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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Three

~Your P.O.V~

This time I scrambled out of bed faster so that I wouldn't get a lecture from omma for not waking up early enough. Another reason, so I don't have to see that damn giant when I walk out the house.

Better avoid him for now on, damn giant tried to seduce me last night. I wish I courage to tell his omma that I didn't want to wake him up (ever).

After a nice warm shower, I quickly put on my uniform and grab my bag opening my door quietly to hear if anyone was awake. No one. Coast is clear. I quickly run downstairs and take out my shoes from the shoe rack. Tying my shoes quickly and opening the door. I hopped out and closed the door quietly.

I smiled brightly as I successfully escaped the house without getting a lecture and without making a single noise to wake up my parents.

I started walking however froze when I saw Yi Fan (yup calling him by his real name again) just walking down the street towards me. The memory of Yi Fan's face only inches from mine flashed through my mind like a movie. The way his eyes looked, his nice jaw line, his small pink plump lips, and his-

*Aish Sooyoun!!!!~ What the hell has gotten into you!!!? Get your head straight!!!!*

I started walking again, shaking my head to forget that thought of Yi Fan's (nice) face features close to my face. However soon that all stopped when 'PLANK!' I just ran into a pole.

"Aish that's going to leave a mark." I muttered while rubbing the sore spot. When I was going to walk again, I heard someone's laugh. I slowly turn around to see Yi Fan laughing his ass off right there holding his stomach.

"Y-Ya...O-Oh man th-that w-was h-hilarious...a-as h-hell." He said in between his laugh. I grumbled and stomped away ignoring his laughs. As I continue walking I felt someone pat my head. I turned to see the giant grinning at me. "Ah~ man you made my day kid." He chuckled and walked ahead of me. I quickly shot daggers at him and just tried to walk before him.

However the results of walking ahead of him made me laugh my ass off. I accidentally tripped Yi Fan and he fell. Face first too.

"Hahahahaha y-you m-made...m-my d-day t-too." I said in between my own laughs. I continue walking and turned around to stick my tongue out at him. However once I turned he was already standing, his eyes on fire. I gulped and quickly ran to school as fast as possible away from the angry giant.


I quickly jumped into the school, taking a quick glance behind me to see where Yi Fan could be at this point. Ever since I started running, I never turned around because I was too scared and also because I thought I trip. I'm clumsy after all.

As I turned back around I accidentally ran into someone, making both me and the person fall onto the floor. I shot up immediately.

"J-Joesonghamnida!!!" I shouted while bowing 90 degrees. Yeah I do that because, people at school gets so pissed off if they don't like you. And no one likes me, except for Seohyun.

"Gwaenchana." A soft voice rang into my ears. My eyes shot up to see Seohyun smiling sweetly at me.

"S-Seohyun-ah." I mumbled her name and felt like I was about to cry. Why? Because of what happened between us.

"Don't worry, I'm not mad anymore. I found out what happened yesterday so it's alright." She sweetly smiled at me. Soon, a smile crept upon my face and I threw my arms around her hugging her tightly.

"Please, please don't leave me like that ever again." I mumbled into her shoulder. She giggled and nodded. After we released she just had to ask what happened at dinner with the Wu's. And I told her everything, excluding the part that I was kinda fangirling over his nice face features.

I quickly walked over to my seat as we entered our classroom. And just as I was about to sit down, screams started echoing through the hallways.

"Aish jinja!!!~" I screamed myself and slumped into my chair. I cover my ears and rest my head on my desk. Finally the bell rang and students were rushing in the classroom. i lifted my head to girls squealing and whispering. Why? Because the four flower boys have just entered. Luhan, Sehun, Chen, and Suho.

However sometimes it's funny when Luhan here, because he sits next to Seohyun. And I can always catch that blush on her cheek when Luhan tries talking to her.

But of course she ignores him and turns away so he doesn't see the blush. But I think she's wrong, Luhan always smiles when she turns away blushing. So that means he saw her blushing.


As Seohyun and I was walking down the hall, I forgot to look where I was going and bumped into someone. I turned to see Yi Fan looking at me with smirk, before he leaves. He dust off his shoulder as if there was dust there in the first place.

I then crumble up a piece of paper and throw at his head. He turns around in a instant and looks at me with a arched eyebrow. I just innocently smile.

"Mian, I was just trying to aim for some idiot's face." I sarcastically said before leaving him with that bitch look on his face.

