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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Five

(A/N: Long chapter so please bare with me!!!~ Gomawo~)

~Your P.O.V~

I quickly woke up before omma came and lecture me for being lazy. I took a quick shower and quickly threw on my clothes. I ran downstairs to only stop to see only appa.

"Where's omma?" I ask as I carefully walk to the fridge.

"Good morning to you too." He chuckled. "And omma went shopping with Mrs. Wu." He then says. I nodded as I scanned our emptyfridge for at least something but there was nothing.

"Appa, there's no food." I pouted.

"Mianhae princess, but we didn't go grocery shopping yet." He plainly says. I pouted however then I remembered that I had to leave early so I wouldn't counter the giant. I quickly ran and put on my shoes.

"Annyeong appa." I quickly spoke as I dashed out the house like a lightning bolt. I brutally stopped at our gate and peek my head out looking around however then stopped when I saw Kris and Luhan looking at me as if I grew another head.

I bitterly smiled and cleared my throat. I quickly sped walk before them while hiding my face. I heard Kris chuckling as I passed them by.

"Nice going Jessica." I mumbled to myself. I looked up to start running. I saw Seohyun walking ahead. "Seohyun-ah!~" I shouted happily. I quickly leaped towards her throwing my arms around her.

"Oh, you actually came out without arguing with Kris." Seohyun says impress. I just snort.

"Well yeah, I was running away from him so we wouldn't have to talk." I explained with a pouty face.


Midway of the hallway, screams and squeals were happening.

"Aish, sikkeuleoun!!!~" I screamed angrily. I then bumped into someone, well more like someone pushed me. I shut my eyes as I waited for the hard impact however it never happened.

And then I finally notice when all the screaming and shouting has stopped. Instead I heard whispers and snickers. I slowly peek open one eye until I opened both eyes to see my hero who caught me. Oh Sehun was smiling down at me. I chuckled and stood up straight with his help.

"Gomawo." I sincerely thanked.

"Welcome!~" Sehun beamed before leaving. I chuckled and went into my classroom as I saw all of the girls death glare. I heaved a sigh and continued walking to my seat.

I sat down at my regular seat and quickly popped in my headphones turning the volume up. I stared outside for it to kill time. However then someone tapped my shoulder. I turned around to see the intruder. But when I did their finger poked my cheek at the process of turning. I looked at the corners of my eyes to see a smiling Tao.

That's when I notice Baekhyun, Lay, and Tao were sitting around me. Seriously it just had to be me.

"Why pick these seats when there's more away from me?" I asked as I notice the death glares.

"Because it's fun bothering you." Lay explained with a cute aegyo that can make a hundreds of girls die.

"How's it fun?" I pouted cutely only to earn Baekhyun to pinch my cheeks.

"Aigoo, why are you so adorable." Baekhyun squealed pinching them even harder.

"A-AH!~ ahpo!!~" I then scream as I yank his hands off.

"Oops, mian." Baekhyun innocently smiles. I just pout and rest my bury my face into my arms making them shield me. Little did I know, I blacked out.

However to me that I thought only a few minutes past someone started poking my head. I groaned and turned away. However the poking didn't stop so I tiredly raised my head to the three laughs idiots.

"Bwoh?~" I yawned as I sat up stretching my arms.

"Next class is about to start." Lay deadpans making my eyes widen. I quickly gather my things and run to my next class. Only to leave behind my phone.

"Oh, she left her phone."

"Should we mess with it?" Smirks appeared on their lips.

"This is going to be fun." They unlocked the phone looking through everything.


I rumbled through my bag to look for my phone however their was nothing. I quickly turned my bag upside down, letting all my things crashed onto the cold floor. Still my phone was no where to be found.

"Gwaenchana?" A voice ask. I look up to see Seohyun looking at me with a quizzical look.

"Ani. Do you think you can call my phone?" I ask her as I gather my things again. She nods and quickly calls my phone. I looked over at Seohyun to see if there was any answer to only notice her eyes rounded.

"What? Does someone have my phone?" I ask worriedly. I don't even have a lock, all you have to do to get in was swipe the damn screen.

"U-Uh, y-yeah I'll t-tell her." Seohyun stuttered as she pinked. I blinked at her confused on why she was blushing. When she ended the call I started asking questions.

"Who was it? What did the person say?" I kept rambling on and on however the only reply I got from her made me dumbfounded.

"Luhan said I was adorable." She shyly smiled and pinked even more. I blinked at her with a arched eyebrow.

"Seohyun!~" I called out at her snapping her thoughts.

"Huh? Oh and they have your phone." Was her reply.

"Bwoh? Ngu? Exo!?" I loudly asked worriedly.

"Mm, they said if you want it back better go to Kris' house Saturday since it's tomorrow." Seohyun explains. My jaw dropped. I was about to leave but when I just turned I started running. Yes, running. Towards the three dorks that I saw last when i had my phone.

