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~I'm In Love With My Enemy~

Chapter Two

(A/N: Super long chapter, please bare with me!!!!~)

~Kris' P.O.V~

Finally!!!~ Home at last away from that damn retard. It took the whole class hour for Sooyoun to understand what everything that I was explaining to make sense. She better not sit next to me again tomorrow or I think I'ma go crazy.

"Oh Yi Fan! Your home!" Mama beamed. I weakly smiled at her and walked to the kitchen going to the fridge right away to grab a water bottle. "Something bothering you honey?" Ma looked at me worriedly.

"No, just tired." I yawned and went to sit in front of her.

"Well how was school? Got confessed too much?" Mama teased, earning a chuckle from me.

"Um... no." I chuckled. "School was alright." I deadpanned.

"Well anything else happen?" Ma asked once more. I blinked at her and then knew what she really meant.

"She's doing fine. Almost got in trouble but doing good." I mumbled and took a drink out of my water bottle. However then I spit everything back out when mama yelled. I looked at her with wide eyes.

"In trouble!? Waeyo? Was someone bullying her? Yi Fan I told you to watch over her!!!" Mama yelled at me. This is why I hate it when that damn chick gets in trouble and I have to get yelled at for no reason. You could say that I could just lie to her, however ma always finds out or knows that I'm lying. Scary right?

"Don't worry. I got her to take a chill pill and she got better." I shrugged and drank again. Ending up spitting it back out.

"You better clean up Yi Fan." Ba says while chuckling. Mama yelled at me again.

"YOU WHAT!!!? YOU MADE HER TAKE MEDICINE!!!?" She yelled at me, about to throw an apple at me however I quickly explained.

"I don't mean that! I meant that I made her calm down. What I said was just a saying." I quickly defended myself. Mama then slowly put the apple down but kept her glare at me. Ba didn't even care. Mama then took a deep breathe and stood up.

"Yi Fan go ask if they want to eat dinner with us tomorrow." Mama totally did a 90 degrees change in attitude. "And don't pretend to say that they didn't want to come at all." Mama then glared at me. I snort and nodded my head. She knows me too well.

"Hǎo ba (alright) I'll go." I chugged down the rest of my water and looked at my parents looking at me. I blinked. "You meant right now?" I asked with wide eyes. I just got back like 5 minutes ago.

"Shì de (yes)." Mama narrowed her eyes at me. "Qù (go)." I heaved a sigh and brutally stood up.

"Fine.~" I pouted and walked out of the house.

"You forgot to clean your mess!!!" Ba then yells however I ignored it.


When I reached their house I blinked at it for a while. If I turn back and say that they didn't want to eat then mama going to call then and beat my ass. I blew a raspberry and walked up to their porch. I knocked a few times and no answer. So I decided to knock again. Until the door opened to a furious Sooyoun.

"Ya! Stop knocking so much!" She yelled angrily. I smirked and pushed her walking in the house. "I invite you in yet!" She yelled back at me. I am not going to talk to her. I then notice her mother in the kitchen.

"Annyeonghaseyo Mrs. Jung." I politely bowed. She looked at me with wide eyes until a huge grin plastered her face.

"Oh Yi Fan-ah." She beamed and walked over to me. Sooyoun fuming beside me. "Why are you sulking?" Her mother then ask her, however she didn't answer and Mrs. Jung could have cared less.

"Oh, welcome Yi Fan." A deep voice then said behind me. I turn and smile towards her dad. Always know how to make them like me.

"Ne! It's nice to see you again Mr. Jung." I beamed. Sooyoun quietly scowling at my back. I smirked at her and turn back to her parents. "My parents were wondering if you guys want to join us for dinner tomorrow." I 'politely' smiled. They both smiled at me.

"Sure, we'll love too. Right Sooyoun?" We all then turn around and face the sulking Sooyoun with her small arms crossed.