"Ya, Jessica, Kris looks really mad. Did you guys fight again?" Seohyun whispered to me.

She calls me Jessica sometimes because I also have an american name weird right. Just like Yi fan's being Kris. However Seohyun calls Kris by Kris while I call him by his Chinese name. Just a thing I thought you should know but back to the topic.

I told about how our morning went. Seohyun kept nodding her head once in a while, which I thought was really funny yet cute. As we walking down the hallways, the bell rang and I almost forgot I changed my gym class to art class.

And where I was right now was like on the other side of the school. I quickly ran back around the whole school to get to art class.

I walked in and our real teacher walked in, when I first entered art class we had a sub. I quickly walked over to my seat and settle down.

"Oh, your new." The teacher walked over to me.

"Ah, ne. I transferred to this class about 1 or 2 days ago." I responded with a bright smile.

"Ah, that's great. Having more students are always better then just a few." He chuckled. "I'm Mr-" I quickly cut him off.

"Lee." I spoke. "I saw your art work around the school and really admire your work. Thought I should give it a try." I shyly told him my reason why I cut him off.

"Ah~ I see. Well, can't wait to see your work. Today we're working on expressing what's the first thing that pops in your mind when you think about the word, Love." Mr. Lee smiled and walked away.

"Sarang? The first thing that pops is..." I trailed off as for some reason my eyes landed on Yi Fan. My eyes widen and I quickly look away. "Why did I look at him?" I whispered to myself. "Aish, let's just get started Jung Sooyoun."

A few minutes past and I finished my drawing. Well, more like painting.

I smiled at my picture that I have painted.

"Oh, what's this? Is this the first thing that popped in your mind when you thought about the word love?" Mr. Lee asked confused. I chuckled and nodded. "Wae?" He asked once more.

"Because when you fall in love there's two things that can happen. Pain and happiness. I don't know why I thought of pain over happiness, but that's what popped into my mind at the thought of love." I explained staring at my picture.

"That's good then. I really love the details." He admire my painting a bit more as he took in everything. "Yup, it's official." He cheerfully smiled at me.

"What's official?" I blinked at him confused.

"Your my second favorite student." Mr. Lee looked at me with a bright eye smile. I nodded slowly.

"Who's your first then?" I cheerfully asked.

"No one other than my best man Kris Wu Yi Fan.~" Mr. Lee walked over to Kris and patted his back proudly. "Would you like to see my top favorite student's work?" Mr. Lee then asked. I hesitantly nodded and walked over to Yi Fan and Mr. Lee.

When I looked at his art work, my eyes widen and I was speechless. Yi Fan's drawing was so....so... perfect.

"Now explain your drawing Kris." Mr. Lee ushered.

"A mother's love. A mother's kiss. Something that's worth cherishing for." Kris spoke slowly and seriously I was so sucked in the drawing that all I did was stand there staring at the picture speechless.

"Seems like the new student is speechless just like I always am." Mr. Lee patted Kris's shoulder before leaving us. However I still stood there staring at it.

"Ya, stop looking at it so long, your going to burn a hole into it." Kris smirked. I blinked a few times letting the words flow in.

"Ani!" I snapped.

"Mhm, you like my work." Kris went on. I rolled my eyes.

"Um, no I don't." I deadpanned. I seriously was lying, I love his drawing.

"Yeah~ then why did you look at it so long?" Kris smirked looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Be...Because..." I didn't know what to say. Kris was still waiting for my answer. I heaved a sigh. "Fine you caught me." I mumbled. Kris chuckled and turned away fixing the shadings on his drawings.

"Told you." Kris bravely said.

"But, it's because what you said is right." I spoke again smiling. Kris turned and looked at me. "A mother's love is something worth cherishing for. You never know what can happen in your life and they can just disappear like that. That's why I always tell omma that I love her because I'm scared one day she'll be gone." I muttered sadly. Kris softly smiled and looked back at his picture.

"That's why I drew it." Kris began, this time I looked at him. "Sometimes I have a feeling that one day I'll wake up home alone. No mother cooking breakfast, no father reading the newspaper. Nothing." Kris whispered. I felt touched at his words that I didn't even know my smile widen and I was still staring at him.

"Now if you two love birds are done sharing please work on other assignments." Mr. Lee interrupted our silence.

"Bwoh?" My eyes shot wide open. "Love birds? Excuse b-" I was cut off.

"Go to your seat Ms. Jung. Now." Mr. Lee commanded and I obediently did so sulking.


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