"TAO! BAEKHYUN! LAY!" I shouted their names angrily. Their heads looked up at me in a unison. "Gimme back my phone! Now!" I shouted at them.

"We don't have it. Anymore." Baekhyun says as he holds in his laugh. I gritted my teeth as I glare at them.

"Then who DOES!?" I shouted.

"I don't know. Someone in the group." Lay innocently smiles.

"Bwoh? Nugu? Is it Kris?" I ask wide eyes.

"Nope just someone else." Tao brightly smiles.

"Aish jinja!" I grumbled and stomped back to Seohyun.

"So~ got your phone back?" Seohyun ask as she waved at the three.

"Ani, their passing my phone around." I angrily pouted. Seohyun giggles and links her arm with me as she pulls me away. However again I started running once I saw two familiar faces. Kai and Chanyeol.

"Ya! Do you guys have my phone!?" I angrily ask narrowing my eyes at them.

"Ani, we gave it away." Chanyeol smiles. I look at them with a arch eyebrow.

"Yup, and don't worry it's one of the guys." Kai smirks and starts walking.

"Then tell me who it fucking is!?" I stomped my feet on the tile floors as I send daggers towards the two latters back.


As soon as I sat down, I slumped down my shoulders.

"Heard the guys has your phone." A deep voice shot out. I looked over to see Kris settling down at his seat.

"Yeah." I sighed. However i quickly look back at Kris with hope filled in my eyes. "D-Do you perhaps know who has my phone now?" I desperately ask as I held my palms together..

"No but if I did I wouldn't tell." He smirks and looks away. I snicker at him, cursing under my breathe.

"Jessica!" I shot up straight in my seat as I heard the teacher yell my name.

"N-Ne! Songsaeng-nim." I nervously spoke.

"I want you and..." His finger pointing at me going towards somewhere else. "You..." I looked towards where his finger was pointed and it was directed towards Kris. "To work on a art piece together." He beams.

"Do I have to?" Kris asked in a serious tone.

"Ne! Why because the principal picked you two to do it. So better get closer and work on it. We'll be entering it in the school's competition." The teacher explains. I huffed and glared at Kris by the corners of my eyes.


When school finally ended I walked out of the school building and notice Luhan walking when I looked up. He's my only hope.

"Luhan-shi!?" I called out making him halt and turn around.

"Oh, Sooyoun." He smiles.

"Do you perhaps know who has my phone now?" I desperately ask while pouting.

"Ani." Luhan bitterly smiles while scratching the back of his head. I pout even more. "Mian."

"Gwaenchana." I walked off. Luhan bit his lips nervously, he was the one who had my phone at the moment too.

***Next Day***

I tiredly woke up from loud laughing. I groaned and rubbed my face. I then got out of bed and went out. I walked closer towards the stairs to hear the laughing getting even more louder.

I peeked my head over the railing but because my vision was still a bit blurry since I just woke up I couldn't see anything except blobs. However I shrugged and just thought it was omma's friends that was over.

I tiredly walked downstairs and almost tripped but caught myself.

"Omo, why are you still in your pajamas honey?" Omma then asks when she finally notices me. I just shrug and drink a cup of water. As I was about to take my second drink, I started coughing like crazy.

"W-Why are you guys here!?" I asked loudly. My vision finally got better so I finally saw omma's friends. Exo stood there, a goofy smile plastered on all their faces.

"To pick you up what else." Luhan explains. I blinked confused.

"Nice hair though." Kai then comments. I looked down at myself and my eyes shot wide. I quickly ran upstairs and slammed the door.

"Ya! Better get ready! We're leaving to Kris's house." Suho shouted.

"I'm not going anymore." I shouted back while pouting. All I was wearing was a navy blue muscle shirt and plaid short shorts along with my damn nest hair.

"Fine! Guess someone doesn't want their phone back. Did I mention that Kris has it now!" Chanyeol hollers. My eyes shot wide open. I quickly changed into normal casual clothes and fixed my hair into a high ponytail.

I then ran downstairs struggling to put on my shoes.

"WHy didn't you guys tell me eariler!? Do you not know that that damn giant know his technology!" I shouted angrily as I ran outside however I had to turn back around because I forgot my bag. Once I turned around there stood of Exo and Luhan holding my bag.

I yanked my bag from him and ran towards Kris's house while the others calming walked laughing. Once I reached his house I started knocking on it like crazy.

The door then swung open revealing Kris in a dark grey v-neck and plaid pajama pants. But damn just wearing that he looked pretty good. Damn fashionesta and his good looks. However I quickly shrugged it off.

"The guys said you have my phone now give it back." I commanded. Kris just scoffs.

"I gave it to the guys to give it to you." He explains with a smirk. My jaw dropped. I then turned around to be greeted with 11 bright goofy smiles.

"Ya! You liars!!!~" I screamed at them angrily stomping my feet on the concrete.

"Mian, but it's always funnier with you around." Baekhyun beams as he wraps an arm around my shoulder and drags me inside.