"Sure." She sarcastically said. I smirked as I thought about playing around a bit with her.

"Well, since Sooyoun doesn't want to join then that's alright. I really wanted to bond with her. Get to become one of her friends since she seems so nice." I told her parents in a 'depress' voice.

"Oh you still can. I'll make her go so you two can bond." Mrs. Jung said with motherly smile. "Sooyoun your going and stop being so mean. Yi Fan just wants to be your friend." Her mother scold. Sooyoun shot daggers at me however I ignored them and secretly smirk knowing that she saw me.

"Now walk him out Sooyoun. It was nice seeing you again." Her father patted my shoulder. I nodded happily and walked away towards the door.

"Aish, I'm going to fucking murder you." Sooyoun deadly whispered to me, but I could have care less.

"Awe, don't worry we have a lot of time tomorrow to talk." I said out loudly throwing an arm around her shoulders, squeezing her let shoulder. I can tell her parents were smiling widely at my gesture.

"Ya! You wanna die right now!?' She whisper yelled at me.

"Seems like your parents like me more then you." I whispered back and lightly pushed her away from me as I walked out successfully making Sooyoun pissed off.


When I got back mama asked me right away if they wanted to come. I smirked remembering everything.

"Mhm. They love to come. Mostly Sooyoun." I smirked and walk upstairs. Ma blinked at me confused however quickly ran back into the kitchen. Man how I love making Sooyoun pissed off.

~Next Day~

~Your P.O.V~

I hate how omma did force me to go to dinner's at that damn giant's place. Bet he's just trying to get on my nerve's by using my parents. Well you know what! I'll do the same!

I walked downstairs surpirsed to see my best friend standing at the end of the stairs waiting for me.

"Seohyun-ah!!!~" I beamed and leaped at her.

"Annyeong!" She smiled brightly.

"What you doing here?" I ask as I quickly put on my shoes.

"Just wanted to walk with my best friend today. Waeyo? I can't." She pouted cutely I pinched both her cheeks.

"Liar, because Luhan walks the same way huh?" I teased her since she and I both know Luhan lives around the corner in my neighborhood. Just the other direction from that damn giant's house.

"Ani!" She protested, her cheeks heating up. I laughed and shook my head while pulling outside.

"Annyeong omma and appa!!!" I shouted before closing the door. As I look forward, my eyes darken once again.

"I will get my revenge." I muttered while shooting daggers at the back of Yi Fan's head.

"You guys fought again?" Seohyun chuckled. I pouted and linked arms with her. Right when I was going to tell her I notice something at the corner of my eyes and turn to see Luhan walking.

"Oh, here comes Luhan.~ Act natural." I chuckled when Seohyun stiffen and walked faster.

"Oh hey guys!!!~" Luhan waved happily at us while jogging to match our level.

"Annyeong!" I beamed while Seohyun nervously just wave. I bit back my laugh.

"Oh, I'll catch up with you guys later!" Luhan said patting Seohyun's shoulder then running off. I laughed at Seohyun's expression and looked towards where Luhan was running to.

I watch as Luhan ran and jumped on the giant. Yi Fan turned around with a smile. A real smile.

*thump* *thump* ... *thump* thump*

My eyes widen as I notice what I was feeling. I gulped down the remaining saliva in my mouth.

"Gwaenchana?" A voice broke me out of my thoughts. I look at Seohyun and blinked a bit.

"Huh? Um.. yeah I'm alright." I bitterly smiled and looked back to the front to see Luhan and Yi Fan messing around.


The whole way to school, all I was thinking about was Yi Fan's smile. When he really smiles, he looks... handsome.

*Did I just say that!?*

I gulped and closed my eyes shaking my head. As I was doing that, I accidentally bummed into someone and almost fell backwards. However a arm snaked around my waist and hoist me up. Our chest collided together.

