straight to our classes. I went into my classroom and sat down immediately.

Before the screaming was going to start, I quickly put in my headphones and rest my head on the desk. Before I knew it, I knocked out.

Just a few minutes later, I felt someone poking my head with someone poking my sides. I groaned and tiredly sat up.

"What do you want?" I groaned tiredly.

"Okay Chanyeol guess she doesn't want her phone back." Kai chuckles. My eye widen and I quickly turn towards Chanyeol with both my hands stick out to receive my phone.

"Gimme gimme gimme." I cutely said with a kid smile. Chanyeol just laughs and pinches my cheeks. "Ah!~" I screamed.

"Here." Kai chuckles and sets my phone on my hands. I looked over at him scanning his face. "Bwoh?" Kai asks while still laughing

"You guys did something didn't you!?" I pointed an accusing finger at them. They both just shrug innocently. I snickered and quickly turn on my phone.

"That's our picture when my aunt wanted to try out her new camera." Kai smiles at me.

"Don't worry, you'll like it." Chanyeol grins.

I just nod my head as I unlock my phone and my eyeballs almost fell out of my sockets.

"Kris!?" I shouted. "You guys put Kris as my screen lock!?" I shouted angrily at them.

"Ya! That's why I told you that you'll love it." Chanyeol burst out laughing while turning to face the front. Right when I was going to yell at them the teacher walked in. Instead I ended up glaring at them.

"I hate you guys." I sent daggers towards them.

"We love you too." Kai whispers to me. I turn and glare at him. All he was doing was laughing his ass off.

"Jongin why are you laughing!?" Kai immediately stops and bits his lower lip nervously. "You're going to stay after school to clean the classroom." The teacher says without another word. Kai just pouts angrily.

"Karma's a bitch isn't it." I snickered and giggled.

"Sooyoun why are you laughing?" The teacher then says angrily. I quickly stood up.

"U-Uh...b-because I finally found out how to solve the equation." I quickly explained.

"If that's so then sit back down." The teacher said nothing other. I smirked and sat back down.

"Ya, you damn cheater. How did you do that?" Kai whisper yelled at me. I just smirked.

"Jongin why are you talking!?" The teacher yelled.

"Because Sooyoun said she wanted me to help clean your classroom so it can be more cleaner." Kai smirked when he saw my shocked expression.

"Is that true?" The teacher looked at me.

"A-" He however cut me off.

"Good, you can help Jongin clean." The teacher says no further. Then I heard Chanyeol laugh.

"Songsaeng-nim Chanyeol wants to help clean too." I smirked at Chanyeol.

"Oh, alright then. All three of you can clean." He said before turning back to his teaching.

"That's what you get for laughing at us." I stick my tongue out at him then high-five Kai. Chanyeol pouted and crossed his arms angrily.


As soon as the bell rang I ran out of the classroom so Kai and Chanyeol wouldn't have to bothering me any further but I sadly failed.
However one of them grabbed my backpack and pulled me back.

"Ha! Caught ya." Chanyeol evilly smiled. I pouted.

"Come on guys, let me go." I heaved a sigh.

"Well just a reminder that you better be here after school to help clean." Kai deadly stated.

"Araseyo, araseyo." I gave in and pulled my bag back. Chanyeol slang an arm around my shoulders as Kai just walked with us on my other side.

"Ya! Get off of me!" I was about to run however Kai grabbed my bag again.

"Nope we're walking you to class." Chanyeol beams. I pouted and quickly hid my face behind my textbook. Soon gasps and whispers were being heard.

"Who is that girl with Chanyeol oppa and Kai oppa?"

I was at least glad that they couldn't see my face because of the textbook. However then Kai grabbed the textbook out of my hands. My eyes widen and I grew alert.

"Ya! Everyone will see me!" I scolded him while trying to get the book back.

"So, you got us in trouble now you have to do this." Kai smirked. I tried to grab the book again however Kai (this time) threw it behind us.

"Ya! I need that for math class!" I yelled at him.

"Oops mianhae Sooyounnie." Kai acts cutely while he goes back to retrieve it. He then comes back and makes a cute face that I couldn't be mad at him, he was just too darn cute.

"Aigoo, I'll never forgive you." I joked as I ran away from then however as I turned the corner I accidentally bumped into someone making me fall on top of them. I looked to see Kris.

"Oops, mian. I wasn't trying to do anything." I say as I make Chanyeol help me up.

"Yeah that's good, didn't want to get molested or anything." Kris smirks.

"Ya! Are you fucking kidding me!?" I yelled at Kris as he walked away coolly.

"Uh~ We better get to class." Chanyeol and Kai started walking away slowly.