"Why does she have to come?" Kris groans.

"Because it'll be funner." Sehun skips in. I kept trying to fight to get away and leave however they were letting me. Xiumin even sat on so I couldn't leave. Damn baozi just had to sit on me and he wouldn't get off until I agree to stay however I still disagree.

So then Chen came and laid on top of Xiumin adding more pressure on me.

"Aish get off you fatties!!!" I shouted while trying to wiggle myself out but was failing miserably.

"Not until you agree to stay!" Chen shouts putting my pressure on me.

"Fine!" I shouted finally giving in.

"Jinja!?" Lay ask happily.

"Aish! Jinja!!!" I shouted and finally I could breathe. Xiumin pushed Chen onto the floor and got off of me.

"Damn Chen your heavier then I am." Xiumin jokes.

"Okay~ The only fatty is none other then Chanyeol and Kris." Chen snorts, earning glares from the two latters. The next thing you know was Chen being squished by both Chanyeol and Kris. They both laughed and high-fived.


As I stayed over at Kris' house, it turned out to be lots of fun. We watched funny to action to sad to scary movies. Then we turned off all the lights and used our phone flashlight to tell scary stories. Tao looked like he was always going to piss his pants when one of joking made noises in the background. Now he officially thinks Kris's house is haunted.

Next thing we were doing was lazying around Kris's living room talking about random stuff. Some playing games others just talking. I was one of the ones playing games. I beat Sehun in rock-paper-scissors and got to flick his forehead.

I laughed as I won again and flicked his forehead which was turning dark red. I looked at my watch and notice that it was already 12pm. My eyes widen.

"H-Hey I gotta go, it's already 12pm." I explained as I quickly stood up only to bump into someone almost falling but they quickly caught my waist and pulled me up. I looked up and my eyes widen quickly.

I gulped and quickly pulled away while biting my lower lip embarrassingly. While the latter cleared his throat from the awkwardness.

"Aigoo, you two are so cute!~" Tao beamed.

"No we're not!" Kris and I protested.

"They said it at the same time!" D.O hollered earning laughs from everyone. I just pouted however quickly slapping my hands over my cheeks remembering how Baekhyun would pinch then in process of pouting.

"Are you seriously blushing right now?" Kris asked looking at me with a arched eyebrow. My eyes widen and everyone was laughing.

"A-Ani! It's just that whenever I pout Baekhyun always pinches me cheeks!" I angrily explained and looked at my watch once more to see that it's almost 1 now. I gasp and ran out the door.

I kept running until I came to a halt and my eyes widen. My breathing was heavy and my hands started getting sweaty. There, stood before me was gang. They were laughing and talking. I gulped as I was trying to move around them however failed desperately.

Because the next thing you knew was that I was in the middle of the group. I gulped nervously as fear washed over me.

"Omo, neomu kyeopta." A guy said as he scanned me up and down. I shuffled away from him.

"Where did you come from pretty lady?" Another spoke while looking at me hungrily. I gulped and hanged my head low.

"Don't worry if your alone. We'll keep you coming." Another said as he reached out to touch my face however I quickly hit his hand away.

"D-Don't touch me!" I screamed. "Get away from me!" I screamed once again. They all just laughed. I tried to run pass them but failed when one of them pushed me making me fall onto the ground. I was so scared. I didn't want to loose my virginity, not yet or at least in this kind of way. I hugged my knees as they all laughed at me and someone touched me again.

However soon I heard grunts and thuds. I slowly peeked open my eyes however I barely could see. My vision became blurry because of resent tears that escaped. I blinked at my heros when I was trying to figure who they were.

I heard a soft deep voice calling out at me but I didn't respond because I blacked out from shock. However I still felt someone lift me off the cold concrete.

When I opened my eyes again I looked around the familiar surroundings to only notice that I was in my room.

"Oh, you're awake." Omma says worriedly as she hugs me once I sat up.

"W-What happeed? H-How did I end up here?" I ask dumbfounded.

"You were attacked, good thing your handsome friends were there to help you." Omma explained, I then remembered everything.

"Why didn't you come home eariler so Yi Fan didn't have to carry you." Appa says in a serious yet worried tone. I pouted however then my eyes rounded.

"Bwoh! Kris carried me home!?" I freaked out. I soon then remember someone was talking to me, guess that was Kris. Then the one carry me was Kris since omma and appa said that.

"Aish! Babo Sooyoun!!!" I quietly yelled at myself as I cover myself with my blanket.


Here you all go!!!~ I'm super sorry for such a late update!!!~ I promise to update more!!!!~ I seriously promise!!!~ Please forgive me my lovely readers!!!!~ *Bows 90 degrees* Jeosonghamnida!~ *Does a formal bow* Please bare with me a bit longer and I'll make the best out of this story!!!~ Gamnsahabmnida and Saranghaja!!!~

Neomu boogoshipo Kris oppa!!!~ T_T Huhuhu



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