I opened my eyes and they rounded quickly. Yi Fan was holding me. My forearms on his chest while one of his arm was around my waist. My heart stopped, like literally. I never been this close to Yi Fan before. Ever in my life and seriously he had really nice face features.

*Wait, what!?*

I quickly pull myself away confused on what was going on in my mind. He had a really hard chest too.

*Guh!!!!~ Stop it Jung Sooyoun!!!!~*

I looked at Yi fan who just smirks and leaves me hanging. I blinked a few times confused why he smirked and left like that. I shook my head a bit and walked to my classroom.

Right when I just entered, someone yanked me. Making me turn around harshly. Another girl by the name of Minjung stood there with a small group of girls after her.

*Seriously!!!~* I groaned.

"Stay away from Kris oppa!" Minjung yelled in my face. I bent back a bit and wiped my face.

"Say it don't spray it." I took a step away from her with a disgusted look. She fumed. I smirked and walked away however was pulled back.

"You better fucking listen!" She yelled angrily. I scoffed and was about to walk away again but she just had to pull me back. When I was going to throw her hand off of me, I accidentally back hand her. Everyone in the room gasped. I was even shocked. Because the hit was pretty hard too.

She quickly lifted up her hand to smack me and I shut my eyes tight knowing it was going to hurt bad. But I never felt it. However I heard even more gasp and now whispers.

I slowly peek open my eyes and they shot wide. There stood in front of me was the one and only, Luhan.

"O-Oppa." Minjung looked at him terrified. Luhan may have been school's adorable loving angel, however when he's mad. You better keep your distance or it'll get ugly. Luhan then looks at the girls, glaring at them. In a blink of an eye they were gone. That's how scary Luhan can get.

He then turned around and looked at me worriedly.

"Gwaenchana? Did you get hurt?" Luhan asked me however I couldn't respond. My eyes were set on the red mark on his right cheek.

"L-Luhan-shi." I whispered and lightly touched his cheek. He winced however still smiled.

"Nan gweanchana." He beamed then patted my head walking away. I blinked confused. However I quickly came back into reality when I spotted Seohyun looking at me sadly. I gulped. She then ran away with tears.

"Seohyun-ah!" I screamed for her however she ignored me and ran. So like the best friend I was. I ran after her. I can't let her leave me. I need her, she's my only friend.

I kept running after her until I saw her turn, so I ran with all my speed and turned where she did. However once I turned she was gone. No where to be seen gone. Tears soon started brimming in my eyes.

"It wasn't what it look like." I muttered tears now streaming down my face.

"Ya, kid gwaechana?" I looked up at the voice that called me. I then burst out into more tears. "Y-Ya! What happened to you!?' Yi Fan started freaking out. I salmmed my face into the palms of my hands as I continue crying. Soon I felt warmth wrap around me.

His fragrance quickly washed over me. Yi fan was hugging me. Why? This is the first time he ever comforted me. The weird part was that I actually wanted to stay in his embrace. I felt warm, safe.

Slowly I wrapped my small arms around his own waist. I hugged him tighter and cried harder in his chest. His hand softly patting my back. Soon I heard him whisper if I was alright but I didn't answer I stayed like that, not even caring if people were staring.

Soon I felt as if I was floating right now. However then I felt something cold under myself. I peeked open my eyes as I notice that I was outside sitting on the stone bench under the giant tree. My head was leaning against something, so I slowly looked up to see Yi Fan sitting there. His eyes closed and the moise around him shut out.

I let out a small smile and close my eyes again. Feeling the soft breeze brush against my skin. I was kinda glad that Yi Fan was ditching class with me. Everything felt nice right now, right at this moment. I may sound crazy, but I kinda wish to stay like this forever.

It was peaceful and qu-. Spoke too early. I heard loud whispering coming from inside the school and groaned.

"Way to whisper." I grumbled glaring at the girls passing by. However then I started to hear music. Slow relaxing music. I looked up and Yi fan still had his eyes closed. But he had only one side of his earbuds in. The other... was in my ear. I smiled and closed my eyes once again. Slowly drifting off to sleep.