"Stop!" I shouted out at them. They both froze. I turn around brutally glaring at the two. "Because of you Kris said that to me!" I snapped. As I was glaring at them someone randomly pinched my cheeks. It wasn't Chanyeol nor Kai. I turned around to see Baekhyun.

"Aigoo, your even cuter when your mad." I notice Baekhyun giving signals to the other two with his eyes and I quickly turned around however was too late.

"Ya!" I shouted out after them. I quickly run into my classroom angrily. I sat down and saw how Seohyun was daydreaming about Luhan in a instant once he walked into the classroom. And seeing that I chuckled and looked over at Luhan when he called me. He smiled and waved at me.

"Oh annyeong Luhan-shi." I beamed and saw how Seohyun turned away sadly.

"Heard that you almost molested Kris." Luhan teased me. My eyes rounded.

"Y-Ya! It's not like that!" I pouted.

"Aigoo your so cute." Luhan was about to pinch my cheeks however I quickly covered them. "Gwaenchana?" Luhan looks at me weirdly.

"Yeah, just that I don't want anyone to pinch my cheeks anymore. It hurts when Baekhyun always pinches it." I told him.


When class ended I quickly ran over to Seohyun and linked arms with her. However she didn't even say hi or anything. She's mad and jealous, I can tell.

"Seohyunnie are you mad at me because Luhan said hi to me?" I cutely ask with my aegyo voice as we walked out of class.

"Ew!~" She joked while pushing my head away from her.

"Ya, let's go grab some frozen yogurt." I sweetly smiled at Seohyun.

"Araseyo, but you buy?" She ask cutely herself using her aegyo. I chuckled and nodded.


Once we reached we both quickly went and grabbed our cups. We both split up for a while before we came back together. Because I was in the mood to eat fruits at the moment, mine was just fruits on top of French vanilla.

While Seohyun grabbed her favorite flavor yogurt and added whole strawberries. She even made it all clique.

After I paid we quickly went back to school because class was about to start. I cursed under my breathe when I just remembered my next teacher was super picky and mean about having food in the class.

Once we entered the school, Seohyun went her own way while I went my own way. I darted in the classroom and set my frozen yogurt at the corner of my desk behind the person so the teacher didn't see.

"Ya, you went to grab frozen yogurt without me!?" Sehun playfully gasped while planting a hand over his chest.

"Shh, the teacher might hear." I quickly placed my index finger upon my lips.

"Can I have some?~" Sehun sang while making a cute puppy face. I chuckled and handed him my yogurt while staring at the teacher. Next thing you knew a big part of the yogurt was mostly gone.

"Ya, give me some." Chen scolded the younger and yanked the yogurt out of his hands and started eating it happily. I gasped when I notice it was almost gone already.

"Ya, you guys ate it all." I whined while pouting. Chen then reached it out to me however I didn't accept it. "Just eat it all since it's all gone." I mumbled.

Next thing you know is a empty cup on my desk. I glared over at the two latters who were beaming right at me happily.

"You guys better buy me some later since you guys ate all of mine." I pouted angrily at them. They both just nod their heads happily then started paying attention.


When class ended, right away someone wrapped their arms around me. I looked to see Chen smiling at me.

"Because I don't have money right now, I'll walk you to your next class." Chen beamed.

"Mm, jeodohyo." Sehun sweetly smiled.

"Gwaenchana, you can buy for me next time. And plus right now is lunch." I chuckled while grabbing my things and walking out.

"Then why don't we go to lunch together?" Sehun beamed while holding me in his tight embrace.

"Ya, get off of me! People will think that we're dating." I whisper yelled at Sehun however his hold got tighter.

"Ani!~ Not until you agree." Sehun whined cutely while swaying me side to side. I heaved a sigh noticing girl's glares however to Sehun and Chen, they didn't give a crap.

"Araseyo, araseyo!" I yelled in defeat when Sehun started hugging me tighter placing his head at the crook of my neck.

Soon Baekhyun popped out of no where and started pinched my cheeks again. Soon my phone started playing I Like It by BTS.

"Sehun get off, someone's calling me." I snapped. Sehun then finally let go and I quickly answered my phone happily when the caller ID was Seohyun.

"Seohyun-ah!!!~" I beamed. "Where are you?" I ask while looking around.

"J-Jessica..." I froze when I heard Seohyun's terrified voice. "H-Help me, please." I heard her beg. I grew alert. I threw my bag away from me and started running. I don't know where just anywhere.

"Seohyun where are you right now?" I yelled through the phone as I continue to run.

"I-I don't know. S-Someone just kidnapped me." Seohyun cried. "I-I'm in his van, but I don't know where." She snuffled.