I slowly opened my eyes and looked around to find myself not at school anymore but at home. In my room. My eyes shot wide open and I looked around scared. Yi Fan wasn't here so what I was thinking before quickly let my mind.

I towards my door when I heard the door click. I squinted my eyes at first since the bright light quickly spread into my room. My eyes slowly adjusted to the light and notice the figure sitting right before me.

"H-How did I get her?" I asked omma.

"Yi Fan carried you home." She blnkly said, however I can see a small smile form on her lips.

"Oh." I spaced out until the I took in the words. "What!?" I shot up out of bed. "H-He carried m-me h-home!?" I stuttered nervously.

"Your darn right sweetie." Appa said coming in the room with a bright smile. Why so happy? "Now since your awake, get dress. We're going to the Wu's." Appa then said and walked out.

"Waeyo?" I asked confused.

"Dinner sweetheart." Omma chuckled and walked out the room after closing the door. When I took in what she said my eyes rounded.

"Shit! I forgot!" I quickly ran into my small walk-in closet and quickly put on a casual outfit.

I then ran downstairs to see omma and appa just exiting the house.

"Balli Sooyoun-ah!" Omma yelled. I nodded and quickly ran out after them. I was glad that Kris' house is only 3-4 houses down from mine. Not a long walk.

*Wait. D-Did I just say Kris? Not Yi Fan? OMG! What's happening to me!? Eh, saying Kris does sound better.*


Appa knocked on the door and we were welcomed by Mrs. Wu.

"Ah~ Your all here!~" She beamed. "Come in, come in." She quickly shooed us inside. Omma and her chat for a bit, while appa was in the living room talking with Mr. Wu.

"Sooyoun-ah?" I looked over to Mrs. Wu. "Can you do me a favor and wake up Kris?" She sweetly smile at me. I smiled and nodded.

"Damn giant's been sleeping this whole time." I mumbled to myself as I walked upstairs straight towards his room. And yes, I know where his room is.

I slowly opened his room and saw how nice and neat his room is. For a guy, thought it was all messy and stinky, but I thought wrong. Way~ wrong. His room looked so cliche. I took small steps inside his room. It's like a small apartment in his house. He had his own small living room. A walk-in closet, his own very bathroom. And... his room.

I notice how the door was creaked open a bit. I tip toed over to his bedroom and peeked inside to see Kris sleeping inside soundlessly. I then tip toed inside the room getting closer to the bed. Kris looked so kind looking when he's asleep then when he's awake.

I walked closer to him and blinked at him for a few times. To say, he does have really nice face features. Why, because the way his eyelashes rest upon his cheeks. His nice jaw line and his small plump lips. They look so tempting.

*Shit! Did I just say that!? Oh no! Snap out of it Sooyoun!*

I cleared my throat to see if Kris was a light sleeper but I was wrong. He didn't even move a inch. So I cleared my throat once again but louder this time. But still got the same response.

"Aish jinja. This giant can sleep." I muttered and moved closer to him. I then started poking his cheek out of boredness. "Kris, ya Kris ileona." I said in my normal tone. I groaned when he still didn't move a inch.

"Kris Wu Yi Fan!!!~" I then shouted his name. Finally I got a response but all I got was him moving over now laying on his side. I pouted. I then stood up straight walking over to the side where he was now facing. I grumbled and grabbed the hem of his blanket. Yanking it off my eyes widen. I quickly turned around cheeks heating up fast.

Kris had his shirt on, just that it was unbutton. All the way down. I mean he doesn't have a bad body but seriously!~ I close my eyes and slowly covered Kris' body with the blanket again mumbling a sorry. After the blanket was fully covering him, he woke up. Seriously after that he finally wakes up!