"Do you know what the van looks like?" I then ask.

"I-I think the van's black a-and that there was n-no licences plate." Seohyun quietly stuttered.

"Araseyo, I'm coming right now. Don't let them know you have your phone araseyo?" I quickly answered and ended the call. I ran as fast as I can towards outside.

As I was running made lots of people drop their things and snicker at me. Some yelling at me. However I could of cared less. Seohyun needed me. I continued to run until I accidentally bumped into someone and got a burn from the hard ground.

"Jessica. Gwaenchana?" Suho asked as he helped me up. As soon as I stood up, I threw his hands away from me and ran.

"I don't have time to talk." I yelled at them as I continued t run. Once I was outside I looked around my area for something because I can't go empty handed against guys. I spotted a metal stick and quickly grabbed it.

I gulped and ran out of the school gates looking at my right to my left. Right as I turned I spotted a black van not far from where I was standing. I sped walk over to the van quietly.

Looking around me just in case someone was near. I gulped as I came closer to the van. I tried to peek through the windows but it was too tinted so I didn't see anything. I ended up opening the back door and peeking my head in it.

My eyes widen when I notice what was in the van. Seohyun was lying there unconscious. I panic a bit, however quickly got myself together and quickly pulled Seohyun so she could get on my back.

When she was finally on, I heard someone clear their throat. I quickly turned around to find a very familiar guy standing in front of me. It didn't take a minute to figure him out. He was one of the guys from last time incident where Kris got injured.

"Omo, your that girl from last time. Aigoo, you look even better in your uniform." The guy smirked. I gulped and slowly walked around him with Seohyun on my back and pointing the metal stick towards him.

"D-Don't come closer." I threatened. I was kinda struggling because I couldn't hold Seohyun properly. The guy chuckled when he notice my trouble.

"Aigoo, would you like some help?" He says as he takes a step closer towards me. I swing the metal stick attempting to hit him, however failed and Seohyun was falling off my back too.

Before Seohyun was going to hit the floor someone caught her. I grew alert and was going to hit whoever the intruder was to only find Exo standing behind me (except for Kris).

The guy looked scared since it was only him, so he glared at me scanning me up and down before he hoped into his van and drove off.

"Gwaenchana?" Luhan asked me. I nodded and dropped the metal stick before I went over to Seohyun.

"S-Seohyun-ah?" I muttered her name as tears were brimming in my eyes. "P-Please wake up. D-Don't leave me." I cried as I was hugging her tightly.

"J-Jessica?" I heard her mumbled. My eyes rounded and I looked at her through my blurry vision. "I-I'm scared." She then mumbled when her eyes were fully opened. I hugged her tightly.

"Gwaenchana, unnie's here now. I'll protect you Seohyun." I cried even harder. Man I was really scared of her leaving me. I gently helped Seohyun to stand up and started freaking out a bit when I notice a bruise on her left cheek along with the corner of her lips busted.

However she gave a small smile to reassure me that she was alright, so I let it slide for now.

"Seohyun-ah, can't you just live with me? Your family doesn't even give a shit about you." I angrily asked.

"Can I? Even thought their my family, I don't trust them." Seohyun mumbled heartily. I nodded happily.

"Ya! Don't go running like that ever again. You scared us." Suho snapped while pushing me playfully.

"Mian, I had to save my best friend. Without her I'd be so lonely." I beamed while hugging Seohyun gently. She giggled and lightly pushed me away. Other then me helping her, Luhan was also helping her and man did he look dead worried.

Once we were inside the school, I thanked the guys and took Seohyun to the nurse office.

"Ya, hyung do you like Seohyun noona?" Sehun teased me.

"Ani, your crazy." Luhan bitterly laughed and loks away while biting his lower lip. He was indeed dead worried about Seohyun.

~Luhan's P.O.V~

I was really scared when I notice that the person whom Jessica went running off to was none other than my crush. My heart clenched when I saw how fragile Seohyun looked like.

Right there I just wanted to run to the guy and kill him for touching Seohyun. Yeah I've been having a crush on her since 3rd grade when she started talking to me. She was so cute and shy.

Sometimes I wonder if she likes me too. Aish Luhan, stop thinkin glike that. Of course Seohyun doesn't like you.


Neomu neomu joesonghaminda!!!!~ Gosh I haven't updated in like forever!!!~ And I feel really bad for not updating. It's because finals is here, so I want to pass them. I'm so sorry once again. *Does a formal bow* Please forgive me my lovely readers!!!!~ I promise to update more my lovelies.

Damn I'm in love with this picture!!!~



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