"What the hell you doing right now?" Kris says sitting up. I gulped wide eyes. I quickly turn around, cheeks burning again. "Something wrong?" He then asked, however I didn't say anything. Kris then looks at himself and his eyes widen, quickly he covered himself.

"J-Just some downstairs." I muttered still covering my redden face. I hoped Kris didn't see but I was wrong. Way wrong because he got of bed and started walking towards me. I gulped and started walking backwards. "D-Don't come close." I whispered while closing my eyes. My lips trembling.

Soon I hit the wall and my eyes shot open. There stood Kris before me, his face only inches away from mine.

"Y-Ya..." I whispered leaning more on the wall. Kris smirked and leaned closer. I shut my eyes tight having a total mental breakdown. However then my eyes snapped open when I heard Kris laughing his ass off.

"Are you serious!? Thought I was going to kiss you?" Kris said in between his laughs. I fumed and stormed grabbing his pillow and started hitting him with it.

"Ugh! You damn conceited prince!!!!" I shouted at the top of my lungs hitting him. He was just using his arms to protect himself. But I could care less. I kept hitting him until we walked out of his room and into his mini living room.

Guess because were walking and fighting, Kris didn't see where he was going so he fell and I just had to fall on top of him since he grabbed my wrist right at that point too. Both our eyes widen. My heart started pacing faster.

"OMO! Honey what are you doing!!!?" Both me and Kris looked up to see our moms standing there staring at us with wide eyes. I looked back down to see that we were in a very wrong position and Kris' shirt just had to be unbotton too. I quickly shot up.

"O-Omma, it's not what it looks like!!!" I quickly shouted back. Kris got up and button his shirt.

"M-Ma..." Kris didn't even know what to say.

"W-We'll j-just be downstairs. W-When you guys are ready come andjoin us." Mrs. Wu stuttered while pulling my omma away. However she peeked at us once more then closed the door. I bit my lips sadly and looked over at Kris who just stood there quietly.

"I-I think I should go get dress." Kris mumbled while going into his closet. I nodded and quickly let his room. Tonight's going to be a long night.

When we were all downstairs and all seated, I sat a cross from Kris my parents on each my side and Kris' parents sitting on each of his sides.

Kris and I ate silently listening to our parents chat on and on. Sometimes we will talk but only a few small sentences and that's it. And sometimes I notice our moms smirking or giving us a teasing smile from time to time.

After eating, omma made me help wash the dishes with Kris. So here we are, washing the dishes in silence. I Heaved a sigh thinking about everything that happened tonight. After finishing, I left the kitchen making Kris finish cleaning up since I don't know where they usually put their things.

I walked into the entrance of the living room and heard our parents whispering. I cleared my throat and they all quickly sat up straight clearing their own throats. I scoff and sat at the arm rest of the couch. When was done, he went upstairs right away.

"Sweetie, Kris looks tired. Why don't you go and give him some medicine to kill his tiredness." Omma shooed me. I groaned and walked back into the kitchen grabbing the medicine that Mrs. Wu told me.

I dragged my feet towards his room once more. I took a deep breathe before lightly knocking on the door. However after a few seconds no one answered. So I opened it and walked in. I looked around to see Kris no where to be found.

I then walked over to his coffee table, setting the medicine there. I then tip toed over to his bedroom and creaked it open. Peeking my head in there, I saw no one also. I just shrug and stood up straight.

"OMO!" I shouted when Kris was standing there right behind me the whole time. "Aish jinja, don't do that." I scold him. However he just huffs a breathe and blinks at me. We both stood there in silence until he spoke up annoyed.

"Well..." Kris said.

"Oh, umm... your omma wanted me to give you some medicine since she said you looked out of it. So I put the medicine on your coffee table." I quickly explained. Kris looked back at the medicine then back at me.

"Gomapdah, you can leave now." Kris said in his normal mean tone. I scoffed and stomped out of his room.

"So much for being nice." I muttered.


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